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ClickBank University 2.0 + Bonuses | Clickbank Builder | Make Money with Clickbank on Autopilot

ClickBank University 2.0 + Bonuses | Clickbank Builder | Make Money with Clickbank on Autopilot

Alright everyone welcome to this training this is kind of a special training event this is not the usual Clickbank University weekly live trainings but it's going to kind of feel like that for those of you guys who aren't CDU members it's a in depth training we're gonna cover three different marketing funnels and a trick to driving unlimited traffic all right

I hope that sounds good and that you're excited for it so let me know in the chat where are you watching this from right now let me know where are you watching this from right now London, India, Egypt, Denver, Romania, UK, Slovakia, Germany, Singapore, Netherlands, Michigan, Canada, Greece, Florida, South Africa, Belize,Vegas, El Salvador, Mexico, Seattle, Jordan all over the world like literally I think we hit every every major land mass except do we

have an Antarctica is anyone anyone hanging out in Antarctica yet no all right Caribbean, New Orleans, Russia ,Morocco, Bulgaria, yeah we're pretty much all over the world so that is awesome welcome to today's training I'm excited you're here from all over the world what we're going to cover today can be used all over the world so no matter where you are you can use what we're going to cover in today's training this is

a webinar for our subscribers only and we're gonna talk about how to build a $1,000 per month income funnel and the steps to scale that up to $10,000 and actually how we scaled one funnel up to two hundred and ninety one thousand dollars in just 30 days so what you're gonna learn in today's training is that you're gonna learn about three different marketing funnels how to set them up which ones will profit you the

most and which one you should probably avoid okay and I'm saying that because a lot of you are probably doing the one we want you to avoid so we'll also cover the do's and don'ts of driving Facebook traffic you'll see the results of an actual campaign and how we scaled it this is one of the most asked about things that we get so wanted to go through kind of one of our successful

campaigns and show you the results of it and how we drew it and by the way we grew that campaign by spending just four dollars and then we grew it from there so that's something that anyone can can basically do we're gonna cover the solution to your number one roadblock and the trick to drive unlimited traffic and at the end of the training we're gonna actually show you how you can get the

same resources we're going to be talking about we're going to be using an affiliate and vendor checklists there's also three free reports there's actually four reports that we actually now have to help you start building your email list and at the end we're also going to discuss how you can get beta access to our most powerful software tool that we've ever created and it's actually a brand new version and we're going to give

you an inside look for being on today's training so let me know if you are ready if you're ready to rock give me a yes or ready in the chat hopefully you have maybe a pen and a paper set because we have so many people on that we're probably only gonna have questions at the very end so we want you to really be paying attention so if you have any distractions like facebook

open or if you're texting someone or you are just reading the news or something I recommend you put that stuff away you close the tabs and you focus in maybe even put your phone on airplane mode for next hour or so because this is really gonna be an in-depth and kind of comprehensive training and I want you guys to get the most out of it all right so I also want you guys

to take action with what we're gonna cover because if we just cover stuff and you you learn it maybe you take notes but then you don't take action with what you've learned is pretty much useless so I want I want you guys to be motivated and to take action with what you learned so let me know in the chat I already saw tons of readies but let me know if you promise

to take action as well just write promise in the chat because uh that this way it's kind of a you're kind of tricking yourself to take action also I want I want you to really do everything you can to take action so when you write down something it kind of takes it out of your subconscious and puts it into your consciousness that you're promising yourself to take action all right awesome so not a

lot of you are not all of you are part of Clickbank University so if you don't know who I am my name is Justin Atlin I've been doing digital marketing for close to a decade now I've been able to generate millions as both an affiliate and as a vendor I started as an affiliate to sell other people's products and making the Commission and then you'll see also why I eventually became a vendor

and was named one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the USA flown out to the White House for that award that was pretty cool and my companies have been featured on CNN Money Yahoo Finance Business Insider and a bunch more a lot of you probably know me as the Clickbank University 2.0 guy so Clickbank actually chose me to help head their mission of helping 1 million people find success online and besides free trainings

like this one we actually launched Clickbank University as our flagship program to help clients become more successful in the platform and so far we've helped over 70,000 people become more successful on Clickbank but what a lot of people maybe don't realize is that I got started just like you so I wanted to find a way to make money to pay bills okay and maybe create you know an online business that generate enough to allow

me to travel and ultimately it it did so here's a bunch of photos of me and Greece in Italy in Norway and France and all over Europe from just one summers trips and that's been awesome you know the life of a digital marketer has this kind of a lure to it right you can work from anywhere as long as there's an internet connection and happening and you get this amazing freedom to earn

money passively also right whether you work or not you can actually make money while you sleep and most people show this glamorous life of this industry right all the Guru's show all their success maybe cars or homes but they don't really tell you about the hardships so I think that it probably leads to unrealistic expectations and thinking that if you didn't find success easily in the beginning that you probably won't and that's just not

true so I want you you to all know that you know it's a hard road full of ups and downs and we I tried learning from so-called experts that really didn't tell me exactly what I needed to know right there was always kind of like a piece of the puzzle missing and I pretty much forged my own way learning from my mistakes and eventually was able to build multiple multi-million dollar businesses and

now I'm just super passionate about helping other people do the same thing because I know what it's like to struggle trying to figure out this whole make money online thing and I also know how to succeed from it so I actually want to know now though where are you in your online marketing career so are you making money are you at $1,000 per month $10,000 per month have you not made your first dollar

let me know where you are at because I'm asking you this because I want to make sure that I cater this training to everyone that's watching right okay so most of you are newbies most of you guys are struggling to make that first doll or even that first Commission make that first thousand dollars okay so that's actually perfect that you're on this training because that is what I thought most of you guys would

be at so some of you most of you are under the five hundred dollars per month it seems like of consistent money all right so we're definitely gonna cover as much as we can and I'll try to be as comprehensive as I can as well that way you know you're learning about each kind of step so this training is actually going to be pretty different than other webinars you've been on maybe you realize

this already um but the reason is because you know most webinars are are designed to sell you products and they give you a little bit of information and then they ask you to pay for the rest kind of like the missing knowledge right and it's usually for high priced products like twenty five hundred dollars thirty five hundred dollars and that's because a webinar is actually the best way to sell high ticket products so

if you're planning on creating a coaching program or something of higher priced webinars are the way to go this webinar is gonna be pretty different if you've been on Clickbank University as usual weekly trainings we know that we're not going to just kind of skim over stuff we're gonna really try to give you as much information you can to be successful online so it's gonna feel kind of a lot like Clickbank University is training

webinars it's going to give you as much value as possible to just help you continue that journey and get you on the right path if you're not on that right path yet so we're gonna give you a comprehensive view of kind of what it means to be a successful affiliate what it means to be a successful vendor if you want to be a vendor and we're going to go over four different traffic

sources you can use right now and we're gonna also give you basically some of the resources that you can use to jumpstart your journey our goal is to make you a successful Clickbank client right that's the goal of Clickbank because when you win so does Clickbank win because their success is based on your success so that's why I'm here that's why we were able to send out all those emails and that's why you're

here on this webinar so I'm here to help you be more successful so I kind of broke it down here's kind of the main things that you're going to learn is that basically the strategy behind driving unlimited traffic you're going to learn how to build your own income funnel and how to grow that income funnel to maybe 5k per month 10k per month and how we scaled are so 290 1000 per month

and importantly how to grow an email list that generates income for years okay because I think that email is one of the most important aspects of online marketing and a lot of has changed with email you know people always talk about mobile and text messaging maybe that's better email has lost a little bit in terms of your inbox is now a little bit more crowded than ever but that's because it still works and

email marketing still works really well so an email list is the number one asset you can grow as an affiliate so why is this important to you today so I don't want you kind of waiting on this information and maybe doing it later this is important for you today because the marketing landscape is always changing what we're covering today works right now and it might not work next year and when opportunity is gone

and when it's gone it's gone so it's best to take advantage right away and that could help you leave the ideal lifestyle that maybe brought you to this actual webinar and a little bit about Clickbank we've talked a hundred thousand-plus people make actual money on the internet we've created a thousand millionaires and our clients have generated over 3.5 billion dollars so we know what we're talking about and this the content in this training

is specifically how to become successful on Clickbank just like all these other people have so using the Intel that Clickbank has and the data of what's working what's not we're here to help clear the path for you and show you exactly what's working to generate these kinds of profits and let me know in the chat how many of you have heard of gdpr let me know gdpr yes or no I'm just curious here

okay so it looks like around fifty fifty okay so gdpr is this newly passed legislation this law that basically is very important for marketers it's probably one of the biggest changes in a decade for internet marketing regulation and if you don't follow it the risk is up to a twenty four point six million dollar fine so let's make sure you're good there so we're going to talk a little bit about that and we're gonna

talk about how to make funnels that are compliant that way you can make sure that you understand a little bit about gdpr and you know how to stay compliant so what I want to see right now and we're gonna work backwards is what are your goals what do you want to achieve let me know in the chat box here just like I had you write promise I'm trying to make you really

label your goals and write them down so that way we can work backwards in this training to get you to those goals so let me know what are your goals alright it could be a hundred dollars per day as an affiliate like Andrea okay or 2k per month like Vani 5k per month rob has a very specific one sixty eight thousand dollars per month alright Rob I'll never forget when I made my first

sixty eight thousand dollars a month cooked all right a thousand dollars per month alright awesome so real quick you know I just have to say this Clickbank University CBU and basically anything I ever cover is not going to be for you if you're looking for a get-rich-quick scheme alright so it does take work and if you're looking for something like get-rich-quick that's not going to be something that you're gonna find right there's never gonna

be some magic button that you can push that just magically rains cash down on you however that being said we're gonna cover the fastest shortcuts to success that I know when people say you know there's no shortcut to success and they really mean you know you have to work hard you know the shortcut to success is basically a working smarter the shortcuts and success is learning from other people's experiences the things that worked the

things that didn't and you'll find success much quicker if you learn from others rather than just from your own mistakes right they say learn from your own mistakes that's great but you can also learn from other people's mistakes and that's a lot less costly right so the systems we're going to cover in this training have made clickbank clients millions and they are actually the same systems that have helped make my companies Millions so

I want to share them for you with you alright so what do you think right now okay it's a little bit of a self-discovery here what do you think is the number one thing that's been holding you back alright what's the number one thing that you know if you had unlimited access to you could make unlimited amounts of money let me know if you in the trap okay if you had unlimited amounts of

this you can make unlimited money what do you what do you kind of think that is alright we're getting a bunch of stuff here uh time okay if you had unlimited amounts of time you can make unlimited amounts of money maybe maybe but you need to know what to do you know still lack of knowledge I agree knowledge is incredibly powerful all right Jeff's got it Nana's got it David's got it Ryan's

got it jess has got it all right a lot of you guys have got what I thought you were gonna write and that is traffic do you guys agree in the chat that traffic if we had unlimited amounts of traffic quality traffic and we can just send that all day to people's offers we can make unlimited amounts of money let me know if that's does that yeah traffic baby says Dennis targeted traffic sis

done okay so I knew that this was like something that a lot of people and believe in and time and time again we see that the number one issue people get when they're going through training programs or you know maybe they're trying to figure out click clickbank all on their own is that they think that the number one issue they have is to get enough traffic to their offers right or to the

offers that are promoting as an affiliate and you know we've had this unique position of training close to a hundred thousand students become more successful on Clickbank you know our videos have been watched millions of times and we've seen amazing success stories with Clickbank University and with all that we've gotten really clear about what holds people back what truly holds people back and might be a surprise here but traffic is what everyone says is

holding them back but traffic is actually not that the problem okay traffic is not the problem it's actually not even close to the problem and I could tell you right now you can actually have unlimited traffic okay all of us can have unlimited traffic and sounds great right well you can't have unlimited traffic right Facebook you can pay Facebook for example to get millions of people in front of your sales pages your opt-in pages

your affiliate links every single day right you can pay them Facebook is worth several hundreds of billions of dollars because of one thing the way they make money is is one thing on Facebook it's advertising they allow advertisers to advertise to their billions of users right same goes with Google you know how do you think they make so much money are they worth so much just advertisers that's it paying Google to advertise how

about YouTube how do they make money advertisers so the question now is traffic still the issue and Jody got it right here Jody skipped ahead on lost a good job Jody alright it's traffic the issue now mark says no I guess money is now the issue right money is the issues as Brent money says Jess all right so money is now kind of the issue because if you had unlimited money or you had

a lot of money you could pay for these apps right you can reach millions of people and these companies which are super super valuable are only valuable because they allow you to advertise they allow you to put money in and get traffic out right that is the point that's why they exist so now it seems like money's the issue right so you need to pay for the advertising now you could go after

free advertising strategies okay so there is free traffic and with free traffic it's free but it's not free in the sense that you're basically paying because you there's going to be way more effort that you're gonna have to spend there's way more time that you're gonna have to spend with free traffic you can make free videos on YouTube right and you can grow a following maybe you make a blog around your niche and

you create great content and you grow a following there you can interact on forums or on social media groups you can do it and I've seen people do it successfully but it's not how the pros do it okay the top clients on Clickbank make almost all their money not using free traffic okay they do it through paid traffic sources so when we talking about the shortcut to success the shortcuts to success is

well seeing what successful clients doing emulating their success so let's stick with paid traffic right now and my question now is is money really issue because Facebook and many other ad platforms actually allow you to advertise for just $5 to get started for $5 so if they allow you to get started with $5 is that the roadblock the $5 to get started no that's that's not the roadblock right it says Chad and reek a

shara Jess Ryan we'll all right that's not the robot the roadblock is and this is the whole point of what we're going to cover in here is your goal as a marketer with paid ads is to get more money than you put in okay so if you put in $1.00 of ads or say $5 you need to get more out so if you can put in $1 and you can get

out $2 would you repeat that process when you guys scale yes right hell yeah so Sarah all right the yeses are flying in hundreds of yeses here that's the goal all right so the goal is about creating a profitable system to get more money out than you put in that's what's holding you back you need a way to get more money out then what you spend with your advertisers so put in $1 get

out $2 if you can scale that what that means is put in $1,000 get out $2,000 put in $10,000 get out $20,000 so how do you do that well the short answer is to build out what we call our income funnels and we actually have a really awesome new software that's going to help you do exactly that which we're gonna cover in a bit but before let's talk about the actual models

that you might be using so this is what most people do okay let's call this model v1 model version one they're sending traffic to an offer with their affiliate link so they're going on Clickbank they're sending traffic to of their hop link and they're gonna make a commission this is what most people think of right they you can we find a product on Clickbank and right go to the Clickbank marketplace right here and we

can easily find a product we can click promote and we can put in our name and all of a sudden we put in our account nickname and we have an affiliate link this link right here and if we send traffic to this link and we make sales we make money we make a commission and that's what most people do okay and I call this the version 1 funnel and this version 1 funnel

is the simplest funnel send traffic to an offer and make a commission sometimes as high as 75% sounds good right the important aspects of this kind of flow is it's really just your defining targeted traffic and you're sending it to an optimized offer okay you're finding targeted traffic people who would be interested in an offer and then you're sending it to one of the best offers that you can find on Clickbank right and how

do you find targeted traffic and how do you find that good offer well targeted traffic could be a few different ways right there's Facebook ads which we talked about you can drive Facebook ads all day to create a Facebook ad by the way because I have it pulled up here so when you log in on Facebook can you guys all see my facebook by the way just say yes if you can I

just want to make sure okay so when you log into Facebook creating a Facebook ad is super easy okay you just click this little triangle right here and then you can click create an app and then you can create a Facebook app there's other ways of driving traffic as well so this is like paid advertising right we're trading and paid out on Facebook but what else can we do we can do influ

influencer traffic okay influencer traffic influencer traffic is what I call when we're paying someone that already has traffic to drive traffic to our pages so you can find someone on you to a big youtuber or someone on Instagram or someone on Facebook pages who has a big following and then you can actually ask them to drive traffic for you so this is another really cool way of driving traffic so on Instagram here I'm just

on my Instagram and let's say I was trying to promote a course on yoga all right there's a cool course on Clickbank on yoga and I'm trying to find someone on Instagram that can probably send a lot of people to the course so if I type in yoga here or any niche you want golf woodworking a spirituality or whatever you can find people and we're not looking for brass they're looking for people like

this one who have a big following look at this girl yoga underscore girl rachel who has 2.1 million followers who are interested in yoga and guess what there's an email right here do you know why there's an email right here directly to her the email right here directly tourist because she wants you to reach out to her and pay her something to advertise on her page so she'll make a post for you that'll

get look at these likes right here fifty six point eight thousand people like this page and like this post and you can get her to post your product post your opt-in page and that's a great way to drive traffic there's also media buying ok media buying is actually kind of mainstream traffic buying where you're buying ads on different people's sites ok or you're using an ad platform that will send it to bunch of

sites and what I recommend you do is for this traffic aspect is that you look at other competitors so what I can do is on the Clickbank marketplace here see Ted's Woodworking Ted's Woodworking com you can head over to similar similar you can type in a free report okay so I typed in Ted's Woodworking comm and what pops up is some really cool stuff I can see the traffic I can see

how many visitors they're getting to their sales page and I can see look at this how many people what the percentages of demographics US Canada UK so that's the top demographics that I would be sending ads to and then down here I can actually see where they're advertising so look there's Pinterest YouTube this is social so this is more free but if we go down to display advertising this is where people are paying

for ads so ads supply ad K to click cents these are all ad platforms that people affiliates are using and successfully using probably because they're still advertising and spending a lot of money and you can advertise those same places so similar web is a way to kind of see what popular sites where popular sites are getting their traffic from and some of these might actually just be web sites like blogs right the daily

survivor net that's probably like a blog that you can actually reach out to or advertise directly on there and you are now advertising the same place the top affiliates are advertising alright does that make sense did you guys see how we kind of just like learned exactly how the top people are advertising using a similar web that's pretty cool right alright awesome and then there's free traffic okay free traffic so free traffic could be forums

so you can go on Google and you can find a forum that is all around the niche and you can engage and all that stuff right we talked a little bit about free traffic but that's not how people are advertising but usually advertising with these top ways right paid advertising but here's the thing okay with this model with version 1 model all of the stuff I just talked about is probably going to

be a waste of your time okay because those traffic sources are great they work and they're generating people a lot of money but they're not generating people a lot of money with that model with the version one model you need a profitable funnel a proper funnel to be profitable and so if you're driving Facebook ads or something like that if you're paying for traffic to this version one ad then you are probably not

going to be profitable you're probably not going to get more money than you put in you're probably not going to be able to do that so it's also a weak model even if you somehow became profitable okay so I don't recommend this model even if you think you know what I'm gonna make this model profitable or I'm gonna drive free ads you know I don't think you should do this model and that's

because of my own personal experience so my first success was actually my biggest failure okay my first success is actually my biggest failure and the way I first started making money on line was using YouTube using YouTube you guys want me to tell you this little story of how I was making money online and how it all came crumbling down because you can actually still use this method right now if you want I'm

going to show you a method right now it's free alright everyone said yes except for a bill so bill I'm sorry because literally I have like 100 yeses here and then one no so um okay and they're still flying it so on YouTube I think I pulled up YouTube okay cool here's a YouTube so what I was doing and you can still do this okay just the way you do it the actual

model you send it to after I would change okay that's all I'm saying but on YouTube there are people who are looking for reviews reviews so on the Clickbank marketplace there are tons of people who are looking for views for these products okay so these products are being advertised by affiliates through all the ways we just talked about right maybe Facebook Ads maybe you know free traffic maybe influencer traffic maybe paid media and people are

seeing this a lot right look in Ted's Woodworking so Ted's Woodworking is being seen let's see their traffic estimates okay five hundred thousand times a month five hundred thousand visits a month you can be sure that probably a good amount of those people are going on YouTube and trying to find reviews for Ted's Woodworking so what I was doing was I was making review videos for these products so if I type in Ted's

would working by the way this is a little bit of a trick here if you just start typing something in on YouTube and Google and a lot of the search engines Google will or YouTube will try to like fill your answer okay they're gonna give you what they think you're trying to type in and they're doing that because they have the data that says that this is the next thing most people are

typing in the next most popular after that is review the next most popular is plans next is plans review so this is a great way to learn about keywords but you can see a lot of people are typing in information about Ted's Woodworking and the word review so what I would do is I would make a video based on Clickbank products and I haven't done this in a long time and I would

make a review video talking about the product and if I didn't buy it then I wouldn't call it a review video but I would call it like I would just be talking about the product so I can learn a little bit about the product without even buying it and I can watch the sales video learn about the owner do some research and then I would make a video saying talking about everything

I learned and then at the end at the very bottom I would say hey click my affiliate link to buy the product so I would I would basically siphon some traffic that affiliates all these people were paying for and I would recommend a product and I would divert people to my affiliate link and I would earn a commission so all you have to do to rank for these products rank for these keywords is

make sure these keywords are in the titles of your video in the description of your video and in the tags area of your video ok that's it like I was just talking to the camera but here's the thing I was making some good money ok this was how I made my first thousand dollars a month was through this strategy and I was just sending people straight to my affiliate link and then one

day I checked my stats and I made $0 that day and I was like oh maybe that's just luck maybe I'll make $100 tomorrow you know who knows and then I checked the next day and zero and then I checked my youtube account and my YouTube account actually got blocked and it got blocked because YouTube is actually known for trolls trolls are people who are pretty negative and just writing negative stuff on

your videos and that happens that's okay if you have trolls but I had one person that was really out for me and he created a bunch of accounts and he basically flagged my YouTube account with all of those accounts so YouTube basically froze my account and all of a sudden I had no videos running no traffic running and guess what no cash and then I would have to start over so I started over but I

had no traffic because I wasn't building an email list if I was building an email list that whole time I would have this asset I would be growing it so instead of sending people straight to my affiliate link I should have been sending them to an opt-in page first I should have been building out my email list all right so I should have been doing what is called the improved v2 model okay

and this is the model I recommend for you as an affiliate so as an affiliate I recommend you drive traffic right here to an opt-in page first okay this is a page where you're getting people's email and people are submitting their email and you're giving them something in return maybe it's a free report or something like that a checklist and then you have a follow up sequence the follow-up sequence is a set of emails

that is doing the selling for you that's selling the offers that has your affiliate links in the email and that's how you're making your Commission's that way you're building out your email list so not only does this improve model help solve the issue I had with my youtube method right so if you get a lot of traffic and you're making a lot of money things can change right so they can change the

algorithm something and change so you want to be building out this email list as an also a much bigger benefit is that you're going to be able to market on more platforms okay Facebook Google Instagram they don't like when you've sent to an affiliate link they don't want that but they don't mind when you've sent to an opt-in page okay for the most part so it depends how you're doing it but Facebook all

day you can send ads to directly to an opt-in page and build out your email list that's awesome the next thing is that you're not wasting traffic okay so 98% of people will not buy whatever offer you're promoting so let's say you have an offer on Clickbank and you're sending traffic straight to that offer 98 percent of people are just gonna leave and never come again maybe one or two percent of people are

gonna buy the product so that means you have to send a hundred people to get to sales maybe that's a pretty good offer maybe one sale maybe you have to send two hundred people for one sale but if you have an opt-in page you can get 50 percent of people to opt-in okay to enter in their information and then guess what you have 50 percent of those people you have their email and

you can remark it to them over and over again you can send them offers over and over again you can build up a relationship with these people so they're way more likely to buy from you instead of just sending them straight to an offer so you're building out an asset and you can grow it you can continue to grow it and you can make money simply by sending out an email and have

you heard the saying the money is in the list okay this is like a very quintessential marketing saying the money's in the list and it's true all right so this is actually an email I got from someone when I was promoting their product okay they had a high ticket product that they were selling and the numbers are kind of ridiculous total revenue five hundred and ten thousand dollars from sending out the emails literally

to their product so I didn't do anything except send out emails $510,000 and there's rebuilds too so some of these products are going to be rebuild in the future total revenue generated if these real book rebuilds go through eight hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars two hundred forty eight hundred and twenty two thousand two hundred forty dollars when the numbers get hard to say that means you're doing good so this is just as an affiliate sending

people to a highly targeted offer but that was only because we built up a big email list okay so do you guys see the value in that it's repeatable its reliable the traffic you spend if you're spending for ads you can reuse because this is you know this these emails might be from people join my list a year ago or two years ago and you can send targeted offers to them over

and over again and generate what's called really an autopilot income right so let me know if you want me to show you how to build out a high converting often page because you need that if you're gonna build any email list and the higher converting it is the better it is because you can send more ads to it and you're gonna be able to build out bigger email list so literally only take one

minute all right all right it looks like yeses are flying in show meas with four or five exclamation points okay so I'm going to show you how to do it with the Clickbank builder because that's the easiest solution to create your own often pages so often pages are really the goal is to get someone to enter in their email okay maybe they're entering it in for like a free report like this maybe

you're talking about giving them a checklist or a video or free reports and checklists really do the best but let me just kind of go through here so let's do a demo demo for webinar all right that's what we're gonna call our checklist and right here I'm just gonna activate it with the Clickbank builder this is the brand-new version that I don't think many people have access to this version is has themes so

we're gonna always be adding new themes but this is just one of the themes for the opt-in pages and now it's building out all the pages we need okay and as an opt-in page is super simple all you need is a page right here that gets people entering their name and email and then you have a Thank You page which maybe gives them the actual content that they opted in for maybe they

opted in for a video or maybe it's something else okay so if there's no video which we can remove the video all right so this is the Clickbank builder it's super super easy so let me I'm gonna write a headline because there is a free report that we made that we give to all of our builder members sure there's a bunch of them and so I'm just gonna do the seven which

I do that the three dating knows the the seven the three ways to success the seven steps to build a profitable business okay let me do the seven steps to build a profitable business okay seven steps to turning your passion into it's all right you saw how easy that is I'm just clicking and editing and this is a live page right here the rest right here is just like the editor so I

can I would write something that captures their attention that's specific as the headline and also has the benefit write the benefit is turning passion into profit and then here I'm really gonna focus on a call to action I want to make sure they know exactly what to do so get my 100% free report just enter it in your name and email below and I'll send it to all right that's it now if

we wanted to get rid of this logo stuff let's say we don't logos that's okay just you can just delete it and that's done and if we want to get rid of this book this is really cool because we can add in an image we can get an image made on five or if we wanted to F IV e you get a book cover made or you can just delete it you

know if you want um like that that's deleted so this is an opt-in page done we're done with the Clickbank Builder boom so um that's it and so we just created this page it's live and we gave a sub-domain as well so it's already done can all it always change certain aspects to if we want change the design or the same we want a really big button this design is specifically made to

give you like really big and juicy information here which converts actually really well so this is just one of the templates they all look a little bit different and then there's actually this consent thing so you require consent and this is the gdpr thing so if we add this consent box see how it's adding a little consent box here this is a way to make sure that people are consenting to getting your emails

so this helps you with compliance so this is a cool little aspect that will help you be compliant and boom we're done we made it and on our thank you page what we can do is we can send them we can directly send them access to their free report okay so actually we have a bunch of free reports here that you can use to build your list in different niches so this

is the one I was going to give away the seven steps to turn your passion to profit and it really goes through how to how to kind of do that in seven steps and there's really high converting and really high quality reports here this one is a checklist to attract more success in your life so that's about self-help niche here's another one on dating so three steps to dating alright the the three mistakes

people make when dating that's even better and the seven keys to getting your perfect body alright so these are just reports that I can plug in here with the Builder but the important thing that I wanted you to see is how easy it is to create these pages right super super easy so the aspects of a high converting often page are designed so the visual hierarchy okay so you saw how the design is

very clear right it's very clear what to do and what you're first getting attracted to copy this means the text on the page the copy needs to focus on pleasure or benefits or just the avoidance of fear okay so something that's positive is like what I just wrote the seven steps to building a business out of your passion but it could also be based on fear so something like the seven steps to

avoid when building out your business the seven biggest mistakes an offer that's number three is really important something compelling something targeted and you can use one of our pre-made reports for that okay so that is what we have the pre-made reports for all right so let me kind of talk about this let me talk about this um you know before we go to that where do you the only other step that you need

to know okay we have the opt-in page we have the giveaway so the reports is where do you get high converting emails from okay so first of all we have this affiliate and vendor email roadmap okay which is gonna help you understand exactly what emails should go where okay and really the promotional emails can be already done for you so if you're asking you know how do I get emails where I can send

to my email list and you can actually get those emails directly on the Clickbank marketplace so if you notice here let's say we were promoting Ted's Woodworking you see that how it says affiliate page right here this is these are tools that are gonna help you sell this product and a lot of these affiliate pages are gonna have emails that you can use that you should just put into your own words a

little bit but you can use they're already high converting emails to send to your email list so that part is pretty easy the builder gives you high converting funnels designed by professional conversion specialists and it gives you copywriters okay so inside the Builder what we have is a lot of these are template it out for you so that way you know exactly what to write and where so what we have in the builder

allows you to easily set up these high converting opt-in page the high converting products super important and this is built out from the intel of millions of dollars worth of split testing so the most important thing when you're building out these offers and the funnels is to make sure that they're high converting is the number one most important thing with the builder your 100 times better equipped to drive traffic to your pages okay

and start making money with this version 2 or rather than the version 1 so once you set these up you know these income funnels up you can start driving traffic to it and generate an income so the way to make more money the way to scale is you can duplicate this process over and over again by having multiple income funnels running or you can actually grow one of your income funnels this for example

is the result of growing one of the income photos this is actually what I recommend you do so this is per month so this was around two hundred ninety thousand dollars in one month promoting someone else's product so do you want us to show you the actual campaign what this looks like on Facebook what here it is okay so here is a Facebook campaign we ran during this time that largely resulted in

the income that you see so the first thing is can you guys tell me what is the amount I spent on the first day of advertising can you guys see that number can you guys see it let me know if you guys can see it four dollars four big ones amount spent was four dollars to get started and then you can see that we increase the amount spent right every day we pretty

much increased it and then look at how much we ended up spending in a day right here how much does this say can you guys see this let me know in the chat how much does this say four thousand three hundred and twenty three dollars spent so this is how much we're spending in a day and you know why we're spending that much because it's profitable right because it's profitable so we started

with four dollars we scaled up because we had a profitable campaign going we started slow four dollars even me I'm soaring it's four dollars and I'm going really slow and then once I make sure I have enough data around here I started scaling and spending $4,000 a day sounds scary but it doesn't sound scary when you're making when thousand dollars is coming out of that okay which is what we were seeing with this particular

campaign so when your accounts is eight thousand dollars you're not so scared of spending four thousand dollars each day right and how did we do this let me show you actually so this is the face book this is inside a Facebook ad account so you can see the ads we were running so it was the same ad to the US to Great Britain and Australia for people over the age of 24 okay

that's what we did for every ad but then we did it based on their interests what were they interested in are the interests in Fitness an interested in Shark Tank are they interested in motivation are they interested in entrepreneur magazine are they interested in digital marketing and so this is how I recommend you guys scale is when you're advertising on Facebook you advertise to different interests and the interests that don't do well you

get rid of an interests that do well you grow okay and this is how a lot of people are making money here's some just stories that I that I love so Ron quit his job in 50 hour work weeks to sell his digital cookbook with Clickbank he's generated over a million dollars from his cookbooks now and Nick's in comes off from 50k Dover 300k because of this digital cookbook on fat burning foods Michael me

rebounded from the brink of bankruptcy to build a six-figure Clickbank empire and Melanie travels around the world with her husband she has no boss to report to or job tying her down so I wanted to talk about one last model okay this is version 3 and this model is used by the top clients to generate millions and has been used by us to generate millions as well so this last model is optional

model 2 is great hey mom 2 is great you guys can totally do model 2 maybe mono 2 is how you should start but I just want to mention version 3 okay because eventually you're gonna want to go to version 3 that's the longer term goal and the version 3 has two phases okay your traffic goes to an opt-in page and then you have a follow-up sequence and then you can promote your

offer or someone else's offer so your offers the difference here compared to v2 okay so traffic to an opt-in page we're selling via email in the follow-up sequence then to your offer your own product because you're gonna keep a hundred percent of the profits and guess what's gonna happen also you're gonna land on the affiliate marketplace on Clickbank and then you're gonna start getting affiliate traffic to drive traffic to your offer and you're gonna be

able to make another share of profits so it kind of looks like this alright traffic to an opt-in page to an automated buying sequence follow-up sequence of the emails and then once you're making sales okay so this is all beat to right here and you're promoting someone else's product but once you make sales you want to replace that with your own product okay and you can get your own product made on the

Elance not Elance any more up work other outsourcing companies and we show you how to do that and you can put it on the marketplace on Clickbank marketplace and guess what instead of being the affiliate that's looking for products other affiliates are looking for you and are promoting your product okay and you can just keep reinvesting the the amount you're making and you really grow this so the most important aspects of being a vendor

are I really broke it down to two things okay I really simplified it here have a product that satisfies a need and then frame your product offering in a high converting sales page okay you want to make sure that you have a good product that satisfies a need that there's people out there already wanting to buy it and then put your product in a high converting sales page and I recommend you do

this after be two because with v2 you already know that you're going to make sales right because you are already making sales and then you just replace your product with the v2 product that you had and this it's amazing because you don't worry so much about generating your own traffic because you have affiliates that are making sales for you and you also since you're making sales for other affiliates with version 2 you can

also ask them to promote your product you can get an army of affiliates making sales for you across all different advertising channels and use the power of the snowball effect the snowball effect is once you're in the marketplace you can keep rising in the marketplace as more and more affiliates find you and it's really really powerful so real quick so only take a minute do you want me to show you how to create

a high converting sales page with the Clickbank builder you want me to show you real quick because it's not as hard as you think to create this whole v3 funnel alright yeses are flying in cool so the Clickbank builder I'm gonna head over the product area ok the vendor area the v3 area and I'm gonna I'll just edit this product here this is building out a lot more pages so it might take

a little bit longer to load but sales pages Thank You pages product pages all done for you right here I can go to all the different pages for you alright so this is a sales page okay we're trying to sell a product right and maybe I probably cost 47 bucks like this in these sales pages by the way have exactly what you need to plug in them to be high converting right

it says headline with quantitative transformational or attention-grabbing claim just like this 21 changes to a healthier you and this is so easy to edit everyone can do this all you do is you just like writing an email this is the best product alright and you can have a video or you can get rid of the video if you want the buttons so easy to change and you really just plug in your content here

put a headline here use a sub-headline here all this information is super super easy to edit and to and you can get rid of a lot of this information too if you want to be super super simple and boom you want to know how to set it up with Clickbank so easy all you do is you put in your Clickbank account information right here and it's hooked up to a Clickbank there's no

programming there's no api's you need there's also advanced things like check that out hiding the Buy button you see how that's hiding and going away so that's a high converting aspect of making sales you'll notice that almost all the top products on Clickbank hide the Buy button until a certain time and it's just so easy to edit we can edit the backgrounds we can edit whatever we want really really simply maybe we just do

a color maybe we do a blue right and that's it and we click publish changes and it's live we give you a sub domain you can create your own domain if you want and with the Builder you can create all the pages you need to get up and running and that's it look how easy that was was that easy let me know in the chat say yes if do you think

that was easy awesome amazing so simple looks like the best software incredible that's it and boom we have a product all we had to do was and then on this product page we can maybe upload a report and that's our product our entire product could just be a report a PDF something you write on Microsoft Word and then you save it and upload it right there and that's it in the Clickbank builder will

automatically get once you get a customer it'll automatically send login details to your customers with your own private membership area automatically so just with this stuff we just looked at it'll send them login details their own login details to log in and get access to your product one of the most important things though is that these are high converting templates okay so these are written by some of our best copywriters some of our best

designers made this and our Clickbank dedicated programmer or special programmer that makes these offer pages for Clickbank University created these for us so you're using basically our team to help you create the best possible products you can or opt-in pages so that is our little quick demo okay there's so many amazing aspects with the builder but really I want to show you how easy it is because that's where most people fail so the secret

to your online success isn't traffic right it's creating high converting funnels and you learned today that traffic is virtually unlimited right there's billions of people on Facebook YouTube Google that you can literally advertise to everyone right almost everyone that has an internet connection you can advertise to the issue is that when you do advertise chances are you won't be profitable you're not going to be able to put money in and get more money out without

a high converting an optimized funnel it's just something I think you most likely will not succeed with if you don't have a highly converting optimized funnel and traffic gets really cheap for every lead and every sale you get if you have a high converting funnel that's profitable you know traffic could even be free if you have a product in v3 right the version 3 because affiliates are driving traffic for you but none

of that will happen if you don't have a high converting funnel and that is why we created the Clickbank builder so you seen the builder and how many of you guys have the Clickbank builder the the older version that we had let me know how many of us have the builder because some of you guys do have it not this newest version but some of you guys have it and what do you

guys think incredible amazing yes let me know let me know what you guys think the best thing I've ever bought Brent that is quite the testimonial best thing I've ever brought brilliant John awesome looks amazing very good amazing simple I like the word simple Graham because we really tried to simplify it I like the word amazing and I like the best I've ever bought thing as well but I want to let you

guys know that we wanted to offer the Builder here for everyone who doesn't have it because a lot of people are on here that didn't get the chance to join so I hope that's fine with everyone else that's on because we also just launched a brand new version of the Builder that's more powerful than ever okay it's easier than ever before to set up high converting income funnels with our newest release of this software

that we have it's our best software and I want to let you know that we'll be giving away free resources that we talked about to everyone that already has the Builder so everyone that already has the Builder we've added in all the free reports the follow-up sequences and all that stuff that we kind of talked about so if you have the Builder already don't want you to worry we're automatically upgrading you that's what we

do and it's at no cost for everyone who has the Builder already but I want to help you guys who overcome the number one roadblock to success see with Clickbank University we've taught tens of thousands of people literally almost a hundred thousand people and the number one issue is that people don't have the tech skills to create high converting funnels so they never profitably drive traffic with a high converting funnel you can drive

traffic at a profit and that's when the money really starts going in so if you ask the top products on Clickbank and the top affiliates on Clickbank what's the crucial aspect number one most crucial aspect of their business they will all say without a doubt the ability to drive traffic at a profit with a high converting funnel okay that's just the truth of it so I hope I simplified it from this whole training

the Clickbank business model is based on how much money our members make so we specifically made the Builder to help clients be more successful by creating as many income funnels as they can and to make sure we deliver the best funnels for our members we made them using the same team as we currently use for own marketing so these funnels you'll have the CBU team on your side the funnels we're giving you

access to create are created by and designed by and formatted by and perfected by our own conversion specialist designer our top Clickbank copywriter and click make specialize programmers in our own product specialists so competitors charge $97 or not per month okay some of you guys might have mentioned some of the competitors in there I don't want to say any names but these can get really expensive $299 per month for some versions of their software and

I have $300 per month that's $3,600 per year and it still comes with limitations so we wanted to do something much different first off we didn't want to limit you other platforms limit you based on traffic the amounts of funnels you can have the amounts of products you can have the amounts of opt-in pages or sites and that really limits your success so the first thing is you're gonna get unlimited sites unlimited opt-in pages

unlimited funnels unlimited subdomains unlimited traffic there's no limit and that's gonna allow you to create unlimited profit and potential for you now the second thing is that these platforms that the other people use you usually need to pay for hosting for every single site you make okay so usually that means extra costs every month based on the amounts of sites you have again this limits your success that's why we're gonna pay for your hosting

for you for every site you make one of the other reasons we're paying for you is so that you don't have to worry about hooking up your hosting to your site because that's actually where a lot of people fail they just fail at hooking up their hosting provider to their site I actually still struggle with this and thirdly other platforms thirdly a word not sure but thirdly other platforms get confusing alright I'm not

about that they're really meant for advanced marketers and with the Builder we made the tech the easiest part because we had a feeling that a lot of people on here who are beginners so everything is easy point-and-click if you can write an email you can set up a by converting funnel it's made to be the easiest platform out there there's no api's there's no coding there's no programmers designers that you need all right the fourth

thing that's incredibly different than the other guys is that your Clickbank builder access it's going to be for life okay that means no monthly payments ever and the reason is because we don't want you to worry about making enough money to get to that next monthly payment all right that's not a good feeling to feel like if I don't make enough I'm gonna have to shut everything down and then it's like done right

and that's kind of a way to trip people on a paint every single month and so we wanted to make sure that your access is gonna be for life you make the commitment you make the investment then you're done so the value is really what you have to pay for it if you didn't have it right so if you didn't have it and you have to pay 300 dollars per month that's

3,600 per year and in ten years that's $36,000 that's how much it ends have been if you go with other platforms and knowing this and knowing you want to be a marketer so I think you all know that you want this lifestyle and the ability to generate an income online would it be worth thirty thousand dollars to get lifetime access and pay itself off for life in ten years would that be worth it

maybe that's a huge investment though right but you'd save money right and that's a lot though and so we thought you know how about ten thousand dollars for lifetime access to this software suite that would be paid off in three years and then you're saving money for life right saving money for life and that's pretty amazing that's a good investment that's a better return than most investments right if you're spending money on real estate

or stock market or something yeah that's a good investment to be able to profit for life after three years okay so that's still a lot that's still a barrier to entry and so we thought okay how about $5,000 that's getting your investment back in only 18 months and then it's free for life free for life free hosting unlimited pages unlimited sites and limited opt-in pages unlimited products unlimited v2 funnels a limit of these three

funnels that's pretty amazing and that's a fantastic ROI right it's reasonable but it's still large and that's a large barrier of entry so it would be worth it but it's a large barrier of entry and the Clickbank business model is based on how much money their members make right so since there are partners we decided to do something crazy together so first of all you heard that there's no recurring payments right so 30

K would even be worth it $10,000 would even be worth it $5,000 would definitely be worth it right but we made our mission clear and it's not about making the most money out of our clients okay if that's not the point of this and so it's to make our clients the most successful as possible that's why we had this an hour and 10 minute training so far and that's why we built this

click big builder we spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on it years of work hey all hands on deck to get the software to the powerful income generating potential it now has because we've put so much work into this we also don't want the wrong people taking up spots we have for the software and trying to support the people that aren't serious about it so what we mean by this is that we

didn't want just anyone to access this software we only wanted people who are going to take massive action with this to get access so how do we do that well we know that the people who are most successful are the ones who show the most commitment and dedication okay that's just how it is those who are most committed dedicated who are going for it are the ones who are most successful and to

make people find success they need to show commitment right and that's where this webinar for to see who's the most committed so you can actually think of this webinar in this 70 minute 75 minutes so far as kind of a test okay I call it the commitment test and you clicked on our original email you opened it right you read that email you clicked on the link to register you entered in your name

in email you actually register on the webinar after that you showed up to the webinar and you're still here alright so that shows your commitment that shows your dedication so you passed the test on you guys do give yourself a little pat on the back because that's pretty amazing that you get all these things we sent this out to hundreds of thousands of people to find you guys okay less than a thousand people

are on right now and so hundreds of thousands to a thousand and that shows your dedication you guys pass the test all right so congrats on that and so here's what we want to do we want to open up access to our newest version which isn't open to the public yet and with a ten year investment this is usually worth or it would be worth thirty six thousand dollars you're gonna get unlimited access

unlimited pages unlimited sites unlimited there's no traffic limitations you're gonna get fill-in-the-blank income funnels you're gonna get to fill in the blank income funnels for vendors you're gonna get a full step-by-step training center and we wanted to make you aren't happy to beyond with everything you can succeed right that's our goal so that's why on top of the unlimited access or of our newest version of the Builder we're actually gonna give the first 50

people to join today first 50 are gonna be able to get access to of these bonuses the market research formula this is a course specifically on how to identify your customers needs their desires their wants their fears and how to market to them how to frame those aspects of your customer in all your ads so you're going to make much higher converting ads the next thing is a YouTube ads course this is all

about how to drive as on YouTube how did you pay to advertising on YouTube the third thing is a copywriting course written by her own copywriter he is one of the top copywriters on all of Clickbank for all of the Clickbank products he's had probably the most number one products on Clickbank just he writes the copy he writes the text that gets people to buy you're gonna get the for niche free reports that

you'll have full license to so you can use these reports for your opt-in pages you can give them away you can even charge for them if you want they're that high quality and you have full licence to use those as if they're yours you're gonna get the affiliate checklist exactly what you need to do as an affiliate all the missing pieces everything you need to do so you can go down the checklist

and finalize and have that clarity you need to get everything running with your v2 funnel it also gonna have the vendor checklist exactly what you need to be a vendor step-by-step so you can follow it along have your own product up and live on Clickbank and the affiliate vendor email roadmaps you know exactly what to send and when to your email list to make the most profits out of your email list and instead

of thirty thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars or even five thousand dollars for a lifetime unlimited access we're gonna slash the price for you because you passed our commitment test so you're gonna get full lifetime access to the newest version of the Builder on the unlimited plan along with all the bonuses for one single payment of this is a hint not thirty six thousand dollars let me know how much do you think it's

gonna be okay if this is the value how much do you think it's gonna be you have to be realistic too because we also spent a lot of money building this alright 1997 Katherine J a thousand 1 million dollar says Bill 1497 1500 1500 three thousand two thousand twelve fifty thousand hopefully a thousand four thousand four hundred ninety-seven three thousand nine hundred ninety seven okay I think you're gonna be happy because none of

you I don't I think only a couple you guess that it would be this low this is it one payment of five hundred and ninety-four dollars one payment that's it all right no monthly payments this is probably the cheapest offer you've ever seen on a webinar and that's because doing a webinar for products under the price of a thousand or two thousand dollars doesn't actually make sense because so many people never see the product

but that's actually the exact point of us doing it because we want to make sure the most dedicated people we can give the best offer to okay I'm seeing in the comments here amazing what's the buy link under $600 amazing Wow okay so let me give you guys the link to join because there's also a fast action bonus for the first 50 people are you guys ready let me know in the

chat say yes if you're ready unheard of thank you definitely the least expensive I've ever seen yeah what are the comments I only see the comments on my side yes yes yes it looks like you guys are ready I wanted to make sure you're ready because it's gonna go fast and so I don't want someone to go to the restroom or something and then get upset that the bonuses are gone so it

looks like you're ready I think I've seen a 100 or 200 yeses in there here is the link to join everyone so Clickbank builder dot-com slash special ok www like bank builder com slash special I'm gonna write this in the chat to everyone sending it to all of you guys and I think these are gonna go really really fast so you're gonna get unlimited access you can get fill-in-the-blank income funnels for v2 fill

in the blank income funds for v3 full step-by-step training center I didn't even show you the training center it's pretty amazing step-by-step exactly everything you need from zero to being done with your funnels and then the first 50 people are going to get all this incredible value of the market research course the YouTube ads course the copywriting course the for niche free reports that we showed full license to them affiliate checklist venner checklist and

the affiliate inventor of email roadmap I know it's a lot but it's because we want to make sure we gave you everything we could so I wait maybe like a minute here for some of you guys to join on because I'm sure a lot of you guys are joining right now so I'm gonna give you like a little bit of silence because I'm gonna go get a water and then I want

to make sure I keep talking about all the other amazing things that are in here that you're gonna get access to it but my voice is kind of struggling so let me take 30 seconds purchase if you want to be part of the first 50 and then we'll keep talking about all of the other amazing things you're going to get inside you alright I'm just checking stats and it looks like a lot of

you have already joined Brad Jodi Aaron David Barry Evie Belinda Vidar Marion Steve Aslam Carlos Ben let me just refresh here I'm on my phone because I want to make sure yeah these are flying up here where I leave off then Danielle Stewart Gabriella Douglas Karl Malu Kathleen let me know in the chat also when you have purchased just say I'm in alright awesome they're flying in Brad David yeah Jeff's a question actually Sam

Romney louvered are Doug Kathleen Aaron all right so I'm gonna try to I'm sorry I'm like not going through the rest of this real quick because I want to make sure I let you know in the 50 hit but they are flying in so make sure to join right now if you want to be part of the 50 I'm gonna just keep going through this if if it's freezing up some of

you guys say it's freezing up it's probably because so many maybe so many people are clicking that link I'm not sure um you're gonna have to enter in this in your browser and then you're gonna be able to get to this special link that is not live anywhere else with these bonuses or anything like that um and everyone that has the Builder already I wanted to let you guys know that you're gonna be

automatically upgraded ok so don't worry you're automatically upgrades to the Builder and I wanted to let you guys know that so if you bought the belt already you don't need to buy it again it's upgraded and just for everyone else that's binding the Builder right now at this new version I want you guys to know that you're gonna get upgraded for free on our next version okay so we're not gonna recharge you or

anything like that you get upgraded for free for life so that is something amazing I didn't really even mention so the Clickbank builder is gonna just make you more money okay that's the idea it's that's why we created it it's easy its quick to set up and you're also gonna have ultra fast loading times for your pages so what that means is that when someone lands on your page it's going to load it

immediately on your Clickbank builder sales pages or opt-in pages and that's gonna help you convert at a much higher level than some slower page loaders it makes a big difference like if it you're loading takes five seconds your conversion rate could be cut in half just from that so we made sure that that's in mind you have professional copywriting templates for your pages so that way you're going to know exactly what to write

that way it creates this kind of flow that gets people don't want to buy stuff or take action there's also advanced conversion tools we talked about you a couple of those that are gonna just help you make more conversions these have been split tested to help you make more money easy one-click upsells this is amazing and probably it's gonna double or triple the amount of money you make you have the ability to easily create

one-click upsells to get people to buy multiple products from you just by clicking they don't have to enter in their information again that's amazingly powerful stuff and we built it in in the easiest possible way with the Clickbank voter you're also gonna get conversion optimized designs by our own number one designer so the same person that has designed all of our Clickbank sales pages Clickbank University all the things that have made us millions of dollars

in sales for our products you're gonna get the same designer for your products so he's already designed the templates for you there in there has themes you're also going to get constant free updates so all the time we're gonna push new updates new features new layouts new themes to your accounts and there's unlimited products that you can create unlimited often pages unlimited traffic so you can make as many products as you want many opt-in

pages you want and send as much traffic as you want to those pages without us saying hey you should you got to pay us right and not only making you more money click link builder say you more money as well so you don't need to buy extra platforms that are upwards of $300 per month you don't have to worry about subdomains and buy a new domain name for every single page you make we

give you unlimited subdomains unlimited hosting as well that's crazy honestly unlimited hosting for free for life so I didn't even mention that but you but that's another huge value that I'm not even sure we're gonna be profitable on because hosting charges of maybe even 10 bucks a month or we have pretty good hosting maybe 20 bucks a month 50 bucks a month for life is a huge value and no monthly payments for life there's

no upsells either by the way so if you're worried about buying this product and then you're gonna get an upsell that says hey you really want to use this product buy this for five thousand dollars we don't have that once you buy it that's it you're inside there's no upsells for features or access either so once you're inside the actual Builder you're not gonna have to buy to unlock stuff okay so you

also don't need programmers you don't need to pay for programmers pay for designers or pay for webmasters so you're gonna save so much money with the Builder that it's a complete no-brainer and so I was really really excited to be able to create this free because I know how much this means for marketers how valuable this is to your success and then here is something else that we're gonna help you that's just gonna

help you be more successful inside of the training area for the Builder it's actually a very comprehensive case study okay a very comprehensive case study where you're gonna see exactly how someone goes from zero to creating their v3 funnel the most complex funnel in I think it's 70 minutes long this case study because we leave nothing out like I'm literally this is me right here listen to my nose sticking out right here you're

gonna see it exactly how I create the sales pages ten pages and how we're driving traffic to his product and guess what makes sales for him with under 24 hours that's pretty amazing and I'm super excited so if you ever felt like a little bit lost we open up a new program or software and you feel like you have no idea where to start we have a training center but this is also

the best way to see how to create your own vendor products okay and so this allows you to see exactly what to do and he was really excited so you're also gonna see you probably get motivated a little bit too by seeing how happy he was because the moment we turned it on he began accepting orders and that's what really matters right that's where he was started to do backflips basically it's an

incredible feeling because when you build one funnel you can build another right and another and another and then it all begins to set in that you can actually hold the keys to financial freedom in your hands that's the power of a funnel so when you join you're gonna get instant access to the Clickbank Builder the only Clickbank funnel management system on the market today that's super easy to use with no coding and special bonuses

that are unique to finding success on Clickbank you also get the Clickbank Builder training support and Resource Center that's gonna help you make sure that you see step by step by step access to everything you're also going to get the Clickbank Builder case study it's the easiest way that eliminate trial and error and getting you to the pot of gold and that much faster you're also gonna get unlimited funnels and pages that we talked

about and the first fifty again I forgot about the the first 50 I have to check on that we're gonna get the market research formula YouTube ads course copywriting course those three courses are extremely valuable the copywriting course is going to help you make sure that you write good text good copy on all of your ads your opt-in pages your sales pages everything you do your emails that's gonna help you make more money

in every single area of your business YouTube ads is going to show you how to drive traffic with the power of YouTube which is an amazing ad platform in the market research formula it's going to allow you to understand who your customer is so you know the best ways to market to them the for niche free reports you're gonna have access to are gonna are in the different niches that we talked about so these

niches right here these reports you can have access to and unlimited access to them so you can easily give these away for your list or you can use them to attract lists or you can even charge for these because there's so much valuable information or you can learn from them as well if you want to learn the three mistakes people make when dating you can learn from them as well so those are

the things you're gonna get you're also going to get the affiliate checklist the vendor checklist the affiliate and vendor email roadmap the affiliate checklist inventor checklist look like this by the way so you're gonna see exactly what you're gonna need to do each step of the way okay so they're the vendor checklist is five pages of steps and then once you're done you're done okay and the email affiliate checklists rather it's much simpler this

is the version two checklist you're going to want to make sure you follow it step by step by step and when you're done guess what you're done then it's traffic time so that is what you're gonna get for being the top 50 let me kind of check the top fifty right now we probably probably hit it let me try all right is trying to load here you know what while this is loading

excited I don't want to pause this too much I'm sure we're close to it but I'm gonna let everyone in who just joins until this thing loads so if you want to join go ahead and join now I'm going to keep going through the presentation and everyone's going to get these bonuses whether we hit the 50 already or it's way past that because I want to make sure that because I have all

these computers up and floating slowly and I want to make sure that I can get through this process so really kind of the idea of this is that you've probably spent money on tools that have come up short and when you invest in the Clickbank builder at the only Clickbank endorse funnel management system out there you're gonna be able to have a pretty much unfair advantage and you deserve it I think you deserve

the Builder you're here we're an hour and 35 minutes in and we built it especially for you for every guy or girl who yearns for that better life you know we built it for someone who has a great idea but maybe was frustrated too getting it to market or you know doesn't have an idea yet it can use our templates and our strategies and our trainings to get that idea we built it

for anyone who has a deep desire to provide a valuable internet service to others where maybe there's little competition and there's things in life you can pass up and regret and I hope this isn't one of them that you will regret if you didn't join so there's really two choices here you can juice nothing or you can do something that's it so you're still on this training and you know you want this

because you're still on the call and you know it's a great value because when you know what other option is Right 10 years of use is thirty six thousand dollars compared to paying one payment of five hundred and ninety four dollars and having unlimited access and limited hosting for life you know that this is backed by the team most qualified to help you find six online that's Clickbank you know that unlike other platforms

our incentive is to help you make money because that's what click bake success is built on and so you know what it could do for your business your income and your happiness so I want you to join us there's no reason you shouldn't join us because there's also a 30-day money-back guarantee so we wanted to make this a complete no-brainer I don't think you're gonna want to give this up but we have a 30-day

money-back guarantee for you so I encourage you to get in now and try it for 30 days and I'll bet you easily create two or three funnels in that time ready to generate sales your investment could be covered multiple times over and you could be well on your way to financial freedom financial and otherwise so we've taken out all the speed bumps to your success we've given you this solid training and role

model that way you can easily emulate it and not only have we taken away the speed bumps we've taken away all of the ongoing costs too right there's no tools to pay no hosting you get free subdomains you get unlimited products unlimited funnels and now we've given you a 30 day guarantee so I want you guys to go for it I want you guys to join so let me try to reload this alright

it is loading still alright it looks like we are at 57 so we have passed the we passed the amount of 50 so we passed the bonuses so everyone who got in awesome I had to run halfway can I still get it there's a lot of comments coming in here do you guys I'm wondering because these bonuses I can add to everyone's account for those of you who haven't joined because it

looks like some of you guys were waiting for me to get through a lot of the content can you please send me the bonuses anyway what do you guys think of allowing these bonuses everyone to get access to them until the end of the webinar let me know in the chat would you want to join if yes yes because a lot of you guys weren't able to get it share with everyone yes

sure okay I think I can do that because we already passed it and I didn't kind of give you guys a good ending of it so it wouldn't really be fair okay alright so we're gonna just yeah that's fine I'll chain I'll make sure that you guys get access to everything until the end of the webinar that's all I can kind of guarantee it for right it still that when the webinar ends

it's done so yeah so you guys can still have the bonuses until the webinar is done that's the last guarantee that way when it's done it's done sounds fair thank you thanks awesome awesome okay okay cool so what I wanted to kind of share with you is also a money-making idea with the Clickbank Builder so there are powerful ways to make money with the Builder as well okay money-making idea number one is that

as you may know there's ton of quality content providers out there but do you know what they lack those content providers lack someone in their corner who has the marketing acumen someone who can take their product and build out a funnel for them someone like you so you can actually partner up with people and create a product together so maybe doctors or professionals or service providers would love someone to pay to take over

the reins while they focus only on their content maybe you know this person too maybe someone has knowledge in a certain area like gardening tennis cooking real estate this is actually what some of the biggest internet marketers do they work with people who can create the product right someone that is knowledgeable about the product and you as someone who has the platform and the knowledge you just put it together okay so they create the

product you put up the funnel because that's super powerful and you have the Clickbank builder in your back pocket to do this here's the amazing part as compensation for your involvement you can easily negotiate a huge amount maybe 50 percent or more and even a flat fee to get started because think of the value right someone who had to do this themselves would have to come up with a suit a way to

do this and would have to probably pay what three hundred dollars plus per month thirty six thousand dollars over ten years and they'd have to do it themselves which they don't know and they don't know how to get it to be a high converting offer which is key to getting anyone to buy it right so done right you can actually keep the lion's share of the profits and then here's another way to

make money with the Builder it's kind of similar but it's more of an agency model see I get approached all the time by people that say can you create a funnel for me and even though I actually about creating an agency where I have a team that creates funnels for clients all day long I actually have a friend that does this that creates funnels through people and he can earn upwards of twenty thousand

dollars in a month and he builds out one funnel for a client and he can earn maybe ten thousand dollars a pop just for one of them and because it's really valuable he uses a builder to create the funnels so you guys have the Clickbank builder to create these and typically the cost to do something like the Clickbank builder for commercial use could be maybe like five thousand dollars right so I could say

the click main builder is just for you to create your own products but if you want to sell them to other people like you want to sell funnels and be an agent you have to buy the commercial license that's what most products do and maybe it's five thousand dollars or more but today I wanted to give you guys free commercial rights free commercial right that means you can make builder funnels for other

people and charge other people to make these funnels and you can keep all the profits so you get free commercial rights on this webinar right now so you can resell the pages the funnels you create on the Builder to other people okay so not only creating your own pages and funnels but you can sell pages and funnels to other marketers or other people who want to start getting online so just like my friend

you could have your own little agency operating where you can build out funnels for other people sometimes earning ten thousand dollars for just one funnel and then you can charge a retainer of five hundred to a thousand dollars per month just to manage it do you guys like that idea the is amazing I love it says David Jill John yeah it's pretty incredible so what you're gonna get you're gonna get the Clickbank builder software

for life you're gonna get unlimited products you're gonna get unlimited opt-in pages you're gonna get unlimited traffic you can get unlimited free hosting you can have unlimited free subdomains the Clickbank builder training here training center the zero to hero case study and I recommend you guys join before this webinar ends so you can get everything awesome um Mona is the commercial option only for the webinar special actually we don't know if we're even gonna sell

the Builder with any of these bonuses so right now this offer doesn't even exist anywhere else so the commercial license we might have but it probably will only be for this webinar because it's something that I kind of put in there last minute it wasn't something that we planned on doing and so we probably will want to create a second payment plan potentially for a for the commercial license so I'm not sure is

the answer but if you join on this webinar you can for sure have it and the bonuses what do you what do you get as the bonuses the bonuses are right here is our you get the market research formula which is a course on top IR and the head of our product for Clickbank University YouTube ads training taught by an X ad manager on YouTube ads copywriting course taught by our head copywriter

who writes all of the copy that has allowed us to make millions of dollars and you're gonna get the four niche free reports that you have full access to the affiliate checklist the vendor checklist the email roadmap and because I just threw it in there I didn't get to add it to this list but you're actually gonna get full licensed commercial license to the Builder to sell funnels to other people so it is

included today yeah all right so I hope you guys join before this webinar ends were probably intended pretty soon here's just some people that we got into the Builder Melanie says that the Builder has eliminated all barriers to realizing her dream of making marketing and selling info products online Melanie thank you for that testimonial she on this training do says this is a real powerful tool that every marketer can take advantage of in just

simple automated steps I love that and Matt who is actually the copywriter who is one of the top copywriters on all of Clickbank says that Clickbank builder is by far the best funnel building platform on the market today there's nothing like it out there that's awesome the best funnel building platform on the market today it really it really depends what you want so there's other great platforms out there some are better than the

Clickbank builder if you're an advanced marketer right but if you're just getting started you want the simplest solution that has advanced features that you can plug in but the easiest way to get up and running then I also believe the Clickbank builder is the best offer it out there all right so let's kind of go through some questions here and here are the questions let me know in the chat you can ask

some questions here David sang does it integrate with Aweber great question David so yeah the Clickbank builder opt-in pages integrate with a lot of the major providers so a weber is one of them get response eye contact is another work always constantly updating so we just added send lane so we're adding new platforms and if you want to platform to integrate you can just send an email to support as well support at Clickbank builder Katherine

I've tried other platforms and this is by far the best I've come across Katherine I really appreciate it it makes all that hard work worth it because you know we could be charging a monthly and compete with all those other platforms like $300 a month but we decided to go another route we decided to try to get as many people to join who are serious and try to make them our ultimate case studies lean

I am in Jordan does v2 work here yes I believe it does as long as you can create a Clickbank account you can use v2 or v3 models Eduardo what about MailChimp yeah MailChimp is one of those that is integrated into the Builder as well great question Clickbank builder dot-com / special as the link and then you get everything for that one payment so there's no payments after the $594 you're done so I

know that's weird for a webinar and usually hear that the offers 1997 or two nine nine seven or something like that this is it and there's no upsells missionaries they're required to write follow-up emails for all funnels well that's where the email roadmap is very valuable so inside you're gonna get the affiliate and vendor email roadmap to see the follow-up emails that you should be writing and then specifically which ones that you should take

from other vendors so you can actually use their emails for the promotional aspects alright Diana will you be sending those that participated today a copy of the webinar for future reference I'm not sure if we're gonna send it out via email we may and if we do it you know it'll be to the same you know that you registered for the webinar no problem then happy to do it yes if you have Clickbank

builder 2.0 we're automatically upgrading you to this new Clickbank builder so if you have it don't worry you're automatically upgraded also everyone who gets it today is gonna get automatic upgrades for life as well so you're going to be able to get automatic upgrades for all the future builder versions we have alright I have ecommerce what is the benefits from this program well the Clickbank builder is specifically designed to help you easily get products up

on Clickbank so you can actually sell physical products on Clickbank I'm not sure if you knew that but you can sell digital products or physical products on Clickbank you can also use the opt-in pages for whatever you want right if you want to build a list and start using that email list to sell Amazon products you can do that right because it's your email list also with the Clickbank builder we show you how

you can use your even sales pages not specifically for Clickbank but you can actually use them for other things as well and these bonuses Hammad are really going to help you with your ecommerce business understanding your market how to do research and the best tools we use to learn about our market and how to position offers to them it's gonna be so valuable how to drive as with YouTube is going to be

so important for you to generate traffic that's highly targeted YouTube's pretty amazing because you can build up a relationship in your ad right because it's a video you guys have a great or a pretty good relationship with me hopefully because you've been on this training with me for a while right it's a video it's a kind of relationship building aspect so when you're using YouTube ads you don't even need to be in the videos

but the fact that the ad is a video helps warm up your your traffic and then this copywriting course is absolutely key I'm one of you guys all to go through this copywriting course maybe first because you're gonna be able to go through it it's a report it's I think 77 tips or something that's gonna help you drive more sales build more opt-ins get more clicks and this is kind of a foundational

course that we want to make sure that you have all right for free niche reports it's also going to be valuable because you can use that to start building out your email list I appreciate you not having upsells and having a newbie friendly platform Jenny yeah you know I understand I understand what it's like to be where you are I've been on webinars before I made a dollar and I invested thousands of

dollars in different opportunities and products trying to learn from experts really spending a lot of money that was kind of just digging me into a hole financially and then eventually I kind of figured out my way and dug myself out of that hole and started making a lot of money on the internet so I I know how it feels so that's why with the Clickbank builder we positioned it specifically so it's a one

it's one investment it's not a monthly thing you have to pay for it forever kind of like a chain that's attached to your leg or hay and you you can't escape and it's kind of weighing you down every single month so we wanted to make it one investment that way you invest you have the right mindset going in and then you just go for it from there you don't look back and

then also you know making sure that that's it you don't need to pay for other hosting or you know unlock other features and there's not a bunch of upsells there's not one upsell from this this is it you buy this and then you're done right and you have the Builder you have the training you have the reports the sources that you can use so that way you don't have to even create the

resources yourself so that's why I think I'm also good at creating good offers for the Clickbank subscriber list it's because I really know what it takes to be successful and I've been there so we're trying it our best to give you everything we can all right you are in since you're in which training should you start with so Sam and this brings me a good point before I answer that you're gonna get everyone

who joins right now is getting two different login details okay one login details is to these three courses okay so you're gonna get login details to our course portal where you're going to be able to check out these courses your other set of login details are to the Builder it's a separate separate platform with separate login details that you're going to use to create all your products and your opt-in pages and all your

funnels and there's also training center in the Builder but you're getting two different login details so I want to let you know so the place where the market research course is the YouTube ads course and the copywriting course is not the same place as where everything else is all the checklists and all the Builder stuff so Sam if you are new which training should you start off with I kind of don't want to

like have you lose momentum so if you want to get into the Builder you can go and start with the Builder training area okay so if you have the when you're in the Builder by the way the training center is right here okay so you click on the training center and then these are all the training videos for you walking you through step by step by step exactly what you need to

set up your entire funnel and get on Clickbank at the end of it start selling on Clickbank opt-in pages as well exactly what you need step by step so some of these are really detailed like this last video is 35 minutes of showing you exactly what to click we left nothing out the case study is right here so you can check out the case study zero to hero and where you can see

exactly how they film it haha I'm sure I'm actually right here helping him set up his product which is pretty cool so that is where the training area stuff is the actual reports and stuff you're going to find it throughout these training areas so in the builder of training you're going to be able to see the vendor of checklist right you can download it right there in the affiliate training you're gonna be able

download the affiliate checklist in that opt-in pages that's where you're gonna be able to download all of these free reports for you to use as well so we built it in here automatically for you so it's relevant and it's just there exactly when you need it and for everyone that has the Builder already all of these all the reports and stuff are already in the Builder we're automatically updating it we automatically updated it

today for you to have it Mariano after buying what's the next step I would say watch the training videos just start jumping into it here's a good question from Tom do we have to buy each vendors product in order to promote it the answer to that is no Tom you know but I recommend you research the product a little bit so what that means is that you go on their sales page and

you watch their sales page so you understand the positioning of what they're talking about that way you're better equipped to sell the product you don't have to buy the product and I also want you to know that every product on Clickbank goes through an approval process so these products are approved for quality and for actually having consistency between what they say they do and what they actually have inside so you know I want

you to watch the sales videos though because I think that's the most important thing because sometimes sales videos will be more aggressive and some sales videos will be less aggressive so you have to decide what is going to be more more in tune with what your list is used to and what you're comfortable sending them Charles Charles wants a copy of this webinar um you know we might send it out via email I'm

not sure yet so we did record its it's being recorded but we're not sure if we're gonna send it out but if we do we're gonna send it to the same email you used to register Johnny says I hope you see this and then I think that's all you wrote Johnny try to write in one thing because we have literally had two hundred two thousand seven hundred and thirty-two questions that's literally how many

questions have have been asked inside the training let me show you I just took a photo of it alright so and by the way this this photo is one of my favorites it's kind of sort of kind of like keeps me motivated because this is when I we went to Santorini in Greece and this is moped like you kind of like it's not a motorcycle it's like a moped and you just

moped around everywhere it was really amazing all right so let me try to get to some of these questions here Dave says where does the opt-in page store the email addresses the often pages actually don't store the emails your honor responder is going to store the emails so an autoresponder is what manages the emails and is going to be able to allow you to broadcast and send massive emails out so that's like when we

were talking about integrating with MailChimp or to get response or Aweber or send Lane those are Auto responders so that is the one thing that you're going to need as an opt-in page creator so but they usually have trials and I think a weber is like $1 to start for the first month or something like that so our said sorry but the link for downloading the reports is wrong thanks for letting me

know we're gonna try to fix that we literally just got these up into the account like before this webinar so because we wanted to give you all this access so we're gonna make sure everything is tuned in so if you're having if you're struggling to log in or something like that then don't worry because we're gonna try to clear it up because a lot of people are probably logging in right now free

hosting and subdomains and everything else I'm in thanks for the great price Debbie you are welcome alright let me know everyone that's in that's still watching all right I'm gonna send a message real quick so give me one second while I enter this in all right if anyone's having a trouble with the Builder you can email support at clickbank builder com if you wanted to buy the Builder but you can't for some reason you

can email support at clickbank builder com and so yeah so Johnny try to email support at Clickbank builder comm and they will set you up thanks for for writing something I was trying to find the actual link but I couldn't Jody do you have a beginners checklist great question Jody yes so the beginner's checklist is basically the affiliate inventor checklist that's for beginners so this right here that you're gonna get just gonna show you from

literally step 0 how to get to creating everything hey Brent yeah I appreciate it we will definitely fix those content links they just got added right before the webinar so our programmer probably was like changing some stuff and so they might not be working this second or at least I guess some of them are but some of them might not be so I recommend you check tomorrow and they'll all be up and running

all right David drew Trey Brad Paul Rick Eric Belinda Katherine Neela a lot of you guys are in that's awesome Jenny cats Laurie says she's in John says yes Doug Mariana awesome David yeah all right I can't even go through all these let me try to keep going through questions instead of just saying I'm in I'm in I'm in um yeah if you're having technical tease buying or something you can email support

at Clickbank builder all right do I need a domain to be an affiliate awesome question as if you want to be a good affiliate you need to have an opt-in page right that's what we talked about but with the Clickbank builder we give you your own often pages and we give you the links so when you're creating your opt-in page with the Builder outlet all you have to do is there'll be a

link that aunt that you automatically get so you can check it out the preview link this is a real link this is live so I can send this to people I can advertise to this you don't need a domain name to be an affiliate you can 100% use our subdomains that's why we create them you can also create your own domain too if you want like you can go and GoDaddy and buy

a cheap domain of 10 bucks a year or something like that and then you can actually change it and get the domain on to your site it's not hard and there's a video for that as well in the training center just make sure you watch the training center under custom domain and then they'll see exactly what to do Roosevelt is in alright awesome okay cool I mean there are so many questions in here

I don't think I've have gone through it but and there's so many of you on here still that's awesome there's hundreds of you on still 300 over 300 so let me know in the chat what is your obviously still on the fence about it if you're still on this webinar so let me know what is the reason why you're on the fence what's the one thing that I can help you with

to help you make a decision whether it's right for you or not can you let me know why you're on the fence and Diana you should have your Builder login details sent to you right when you purchase I checked your spam to make sure didn't get sent there by accident and you should also get access to your courses but for everyone let me know why you're on the fence I get paid on

Friday okay I'm in and love it Thanks menu I appreciate it wish if you had a to payment plan all right how do we access the bonuses so Eric the bonuses are going to be automatically sent to you so all these courses right here these three courses are going to be sent to you automatically and the rest of the bonuses are all inside your builder account so there's two logins one for these courses and

one for the builder access awesome David you're still here to pick up any tips definitely ask me any questions you want about the builder happy to answer them alright what's the email address for support support act Clickbank builder dot-com is the email so I'm gonna send this to you guys support at Clickbank builder calm but we have so many people on here if you all email that that wouldn't be good so let me

have ask me the questions and I'll help you out all right make it a 12 month plan we don't have that Enrique I don't think we'll ever have that because it's just there's just I don't think we make our money back essentially if you were to cancel or something like that you know because it's free for life and you can create unlimited products and the limited hosting but before you cancel so I

don't know for you to ever do that and Z I'm not sure what that other software does but this allows you to build full-fledged funnels and create your own products which a lot of them don't do actually so like a big one is leadpages I like leadpages a lot I use it as an advanced marketer but I can't create full membership sites with it and so that's where the Clickbank builder is so valuable

because it's so much cheaper and it's covers a lot of ground spend all my money on Facebook ads and didn't get any sales can I'm sorry to hear that you know that's why it's so important to have a good funnel any properly designed and integrated funnel that's gonna help you make those sales it's so important Eric are the bonuses in the Clickbank University email so the Clickbank University email is where these three courses

are because it's under the Clickbank University brand so that's where these three courses are gonna be your login details for that the login beats and then your the other three reports and things like that are gonna be in the builder login area Neela how long will this deal last I can let me guarantee it until the end of this webinar where do we find the niche reports the niche reports are inside the Builder

under affiliate and under the edit opt-in page you're going to see these reports yeah but they might not work completely because we just were just getting them up with our developer right now all right you're welcome Sheldon appreciate it this does not include Clickbank University's main training it includes these three programs that are from Clickbank University though the copywriting course the YouTube ads course in the market research course Andre here and I reviewed some of

the other funnel builders out there and you're right the others will charge you for having a certain amount of traffic but amazingly this product allows unlimited traffic to your funnels and octave pages awesome Andre thanks I really appreciate that yeah you know the reason is because we're kind of subsidizing the program so it's cheaper for you because we work with Clickbank and we want you to succeed long term so that's why we're trying to

give you all this stuff for free that might bite us in the butt later because you know we could have technically made a lot more money from this and limited you and up sold to you and done all sorts of stuff but that was just not our approach so um yeah I'm really excited that you guys are all in here and able to access Patricia I didn't get login details for the courses

so the courses you should have long in details I think everyone else pretty much did it's just under 8 separate access point so it's called Clickbank University log in check your spam to make sure your email provide just send it into there can you take more than one credit card um I don't think we can do that I'm sorry about that [Music] in Canadian money it's 821 dollars Tomas I'm sorry I guess yeah this is

in USD the United States dollar in Australian money I think it would be less than 500 or maybe the other way around in yen I think it's several thousand euro I think it's just over 500 bucks in pounds I think it's around six seven hundred I'm not sure but yeah it's it's it's 594 for in dollars Roosevelt since I already have a store and I have products can I work from there without being

an affiliate absolutely all right got it thank you is there an integration with kajabi says Dave so kajabi I think is more of like a either-or I mean not in either word it's more of a competitor essentially right so you can create your products with the Builder or you can create your products with qaddafi you can create octant pages with the Builder or you can create opt-in pages with kajabi is there integration I

guess the I think Java also has an autoresponder is there integration with it right now there's not but if enough people asked for it we could add it but it sounds like you already have kajabi and so I don't know I don't know if that would make sense for you to try to stick with kajabi and have the email aspect with kajabi and then have the rest with us I'm just curious what

their pricing is at now yeah uh all right let's click monthly 899 dollars a month for their unlimited products so there's kajabi so I'd recommend you choose one or the other you know the Builder is cheaper kajabi that is probably more advanced right so it's it's really what you want out of it I didn't realize cut Robbie had a thousand dollars a month one there or nine hundred dollars a month but now this price

looks much better right I'll go to this so I'm trying to see yeah I guess everything's included right here on the screen thanks so much love your honest approach sorry can't commit yet kicking myself that's okay Sarah look out for your email you know maybe we'll send something to your email like a payment plan or something maybe in the future Enzi what on responders have you integrated with so I answered this one but it's

MailChimp Aweber GetResponse I contact and send lane I think what we have right now Lou is this similar to clickfunnels I just signed up a couple months ago but planning to cancel yeah I mean it's similar in the fact that you can create your own products you can clear your opt-ins click funnels I think has some upgrades too so you can have an autoresponder with click funnels which we don't have because we're trying

to leave that to the specialists that already manage autoresponders instead of increasing our price and yeah Jody's saying do you use GoToWebinar verse webinarjam why so go to webinars better or no don't I don't wanna say that I do I actually really like webinar Jam I've used that before GoToWebinar is kind of just the go-to for my live webinars I don't see access on my receipt so yeah so diana access is actually not

going to be on your receipt so when you guys purchase this you're gonna have access to the Builder which is just going to be sent in login details to your email separate login details not the same as the receipt and then these bonuses right here are going to be included via a separate access separate login details all right gotta go thank you so much alright I'm sorry it came in late if you came

in late you know the biggest thing is that we're offering the Clickbank builder which is our own software tool that you're gonna access for life with unlimited products you can have unlimited often pages so you can build a big email list there's no limits to the traffic you have free hosting for life free subdomains you get a whole training area a case study and everyone on this webinar not just the first 50

or gonna get access to all these other bonuses what the market research formula the YouTube ads course copywriting course these are really foundational courses to drive traffic to make sure that your ads and your emails and your sales pages and your opt-in pages are high converting and also just really understand your customer so you know how to sell to them you're gonna get for free niche reports that are gonna allow you to easily

plug these in to build out your email list because you can give these away which is really valuable an affiliate checklist and a vendor checklist so you can see every step of the way and also an email roadmap so you know what emails to sent and when to your email list to maximize the success of your email list Tammy's saying if you're on the fence you really need to jump in because the

Builder is great Thank You Tammy I appreciate it Brad how do you track your is there an option to track so the Builder we made it super simple for you to add tracking so let me try to get to the Builder here inside the Builder when you're creating your opt-in pages what you can do or your products you'll notice down here there's a tracking area and here's where you're gonna want to put a

Google Analytics code Google Analytics and they Google Analytics will just give you a code to put in here and that's gonna track all of your pages ok so that is the best tracking out there you know there's even paid tracking or you can spend a lot of money to do tracking but Google is great at it so just type in Google and Yandex and you can sign up for a free account

it's free and then they just give you a code and you just plug it in right here you can plug in other codes here to like if you want an exit pot you can plug in an exit pop code here so this wait don't leave here's an extra offer and so yeah you just plug it in right there dianna yeah you should actually get three emails so one emails your receipt one email

is your access to the Builder and then one email is actually your access to the builders and access to these bonuses all right Tom do you still recommend using similar web com to spy on your competitors yeah I do similar web com we talked about it is a great way to spy on your competitors and it is really easy and it's free Doug I almost didn't dial in I'm glad that I did

I gotta go now see you later Doug JP I tried to purchase today but technical difficulties prevented even even through PayPal said return to merchant JP I'm not sure why this happening sorry that's happening to you I guess I all I can say is try using a different card or email support at Clickbank builder comm and maybe they can set you up with a different link or something like that are you teaching Facebook ads

too and adding the Facebook pixel yeah so we don't teach that inside of the builder training area but that is exactly where you would add the pixel okay so it's super easy so when you're doing an ad and it says add a pixel you just add it right there all right and yeah and you can connect it to volume tracking you know all the tracking can go right there all right Tarek you you

paid for launchpad which is another software tool I'm not sure what this does what that does so I can't tell you the differences I'm sorry about that Diana if you're having any issues getting login details how many people got login details for everything just say yes or no if you feel like you didn't get the login details for either the Clickbank University training or for the Builder I think almost all of you guys

did Jenny's yes Lori yes oh yes okay so almost all of you guys did so I think it's either in your span probably or one login once a spam says David so that might be where it is all right for doing this I look forward to the next webinar how do you choose an autoresponder I usually just use Aweber and we show you how to sign up and how to integrate it

inside the training area Richard you are in the chat that's exactly where the chat is it's just I'm the only one that sees it thanks for a great webinar got to go from Sweden so let me know in the chat guys did you enjoy this webinar do you guys get value looks like a lot of you joined the Builder but did you enjoy the actual training in here because in the beginning I

said hey you need a promise are you gonna take action and so I want to make sure that you're taking action with the traffic strategies with all the kind of stuff we talked about let me know in the chat if you enjoyed today's training you got value out of it whether you join the Builder or not yeah enjoyed it very much you got all the links in the Leonardo awesome you enjoyed

it really great webinar teaching was amazing thank you any kind of payment plan we might send you something in the future I'm not sure you but this bonus right here with these courses and stuff these courses are only going to be if you join on the webinar got a lot of value all right guys well my voice is kind of dying here we're at 2 hours and 30 minutes amazing job staying on

here what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you a little bit of a kick in the butt if you're in on the fence and I'm gonna do that by putting a timer on the page because I'm gonna end the webinar in five minutes and then you know the bonuses cannot be guaranteed anymore so I'm just gonna add this timer here and I'm gonna start it so hopefully you guys see

this timer I think you can see it and it's not very big but I think you get the idea oh that's really big now all right here's the timer I think you can see it I want to make sure you have the link as well that you can see that so let's go through some last questions guys and I'm always here for you so if you have any questions about anything else

ask them in the next four minutes and I really recommend you jump in because you know this is one of those things where you you invest in once and you're done you know you don't have to keep spending every month and so I really want you to take action if you believe this is right for you if you believe we're the company to help you do it after you know helping a thousand people

become millionaires on Clickbank is amazing and so if you believe in that I recommend you join before the timer ends Tami one question for the people that have version to do they get these specials so yeah so version 2 if you get automatically upgraded we're gonna give you the niche reports the affiliate checklist the vendor checklist an email roadmap the market research YouTube ads course and copywriting course is only for you you might have

that already because the Builder used to just be for people who bought Clickbank universities was not open to the public yet it's not open yet so yeah you should have these if you have Clickbank University all right will buy when the link is sent thanks again bye for now this is something I want to do for a long time awesome Carmen I'm excited to get inside awesome Jody in 30 days from now five funnels

will be done and launch I love it Jody awesome what's the best place to start when you're inside the Builder just start with the first training center video and just go from there thanks for the webinar you're welcome you're welcome as well as Tammy alright okay the last couple minutes it's now or never everyone I want you to join and but also ask any last questions all right all right thank you thank

you going to sleep now Jorge how do you offer services of your own right now I'm just focusing on helping Clickbank University be as successful as possible and that those are our best programs right I believe in the system I understand Carmen what is the initial capital you need to have if you have the builder if you can create your opt-in pages and you want to start running Facebook Ads let's say you know

you only need to start with five bucks technically but you're gonna want to spend enough where you start seeing results you'll start seeing opt-ins immediately but then you want to see some sales you know and once you start seeing some sales you can start investing more and more so you know it's hard to say it depends how good off the bat you start may be a hundred bucks five dollars a days gonna start

getting you some subscribers right and that's really important and valuable all right guys well sit down to the last minute I wanted to say thanks so much for being on this webinar I actually really enjoy it like I'm happy to Train you guys for two and a half hours and because I'm also passionate about this offer that we put together and all the bonuses that we made and because you're going to be

able to have the tools that I didn't have when I was first getting started the ability to create products there were there wasn't even one funnel builder software out there now there's competitors that are expensive but when I got sort of there wasn't even one of them that none of them existed and so now you're gonna have a cheaper solution that you invest now you're right it is an investment right 594 dollars is

is an investment it's not super small small compared to everything else but you invest and then you can go from there so I want to say thanks so much for being on today's training I'm excited for you I'm excited for everyone that bought the Builder I'm excited everyone who also just learned a bunch of stuff and it's gonna start implementing so thanks so much for being on this webinar make sure to check your email

for login details to everything and if you didn't join you know maybe we'll send out a replay to this later and maybe you can join some other time I'm not sure yet all right have an awesome rest I'm gonna stop that timer have an awesome rest of the day or night you guys are all over the world so thanks so much for being here with me hanging out and looks like most of you guys who are on but so that's awesome have a great rest in the day or night and I'll talk to you soon I'll see you later see you

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