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Clickbank HONEST Review (2019)❌What Nobody Knows! ❌Can Clickbank Be TRUSTED?

Clickbank HONEST Review 2019❌What Nobody Knows! ❌Can Clickbank Be TRUSTED?

Hey Pete here with you and I'm going to share in this video why I quit clickbank in fact I'm no longer really promoting that much Clickbank products or jvzoo products in that case and I'm going to explain exactly why and why is the reason is because I was leaving a lot of money on the table and as a result of me promoting Clickbank products or jvzoo products right I'm over here on my Clickbank and a lot of scroll over here and we can look at the reporting you can see some of the money that I made in Clickbank myself right when I scroll down as you can see a total that I've earned so far in my Clickbank account fifty four hundred dollars now.

I'm gonna go up to the marketplace right and you can see all the different products that they allow you to promote right so I can say scroll down here and you know let's say I'll promote health and fitness product right so I can say look by popularity and I'll show me the most top ten popular products out of over 1200 of them so this one for instance is one of the most popular products right Flat Belly fix regardless of the product when you can literally do is go to clickbank grab your promote your right and click create and that's it this is your this is your link that you would promote and anytime somebody buys through that link the product you'll get a commission make sense but here's the theme here's your earning potential for this product okay thirty three dollars okay so if you sell this product you'll make thirty three bucks that's it okay that's it no rebuild nothing so here's the problem guys I

wish I knew this in the beginning because I did lose a lot of money or leave more like leave a lot of money on the table because here's what happens whether you're promoting like a clipping product or any other product here's what you need to understand with these marketplaces I think could make is an amazing network that provides a lot of products but what it does is connects the vendor with affiliate right

the vendor is somebody who creates the product and whether it's a company or an individual and the Filat probably like someone like you who wants to promote it we'll just grab a link and promote it so that Philly gets paid when the cell is made the vendor gets paid portion and click being gets a little lot you know cut as well make sense so click being in the marketplace that connects affiliate and vendor

here's what happens the vendors when they like to promote the product right this is something you should know what happens is when you make the sell right you do not enter the profit zone this is a term that's uh you might have not heard before this means that they take this client who they just sold us you know whatever the product was like fifty dollars for the product for sixty dollars right you

made thirty three dollars of it and then they can upsell other products to them right and you will not get commissions for that okay what happens with like jvzoo as a matter of fact right and we can go over to jvzoo here you know i made a little money here over a thousand bucks till i learned this one concept and it kind of hurt but here's the thing jvzoo another great network that connects

vendors and a phyllis right but here's the thing when jvzoo allows you to promote one of their products right just like a just like clickbank jvzoo also has a marketplace of products when you promote one of JB's use products and this is a fact what they'll do is if you make a sell they'll pay you once for that sell okay now what happens is jvzoo will later cross promote products to your same

buyer but they will not pay you those commissions okay and I wish I knew this in the beginning but it is what it is so here's the thing making this a thousand dollars this could have been more like ten thousand okay if I could product stack okay and you know affiliates who know they're doing they doing this in the background their product stacking which means you know they can take multiple products and upsell them

later where they have like a system in place for that but if you're selling directly like a product jvzoo will connect you with the vendor who has a product when you sell that product the vendor collects that client so they have the email their information their payment info that's their building of buyers it's very powerful for them right so then the vendor can cross-promote there are upsell more expensive say levels or programs that they

have and jvzoo cross-promote so I'll send them emails now and say hey you might be also interested in this product also on jvzoo marketplace and when people buy these multiple products you do not get money for this at all only jvzoo that's right and the vendor wins that jvzoo wins because you know they're set up smart right for their benefit and it's not a bad thing but us an affiliate should know this that

if you make that one cell that's all you make okay like for instance in this case we make at $33 cell from a cleaning product that's all we make right but here's the thing where a lot of people lose is because I've told they're making they can spend like $100 you know let's let's do this right they can spend $100 like say on this side to drive traffic like to buy 100 clicks

and out of those 100 say visitors one of them might become a sell one percent conversion that's not bad if you you know if you're getting that and $33 or you make sure you lost 70 bucks except because there's no there's no castle income you know there's no additional income coming in right there's no upselling unless you're you know you're somebody who's been around the block a time or two and you're building your

own list and your cross promoting products jacking and all that you know properly right without you know laying out a lot of selling pitches on your clients so here's the thing I'll show my screen here right I'll share like this little whiteboard here's what's going on right so Allah let's see we'll just draw right so what happens my friend is check it out if you if you do not enter what's called a

profit zone then this product will probably just you know you'll probably lose money and not make enough to cover your expenses really that's what happened to me a lot of people are still making the same mistake because let's say here's your product right and excuse my chicken scribbles I'm just using my little here - to drop my finger but let's say this is your product right that you're promoting right and what happens is

if all you would make right is you know let's say you made like thirty dollars here right and that's all you make then that's it right that's all you make make sense and you probably spend more money we're even if you're drawing free traffic you're leaving a lot of money on the table potentially thousands of dollars because what happens on the back end here because this is a kind of a closed box business

model it's sending people directly to a clipping product because what happens is if that's all you make then that customer is worth to you only thirty dollars not including all your advertising costs expenses tools you might be paid for business right what happens is when you have a good marketplace or a good system that maybe you set up or you're leveraging that will take you to the profit zone here's what happens here's what

the profit zone is my friend they take the same client over here right this is the profit zone right we'll say P Z right profit zone and this is where people that buy a small product down more likely to buy other products that complement that product make sense of people by you know an iPhone they'll buy an iPhone case iPhone new pods I'll also realize hanyan a bigger screen now they'll go buy a

MacBook Pro make sense for the buying products that compliment initially there little purchase right so what happens is what happens to any product that you sell that person gets taken to the profit zone and if you're not participating in this profit zone and only the vendor or only JD's use you know benefiting from this then you're the person who's losing and they're making money on your loss see how that works so the profit

zone is where they take a sink client and say hey hope you like that product check this out we got this cool new product right that will really really complement and boost you know your results with what you just bought and this product is 297 boom happens is they sell so it's plus this product right same client can buy this product or a lot of times it'll be like hey this is a

month and you can you know get 10% off if you get the big package right next what they'll say is like maybe a couple weeks down the road they'll take this product over or this customer over and say hey we've got this brand new product that's being launched out it's tremendously awesome and you can get it for 1k right so what happens is some of these buyers will buy this product and you

know that's $300 they'll buy this product which is $1,000 and down the road maybe later they'll leave an upsell you know like a product that's you know like five say Kay right it happens all the time in industry this is what happens behind the scenes and people don't know this especially new affiliates what happens is you just made a $30.00 self from claiming but what you should be making is you know at

least from a lot of these maybe not for most all of them but from some of these you should be making three hundred one thousand five thousand ten thousand right because these people get up sold these products anyways right and if you don't have your own system set up or your product stacking the smart way where they come products complement each other then you're losing big money or leaving a lot of money on

the table if you're say not paid for advertising okay make sense so what any customer that's that you just meet $30 from that there's no reason why this customer should not be worth at least a hundred two hundred dollars to you if not more like a thousand okay on average okay so if if you're only averaging like 20 30 bucks for per buying client you're losing a lot of money so here's what I

discovered instead of promoting products where they only pay you that front and all the vendors will upset all these different levels and other products and they get all this money I found I did a lot of research okay I lost a lot of money you know by not knowing this in the beginning but I found one marketplace that actually allows me to plug in into their ecosystem right that plugs you know Eco will say

ecosystem right the ecosystem that allows me to plug in all my affiliate links to all the different products they're going to upsell to them later okay this is this is something like you know I wish I discard before and you can my friend get at least that's what I do it is I'm making money from multiple sources of income just like this okay income one income two income three without any additional advertising cost

and without any effort on my part because this is something that gets up sold anyways by the company by the you know the vendor right so when I discover this ecosystem that allowed me to plug in all these different sources into this company into the system that I'm leveraging right and I'll give you access to that too it allowed me to earn participate in the profit zone so the company makes a portion and

I make a portion of the Commission anytime they sell all 1,000 all product I make five hundred of that just like that right the company sells that 1k product boom five hundred of it goes into my pocket okay you know any time the company sells another you know say three hundred dollar product you know boom I make you know say a hundred dollars of that makes sense so this is called you know

being a part of the profit zone okay every company has this in place they're just not giving you money for that they're collecting all the big commissions and all they're saying is you know here's a little thirty dollar commission thanks for being a supplying client now we're gonna sell them a bunch of you know a load of stuff and make thousands of dollars from them okay so listen I hope this makes sense let

me know if this kind of stuff is valuable to you give me a thumbs up let me know if you what you think in the comments let me know if you do this or not personally I didn't know this the first two years I was marketing until you know just four years ago I discovered this concept right so for last couple years I've been earning money from product stacking from profiting from the profit

zone this is different upsells and levels and and some companies you know you might get promoted like an MLM or network marketing company they might have a couple levels but all they're promoting as a compensation plan the ecosystem I discovered it actually up sells real good products that people love and use and and it allows me to plug in to multiple allowed me to plug in the different multiple streams of income so anytime they

sell the same you know person who buy this thirty dollar product maybe some of these upsells they also recommend different tools they need for their business different resources and every time they get something like that it's another you know thirty dollars you know a month this is passive income in front multiple streams of income is how you make passive income from multiple sources thirty bucks a month some programs you know it's you know there's maybe

you know fifteen bucks a month right but this all adds up these a little depicts and shovels here right thirty bucks a month fifteen dollars a month fifty dollars a month right these are the different on top of participate in the profit zone this ecosystem allows me to make money from multiple sources of income simultaneously would that be doing anything extra just all I did is I plug this in so what I want to

do for you is really help people see this concept so they understand what they're doing Ron right if they're just promoting straight a little product like this if you're if you haven't been around the block for a while right and you don't know how to product stack when you say sell a product right and then you send it to say in advanced training like webinar where they can be up sold or they

can buy something that they would really really want as well for like three hundred bucks and then automatically they can get a one thousand dollar product if you don't have this smart product stacking system set up for you my friend no worries because I didn't even know how to do this in the beginning too but I was already leveraging for last couple years multiple of income so I want to share my source with you I'll

put that link in the description okay what it allowed me to do is plug into an ecosystem let's pay me from multiple sources it's called the 4% ecosystem and what L is it what I'm going to allow you to do is join this marketing challenge that's going to show you how to plug all this in and you can earn 10,000 a month and then $100,000 a month right and go to 1

million leveraging this this is how 6 & 7 figure earners are making that kind of money is from multiple sources of income and product stacking leveraging this product this profit zone and multiple streams of income this is what's called M as sighs my friend and I got your back and I can plug you or help you plug in to this system and you can start getting multiple streams of income starting now okay this

is what I'm leveraging myself be sure to join the 4 percent challenge if you want to plug into this it's got like a mic and challenge I'll take you through the best education you ever you ever had online right they'll show you all these heading secrets you'll learn directly from one of my you know mentors and how I am leveraging a system that's paying out one you know ten thousand hundred thousand a

month and where our goal is to constantly scale up but getting paid from multiple sources of income over 10 20 30 sources all at once so that being said the source is below my friend take advantage of it otherwise be sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any more of these videos because I always like to share more value and help people break through online the right way so you're

not losing more than what you meet there's a smart way of doing this and this is a big strategy that if you didn't know share this video of somebody else do you think you can benefit as well would that being said to your phenomenal success my friend be sure to hit that subscribe button and I'll see you in the next video and be sure to check out the resource get plugged in into your own ecosystem there's no reason once you join that there's no reason why you shouldn't be making at least 10,000 a month starting in your first 30 so definitely leverage that and it'll serve you in a big way that being said I will see you in the next video.

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Clickbank HONEST Review 2019❌What Nobody Knows! ❌Can Clickbank Be TRUSTED?Hey Pete here with you and I'm going to share in this video why I quit clickbank in fact I'm no longer really promoting that much Clickbank products or jvzoo products in that case and I'm going to explain exactly why and why is the reason is because I was leaving a lot of money on ...