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ClickBank University Review 2.0 | Inside Members Area & Alternative Affiliate Course

ClickBank University Review 2.0 | Inside Members Area & Alternative Affiliate Course

this is chris with affiliate tube and chances are if you're looking up details or more information about Clickbank University then you're either interested in becoming a vendor on Clickbank or an affiliate for Clickbank and so what I want to do is take you through and show you inside one of the best courses you're going to find online for training for being a Clickbank vendor or affiliate it's called Clickbank University you'll

find that link directly under this video if you click on it it'll take you there where you can see a little sales page and get a video demo of more about what it's like and who it's for now I'm also going to put another recommendation under this video so for a much more advanced course by a guy named John that I that I became part of here not too long ago and

it has absolutely changed everything about online marketing for me because it's it's for affiliate marketers and it's for people who in their own products but it's more about advertising through ads such as on Facebook YouTube Google and native ads and things like Adhan up until the point of me getting access to that course I didn't realize the difference in the amount of income you can make from say building a WordPress website or throwing up

YouTube video and getting traffic to it and making sales compared to the amount of sales you can get in as little as one day with this other course but both both courses are fine Clickbank University would be more for someone who's just getting into affiliate marketing and and then the step up would be the other course that I'm gonna recommend like I said that link will be under this video also so here we

are inside Clickbank University and you can see the tabs up here it's very neatly organized everything's laid out really well easy to follow along and let's go to the Welcome tab first you want to see here right off they give you a phone number where you can talk to a Clickbank University instructor or you can send them an email you can register for live Q&A s they have a forum if you upgraded

to other products they have you have access to that too such as the like bank builder and what we're going to do first is go to the getting started tab okay and this just kind of breaks things down a little more for you such as the first steps you should take before starting anything just kind of giving you an overview of what the whole course is and the things that you can access

with it now as we move on to the next tab this is the vendors tab so if you're planning on selling your own products on Clickbank even if you're planning on being an affiliate you're still gonna have access to the vendor tab and vice versa so if you want to sell your products you can see here there are a lot of courses everything is just step-by-step showing you how to take it from

beginning to end and setting up your product through Clickbank and making sales now for the affiliates which is probably what most of you are looking for it also has an eight-week course here now it doesn't have to take 8 weeks to go through the entire course if you are a beginner affiliate and just looking to get started promoting products through Clickbank or any other affiliate network you may want to take it kind of

slow and follow it week by week for the full eight weeks so you get a full grasp on everything that's explained throughout the video series so if we were to go into one of these let's just go down to week number four for example and you're gonna see here here's the video and in this week number four there's a series of videos and so what we can do is we can mark them

as complete as we watch them or we can go on and click next lesson and it's going to take us through and go through each of the lessons within week number four and then you can move on to week number five six seven and eight so each one of these weeks consists of multiple videos showing you step-by-step what you need to do to get started in being a full-time affiliate marketer through Clickbank

now once you're done with this there's some more things you can do as well and if we go to this traffic tab you're going to see it's going to talk about more ways of getting traffic and one of the biggest ways online right now people are getting traffic is through Facebook their reach of of marketing to people is just so big on Facebook that's what everyone's doing right now and you do have

a course on that here too Facebook advertising part 1 2 & 3 as well as using Instagram did you go through these you can click on next lessons and there'll be more for you to follow as well now earlier I mentioned another course that I'm putting a link up for under this video and one thing you'll find out in that course if you decide that you want to go with that one is that

they are very heavy on using Facebook advertising and they have some pretty in-depth courses on Facebook and using it in ways that I've never used it before or thought about using it so if you're looking to get into advertising online through paid advertising in ways like that definitely check out the other course I have under this video that one's going to benefit you much more than this one will if that's the way you're

looking to market and if we go to this last section here on toolkits we're going to find a lot more videos over here these are more videos for beginners you're going to see an introduction to tools how to set up a custom domain with GoDaddy I wish they didn't use GoDaddy I can't stand GoDaddy or Namecheap there's a lot better other hosting companies out there than these guys especially if you want a

lot of traffic to your websites you definitely shouldn't be using these hosting providers because they are very slow it takes forever to edit your sites and you know I recommend getting something like Bluehost or SiteGround or some of those other web hosting companies I can put links to those under this video as well if you want to check out the ones that I use and then there's creating a sales presentation PowerPoint using Camtasia

Camtasia is a good editing tool there's one that I use a lot more than Camtasia now which is except or than Camtasia also I'll put the link to that under this video as well I'll just have a resource section under this video where you can check out some of the tools that I use but you can see that it is loaded with all kinds of videos so if Clickbank marketing is what you're

wanting to get into being an affiliate for Clickbank then I highly recommend checking out Clickbank University and and you know purchasing jumping in here and checking it all out as with all Clickbank products they do have a money-back guarantee with them but with that said with Clickbank University once you start this process if you're serious about it and you start following through the week by week and doing the training step by step you're going

to find out that you will not want to return this product because it is just that good information and that's gonna take you whether you know nothing about affiliate marketing nothing about Clickbank - taking you into a professional Clickbank seller and so where you're going to see some some pretty serious checks coming in if you just put the work into it and the time into it required for it so that's my review of

Clickbank University I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please feel free to leave a comment under this video I will try my best to come back and reply to them if I can like the video also subscribe because I'm way putting on a lot more videos like this talking about other affiliate networks programs and how to do them and get involved with making some serious money with affiliate marketing so remember

to check out the links under this video and have a great day

clickbank university affiliate program

ClickBank University Review 2.0 | Inside Members Area & Alternative Affiliate Coursethis is chris with affiliate tube and chances are if you're looking up details or more information about Clickbank University then you're either interested in becoming a vendor on Clickbank or an affiliate for Clickbank and so what I want to do is take you through and show you inside one of the best courses you're going to find...