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Clickbank University Honest Official Review 2018. Watch Before You Join!

Clickbank University HONEST OFFICIAL REVIEW 2018 Watch Before You Join.

Before you joined Clickbank University or you consider joining make sure you watch this video a thirst for an in-depth explanation and walkthrough and what's included the content the resources and tools you get. what's going on welcome back to my youtube channel I'm alain de versailles and if you're new to this channel make sure you hit that subscribe button and join the community and of course during the private Facebook group for

daily tips content and of course resources so ever since I started this YouTube channel and of course my facebook group a lot of people have reached out to me asking me what courses I've taken or trainings I've taken so I decided to sit down and make an in-depth review and video on the first course I've ever taken when I first started affiliate marketing and how it helps me and that first course I've ever

taken and the first cost I ever took I have I joined when I first started was Clickbank University and the key points to be covered is where I started my journey on it why I decided to join Clickbank University and of course I'm gonna walk you through Clickbank University platform I'm gonna log into my account walk you through the affiliate side the vendor side showing you a brief overview of the content on Clickbank

University of course the toolkits and the extra resources you gain and receive when you join the community and my personal experiences personal thoughts and personal results after joining Clickbank University so let's get started now before I get into Clickbank University the content the platform I think it's best that you know my background a little bit just so you can get an insight and understanding as to where I came from why I decided to take

the course how it helped me and my results with it and how it influenced where I am now and what I've been able to do since taking the course and of course my results on it they've all let me just give you a brief recap of where I started my journey traps up affiliate marketing just so you can get to know me a little bit more you know already I'm out full-time University

student my pre-med / science students are in my main field is specifically unlike med science that kind of field of area I never had business experience business knowledge background only business experience I probably had that I consider a business experience is I took an accounting class accounting unit when I was in high school for two years although in terms of that accounting unit was more on bookkeeping rather than marketing sales psychology and online marketing so when

I first started I was a complete beginner I didn't know anything I was lost frustrated probably where you are right now and you probably heard a lot of other individuals out there that said this kind of line being a broke University student Oh being broke student I'm not honestly I was I was making 200 per week I'm a regular job I've worked in fast-food McDonald's and I hated it I did not like working there

I was only there for the money I've also worked in retail clothing store which I'm which I've also learned a lot of great customer service skills and getting to know your customers their needs their wants and desires which I specifically emphasize on in my previous videos other what I was making multiplied by the house I was working was just not enough to support myself and to be able to save money to do what

I wanted to do and of course achieve the goals that needed financial resources another thing is that I usually at home of course with my parents I lived one hour away from uni it would take me four hours a day back and forth by public transport to get to uni and get back home and because of the traveling time every single day and because of travel time every single day it just really

took a toll on my mental and physical side that was good that I was just extremely tired from all the traveling and of course also studying on top of that and because I was a full time media students my hours would get in the way of my ships and therefore I had to quit my job and that's where my desperation for making money came into the picture I wanted any sort of

income to move out of home support myself do whatever I want to do while also studying and without worrying about money these are the number one thing that I've worried about money and it's just really frustrating because I wanted to go to trips and holidays and buy some stuff that I needed but I wasn't able to do because I didn't have the financial resources to do that and do the struggle and through the

frustration that really opened expanded my mind and thinking like how can I make money even though I'm not even though I'm not working at a regular job in a regular hourly paid job and through that it made me started to think like what can I do to make money so that I can support myself and I really needed to move out of home because I just could not take the four hour per

day travel time so to give you a brief overview of what I did started selling eBay sell like use cheap stuff of course I found reading books and business mindset started following people on Instagram that were my age but we're making a living and traveling the world that's why the research on Google / YouTube how to make money online started coming in and that's when I came across actually marketing and really interest because I

really like the way that I don't own a product I don't have to touch the product all I needed to do was create a process that allowed me to promote the product and get Commission's and affiliate sales through it being able to make money while you're sleeping and that's when I started learning about affiliate marketing what it is what you have to do and basically the overview process or what's what needs to

be done in order to get those affiliate sales coming in it was a start on my fluent marketing journey I researched it myself I failed a lot I didn't know anything I lost lots of money trying to learn Facebook advertising through YouTube didn't make money at all and I was just extremely frustrated I would see all these people making X amount of sales from affiliate marketing and just showing the results all this stuff

and I was doing what they're doing but I wasn't making any money so I was like questioning this business model even work like what's going on why am I not making any sales at this person or this person or that person out there that's showing their results and showing the lifestyle that they're living how am I not able to do that I expect hours of researching trying to learn everything trying to piece everything

together I was just completely frustrated completely lost completely confused as to why I was doing whatever they were saying in terms of like Facebook advertising in terms of like picking a product building a landing page and doing this other stuff and then just run traffic to it and I really first started I really thought that was it I really thought it was finding the product creating a landing page and then sending traffic to that

landing page and I really thought that I immediately get a feel at sales but I quickly learned that it wasn't the case and that's not how you do your film marketing the right way if you want to prick if you want to make consistent passively income for yourself consistent sales every single day without even touching your computer and honestly I was ready to give up I was willing to just throw away everything because

and I really believe that this business model didn't work but through reading different books as well on top of that that's when I learned that in order to become great at something you need to learn from someone who has been there has knowledge experience failures and results and you've probably heard of this quote before follow someone who has the results you want to achieve okay don't reinvent the wheel just follow the process follow what's

working and through piecing this all together and through the desperation and that desire to just for success and that desire to just make money and achieve my goals that was something that really pushed me to find a way to make it work to find a way that do it and I mean we think well if other people can do it if you can do it if she can do it they can

do it why can't I and do that mindset and that kind of thinking like well they can do it I'm pretty sure I can do it too and I guess that belief that I can do it that's when things Pat and resources came into my life in a way when I wasn't even looking for them and do this whole process I knew when I feel that network was I knew what Clickbank like

that Clickbank affiliate network was that's all you find like all these various products that you can promote or the marketplace as I seen a lot of like youtubers make tutorials on it so I knew about that but I still did not understand the process I still did not understand why I wasn't making any money and that's when I stumbled across Clickbank University if you don't know what Clickbank University is it's a platform or

digital product platform that teaches you affiliate marketing how to find products on Clickbank how to promote it how to scale it and how you scale your results and get that consistent sales coming in I was looking for our course that would help me speed up the process of success that speed up getting results and achieving my goals and before I stumbled across could Bank University I was in making any money it was all

negative ROI I didn't understand the whole process of affiliate marketing what you need to do in order to get positive results and achieve the financial goals you may have but at the same time also doing what you like and having a passion for what you're doing and still achieving that financial goal of yours boy stumble across Clickbank University I don't know how to find proper products building a brand around a specific niche so that

you can get consistent sales I didn't know how to build proper landing pages funnels what funnels were you know I didn't know what follow-up email sequence was were like why you meet it like increasing your conversion rate automation so that you can just sit back and be away from the computer but still get the consistent sales and also outsourcing I did not know how they played a role in affiliate marketing and success in

terms and achieving success in affiliate marketing so to sum it all up I was a complete beginner I was extremely lost but I was just desperate to make money because I wanted to achieve my goals I'm moving out of home and supporting myself traveling and not rely on my parents so that is where my journey started in terms of affiliate marketing that's where everything started where I'm from like a background of how I

started the things I didn't know about affiliate marketing and now I want to walk you through what Clickbank University is I'm gonna show you the platform the dashboard that content that's that's included whether you choose to be an affiliate or a vendor and just the content that's all in the dashboard showing you walking you through that and giving you an insight to what Clickbank University is if you ever consider getting it and joining so

when you log in to the dashboard it has a getting started so it's the first steps how to get started a Clickbank University what to expect what's included and how you can really utilize this platform and this product in order to help you achieve your financial goals or actually put up of course it is you aspire to do so step one talk and hang out with us every week so they do have

a live Q&A with Adam in Justin SEP to get perspective and motivation for the big dogs this was incredible thing to interview with therapy and other incredible entrepreneurs and the step through picking a path where you want to come Juliet or you are become a vendor so it does cater for different levels and whatever your goals is the alliance with whatever goal you have in mind so if you are a beginner and you want

to know if you want to become an affiliate and the right way to become an affiliate and how to get success and find success in terms of that they cover that in a complete eight-week program or if you want to become a bend or okay sell a digital product of course whatever it is and sell it and quit bank they teach you how to do that as well but of course I'm going

to be walking you through that affiliate side of it what's included how it helped me and how it can help you the content that's included the benefits disadvantages all the solid stuff so that you can get an insight to what to expect we decide to join Clickbank University if you are serious about making a change in your life and starting creating that consistent daily income affiliate sales do with affiliates I'd have to a

training program it's an eight-week comprehensive training program it's a step-by-step guide literally holding you by the hand and walking you through the whole process or what a fillip marketing is affiliate marketing or Clickbank understanding what affiliate marketing is and how to do it the right way to ensure that you get me sold and ensure that you understand the process and how you can scale the results once you start making money with it and really automate

that whole process so that you can be away from the computer and still make money meet one to fill it marketing Clickbank so just an introduction I feel that profit plans setting up for success goal setting so not only does it teach you the strategies and the process of affiliate marketing in how you can find success with it but it's also about the fundamentals which I talk about a lot in my videos in

terms of mindset setting up the foundations having a really strong why goal setting so that when you do suffer a setback or an obstacle you're why quotations as to where you started well how allow you to overcome the obstacle that you will suffer because you will suffer a lot of setbacks but having a really strong way will enable you to overcome that process and overcome that struggle that whatever it is you're facing with

that is a one thing that I really found beneficial with Clickbank University is because you don't just quickly go through the process show you how to find a profitable product how to surf the funnel and how to get the email sequences or set up and stuff what's important like the fundamentals and really setting up that foundation which I in my perspective it's extremely crucial in order to gain success well that's affiliate marketing or any other business

models and then a weak to affiliate basics so navigating through the Clickbank marketplace explaining the different like explain the different terms on Clickbank of the top cv products and just all the data and information that you need to learn and give me an insight as to what's working and what's not all Clickbank and really understand here they also have like download downloadable materials that you can print out and help you week three it's all about

finding your passion so describing what it is you like researching the products in your niche I'm picking the perfect product so that you walk through how to find profitable products on Clickbank whether it is through your passion or through a completely different niche that you wanna enter this program that's where I learned how to find products that's working or what's not working researching different products which I talk about a lot in my videos about

the importance of researching your niche research in your audience research in your market would be for it's all about funnels so building squeeze pages or landing pages setting up your opt-in squeeze page to collect people's details and email address so that which you are going to use later on when it comes to email conversions increasing your conversion rates follow-up sequence and all that sort of stuff so we click back University what they've done is

they've given you a step by step weekly guide or weekly steps and work on your own pace and understanding yourself replay the video if you miss something writing notes down and again they do have materials that you can download to kind of giving you a checklist of what to include in your funnels and your landing pages to create a high converting landing page and this platform that's where I learned about the beneficial of building

out funnels with week five six and seven it's all about email marketing increasing your conversion rates and getting people to buy through your affiliate links and how to set up your email sequences and getting customers to open your email making sure they click through your field link and get product and we get scaling and expanding so they talk about like the tools that will help you automate the process outsource your content and automate everything

so that when you're away from the computer everything is still running everything is in place and all set up and ready to go so that you are still getting through it sales so not only is Clickbank University extremely great and helpful for beginners as it is a step by step guide process especially if you are a complete beginner you're completely lost you don't know where to begin Clickbank University guides you through a process

taking you from a complete beginner to someone that knows what they're doing and know what you have to do and with the weekly training program and of course a lot of Q&A you are able to work on your own pace and not rush the process unless look understanding the content and then implementing it into your daily actions because with affiliate marketing it's not just about finding a product and in this running traffic to

it there's more elements involved in that and we include Bank University goes through all the elements involved ensuring that you get the results and you're getting their sales coming through and not only that but the content is presented in a way that's easily understandable the matter what level of expertise your app or the knowledge you have you will still be able to understand and moving on they do have a traffic section where it

goes through Facebook advertising and Instagram shoutouts and this training tutorial helped me a lot and of course the toolkit section and all these different tools and resources that you can use making things easier for you for example video editing creating sales presentation recording yourselves you know Design banners and giveaways for your content creation setting up your funnel split testing outsource your work so you don't have to create the content for yourself in terms of lead

magnets and leave many years not only that but it also teaches you demographic research with Google and Twitter and automating with a way about so that when someone puts in their details on your opt-in page you are able to just allow the email sequences that you've set up prior to running traffic and running ads your customers can get the email sequences without you sending hundreds of emails every single day and even teaching you know

setting up a custom domain with GoDaddy I honestly I didn't even know what a domain was when I first started or what I cost under me how'd it set that all about Bank University I'm able to understand the process in an easy step-by-step manner understanding the fundamentals the process and scaling and getting the result and on the other side of that if you already have experience with affiliate marketing you're making passive income and you

want to teach people and create a digital product so that you're able to gain more sales and of course start a new income we're teaching and creating digital products then Clickbank University has a section for you too and that is being a bindle and creating a product that you can sell and so that other affiliates can promote it for you it teaches you how everything works finding your perfect product your avatar course content

creation and outsourcing your work perfect upsells to maximize sales I can go in sales copy finalizing the product getting up on Clickbank JV managing split testing how to scale and selling high ticket products on webinars so he teaches you from point A to Z that's basically what Clickbank University is now the main reason as to why I chose Clickbank University was not only because of the testimonials and the teachers just in an atom and

their results researching them and their experiences their background and how they all started and really inspired me how they started and where they are now also because Clickbank University of course is associated equipment and Clickbank is a huge affiliate network they're getting sales as well on top of that they're making money on top of that so which means that for Clickbank once there are affiliates to succeed to make money so that they're able to

make more money of course what bank would create a platform teaching affiliates the right teaching affiliates how to succeed with affiliate marketing promoting products selling products all that sort of stuff so that is why so that is like the big reason as to why I joined Clickbank University not only because I wanted to make money myself of course Clickbank wants you to succeed so what better way to learn how to use a Clickbank

and how to navigate through Clickbank picking the right product and getting lots of sales and commissions of it then learning from Clickbank itself and to summarize everything that I've said and my experience with it CBU has helped me when I was a complete beginner and I did not know anything about affiliate marketing I knew a little bit of marketing but I couldn't piece everything together like I was so lost sir frustrated and everything

was just so confusing because I talk as though I was doing everything right like what other youtubers and other viewers would say out there but I still wasn't getting any results and I didn't understand why going through the Clickbank University content what's offered and taking notes re watching all the videos understanding the whole process and it's not gonna take and it's not gonna take you one day to consume all the content and then right

away get results so it's a whole process of learning in an implementing and the way that could make University I really like the way that they've divided into eight weeks so that you're not overwhelmed with all the information that you're receiving you can pace yourself and work through it through at your own pace and learn the content then implement learn learn it then implement get results look back at the content that's offered and

see where you're going see what's not working what's working and learn from your mistakes so if you complete beginner and you complete a loss you don't really know what the hell you're doing but it's you but you have the desire to make it work then I highly suggest joining Clickbank University as it is a step by step guide step by step process that will lead you through a process from the basics foundations fundamentals

which I really emphasize on my videos in terms of learning the foundations learning the basics and not rushing the process leading you through a process of like that step by step ok i'm this is the content that I've learnt I'm now going to implement it what's next and up you get results your first $20 $30 $50 a day then I highly suggest joining CBU learning the process learning the content and then implementing it

as you go along however I really want to quickly note if you're a complete beginner and you consume all the content I'm not saying you're gonna make thousands per day thousands per week straightaway it's a process you don't want to rush that what CBU will help you is what it will help you find a proper product building out the funnel building out the landing pages in the correct way to set up your campaigns

whether for different traffic where its Facebook Instagram shout-out said downside I would say is that they mainly only focus on Facebook and Instagram and of course all the resources and tools to automate the process that is a downside let's say you are looking for another traffic source such as solo ads native ads but essentially that's what CBU is that's what could Bank University is the content that's covered what's included all the resources and tools

that you will receive and not only that but in every video sections they have this comment section where people comment you can ask questions and people would replace have a Q&A section that you can go and ask question for help and if you need help with specific categories such as email marketing funnels landing pages or some stuff and they will help you out now to summarize everything that I just said if you're a

complete beginner and you're lost you're frustrated you don't really know what the hell you're doing I highly suggest you get the CV you joined as it is a step-by-step guide teaching you what affiliate marketing is the basics the fundamentals the process and of course the strategies to scale automate the whole process so that you can get the passive or residual income rolling in as that is the goal of affiliate marketing to get a

consistent Commission's affiliate sales even though you're not doing anything and you're just chilling doing whatever you want in it so that is what you're looking for a step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing and getting your first real result online that I highly suggest joining Clickbank University I will leave a link down below in the description and that's basically it for this video hopefully you got an in-depth insight to what Clickbank University is the type of content

that it has and what you can expect to learn from it all the resources and tools that you will receive once you join camera diet so I'm quickly filming the actor on my laptop if you have any questions about Clickbank University leave it in the comments down below and I'll answer them less thank you so much for watching and I'll see in the next video.


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Clickbank University HONEST OFFICIAL REVIEW 2018 Watch Before You Join.Before you joined Clickbank University or you consider joining make sure you watch this video a thirst for an in-depth explanation and walkthrough and what's included the content the resources and tools you get. what's going on welcome back to my youtube channel I'm alain de versailles and if you're new to this channel make sure you hit t...