Affiliate Video Pro Honest Review 2023

80 / 100

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Affiliate video pro: Product Creator Matthew McDonald’s fullscript and Review.

Affiliate video pro is my newest video marketing product creation, and i thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video.

I’ve got an exciting new video tool here that lets you grab any video on YouTube and add it to your own website as an affiliate and use it to generate some super awesome affiliate commissions.

By generating content so when you want to add video to your website and you want to do it for the purpose of generating affiliate commissions I’ve got a great tool that does that for perfectly for you.

So we can see here i’m logged in to my wordpress admin and I’ve got affiliate video Pro installed and here we can see I’ve got a couple of videos set up already, now what I want to actually do is, i want to show you how quick and easy we can create these super awesome affiliate videos and actually use them on our posts and pages and use them to boost our affiliate commissions to the roof!

So let us head over to YouTube, here I’m just on my channel I’m gonna grab one here, just for fun quick video so I can show you now to actually add this video and we’re gonna use this as an affiliate video.

We can grab the URL here or we can even just grab the ID and we’re gonna go back into our WordPress admin and I’m gonna choose the option create new.

Affiliate video pro

We’re gonna give it a title here so I’m just gonna call it Matt’s affiliate program and this is for any affiliate program that you’re promote, you could put those details there I’m gonna skip the description we pasted in our video and here’s  our preview now

Yyou actually start getting a look at what actually this is gonna look like so you get to give your video a headline and a call-to-action button which is gonna send them to the offer page.

And there’s a few other really exciting things about this affiliate video, another cool thing you can do here is there’s no click so when we actually go ahead in a few seconds and add this to our website you’ll see that it looks absolutely perfect and there’s no way for people to click through to YouTube or to get distracted and they can go directly to the offer to check it out.

Now you can obviously add some customization here, so why don’t we do that I’m gonna make the button black and the background red. Play a matching automatically but now it gets really interesting and if you’ve done videos as an affiliate, or you’ve used videos on your website you know how annoying it is that people can click away from that video.

Well! that’s not gonna happen with affiliates video Pro. The next cool thing is the tremor and you won’t find this tool anywhere, so when we go through you can obviously add your own image there, you do have more options here, we can come back and have a look at these in a second.

I just want to get started with the main cool tools here and that’s the trimmer so we can actually trim this video right here inside of WordPress admin and choose exactly what part of the video I wanted to play on my website.

If you find a great product review for instance and you want to trim the long introductions and the long endings you can do that and you can put those videos on your site’ excuse me by activating the trimmer here we can see this video is really short and i’m just using it as an example but this is how easy it is to trim it.

Now we’ve trimmed it to one minute long we’ve taken a snippet off the start and off the end and when we actually look at this the timeline and everything looks perfect and here we can see the total time of the video and down here you can see what the actual viewer will see.

When we embed this video and we’re going to do that in just a second so let’s continue through we’ve got our promotional banner so what you want to do with your promotional banner and this is designed so that you can extremely rapidly in just seconds create a super high convert video that generates affiliate Commission’s that slap it down on your website any video that you find on YouTube to do with any product that you’re promoting will have videos you can find those videos and use the affiliate video Pro to add them to your website.

Now here you put your super awesome headline amazing new video affiliate tool and you can see the preview is updating here in real time so when we actually go ahead and embed this video which is responsive you’re gonna get that headline with it we can also choose the button text here so at the moment I’ve got more information I’m just gonna put here, click here to access now and look at this, this is great.

First of all you’ve seen me do this already you can just come here and click and pick any color you want but if you don’t like the shopping cart maybe you think hey as an affiliate I’m not really trying to sell the product I want to get people to the offer page and I’ve done my part let the offer page do the selling well you can switch this icon around so here giving that a click you’ve got all these cool icons and you can just give it a click you can do an arrow whatever and you can see it’s updating right there so everything is really nice and really easy and then you put your affiliate link.

Let’s go with affiliate video pro and you would actually just grab your affiliate link from the product that you’re promoting and one thing you’re gonna absolutely love is when you start adding these videos you’re gonna build up an awesome video library and you have access to all your videos or your affiliate links all in the one location we’ll see that in a moment we can do all our redirect you can also disable different features we’ll come back there you can add a really cool footer to your video as well.

Let’s just do this for instance don’t miss this early bird special offer and you can see it food and out there which can also be called to action so there we go we’ve set up our video let’s go ahead and click create now and it’s gone ahead and created that media it’s given me a shortcode I can use that anywhere on my site but it’s also given me a JavaScript snippet so now I can embed this on different web sites right from here and this is included with this package.

It gives you the shortcode, the JavaScript snippet and also the raw HTML code if you want that as well now what is super cool is you get really awesome stats you get engagement stats and you also get conversion stats so once we actually add this to our website it’s gonna tell us how is this video working are people watching it and are they actually clicking through to the offer and just before we take a look we’ve got the image option here let’s put in an image there and you do have some options here too with the image like you can show your video image on pause so you know if you pause a YouTube video you don’t want to have all these other stuff coming in other recommended videos.

All show the actual, your particular image on pause and you can also show your video image at the end so let’s leave those active and go ahead and take a look at adding this to a page now let me show you one more cool thing before we go ahead and embed this under the video option here if you want to be really aggressive with your video marketing you can choose in the promotion section here you can choose to order redirect so that means when they get to the end time of the video which we already set a custom end time using the video trimmer they will be automatically sent to the offer page I mean if they watch the video through the chances are they’re already fairly interested in the offer.

You can give them a bit of a push and get him over to the offer page and let that offer page do the selling next in the video here we’ve also got all our play muted say the video I will start playing autoplay on desktops and it will have a flashing mute button here so we can try that as well and we’ve got more options but hey let’s go and embed this to our site I’m just going to go ahead and save changes and we’ll see how this looks now in this example I’m gonna embed it here so I’m gonna use the shortcode here let’s go ahead and copy that we’ll go to pages add new and I’m just creating a page here on the fly.

I’m gonna add the shortcode here choose update let’s go ahead and look at this page. There we go! loading it up it looks fantastic we’ve got our headline here we’ve got our call to action button here we’ve got the video there we’ve even got our little bit of footer there and if you click this the video will start playing we’ve got the controls and it looks like it’s a one-minute video but it’s not it’s longer we trimmed it and we trimmed it to optimize it for maximum engagement and to get them over to that offer page straight away.

Now also I’ll give you some really cool tips in a tick to do with review videos if you’re using review videos as an affiliate now when we go back here back to affiliate videos let’s go to the home page here you can see that we’ve got our one view here and you can also see our conversion so at the moment we are converting engagement at a hundred percent that means everybody that seen that video is actually watching the video but nobody’s click through yet, so let’s go ahead and try that out.

I’m gonna return here we’re gonna go ahead and click to the offer and that goes through to video affiliate pro website which is the affiliate link that we set up in this example and just as a quick note if you have a video playing and they go ahead and click it it’s gonna automatically pause the video open up a new window and send them to the offer page and that way they still keep you you don’t lose them from your website they’re still on your website the video is paused and they’re sent to the offer page which is really cool so back here I’m gonna just go ahead and refresh this page or actually we can just refresh the stats here, and now you can see we’re getting a hundred percent conversion with that one.

If you look at one that actually has more stats, it’s gonna look something like this and depending on the engagement that your video will be getting you’ll know straight away if that video is working for you now I did mention I will give you a quick tip with actually using video reviews and that’s this one here I’ve got one set up here for one of my own products and you can see the engagement on this is fantastic and the conversion is fantastic if you search for reviews for different products that you want to promote you can put multiple videos like this one on the same page and then you can see which one of them is converting the best also you can leave a bunch of video reviews on the same page.

If they have long introductions and bonuses and other promotions you can just trim those out and get to the meat of it straight away and put that on your site and use it to generate more affiliate commissions now this is not limited to warrior Plus products or JV zoo products or Clickbank products or any kind of affiliate products you can use of Orion for anything so for instance even if you’re an Amazon if you’re an Amazon affiliate and I have actually got one set up already so I can show you that one here and all I did with this video is I just put my Amazon product link here in the promotions affiliate link and then I just found a YouTube on that product video excuse me from YouTube on that product and added it here.

Now some other things you can do also from here with a couple of clicks is you can make it pop so you can make it pop out of the page and you’ve got dark and light and different styling options and everything is designed that in just seconds you can grab any YouTube video and add it to your website as an affiliate and is super awesome and you can start using it right now here’s also one thing I want to point out to you and that’s to do with your productivity and the value of your time as you create more and more videos you’re gonna want to come back and find those videos find those affiliate links and here with the affiliate videos Pro it keeps all those affiliate videos organized.

In fact that gives you a library here so you can come here and enter any keyword and instantly find any of your affiliate video promotions that you’ve ever done and you have instant access to it.

It’s a killer video marketing tool for affiliates that are looking for a way to maximise there earnings, and what I’m doing right now because this is a brand new tool and the product is ready. I don’t have a lot of promotional tools, there’s not a big sales page and a big website ready and all this I’m gonna give to you for an absolute killer deal if you pick this up today!

You’re gonna get immediate access to it, at the download page. You’ll get to log into the video master account you get, to log into the affiliate videos Pro members area where you’ll be able to download this plugin today! I have another video there which will walk you through the whole setup process and if you get stuck we have support and we will actually even set this up for you at no extra cost.

But it’s super easy to set up and I’ve got a video there to help you with that. Now I’m also gonna make a bonus video just to help you with your affiliate marketing strategy and how to integrate more video’s to your affiliate marketing plan, so I’m really excited to be throwing that in with today’s offer.

So right now on this page you can pick up the affiliate video Pro for literally pennies on the dollar below this video so all you need to do is if you want the earlybird special offer just scroll down right now below  go through the checkout process and I will see you on the other side and we’ll get you set up right now to lock in your access to affiliate videos Pro. You’re gonna absolutely love this new tool. Get It Here Now or Learn more here




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