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Clickbank University Review | Truth Exposed

Clickbank University Review | Truth Exposed

hey what's up my friend my name is Nicolas and if you're on this video prime means that you're looking for some more information on Clickbank University and that's exactly well be getting into here in a moment before do I just want to let you know that I do have a free video training series that really goes into depth on how to utilize the internet to make an income whether

is full time or part-time so if you'd like to go check that out head on over to mentor with Nick comm that is mentor with Nick comm the link is in the video description without further ado let's get into Clickbank University and what it is all about so first and foremost I just want to let you know my review is a little bit different than a lot of other reviews online because what

a lot of people will do is they'll make reviews and they'll hype up the product make it sound all great which you know sometimes it can sometimes it won't be but regardless they'll hype up the product because they have an affiliate link what that means is that they'll make it sound real good and then say if you want to purchase this make sure and purchase through this link right here because when you do

then I'll earn a commission so that's that's not me here I'm not affiliated with Clickbank University I have no link that tell you to buy it I'm just here to give you the facts and the information so that you can make an informed decision whether you want to purchase it okay so let's kind of go over what Clickbank is all first of all Clickbank is a digital marketplace and probably I think it's

if it's not the biggest it's one of the biggest and basically what it is is that a lot of product vendors what they call product owners they will sell the product on Clickbank tum' it's a marketplace for them to sell their digital products whether that's ebooks whether that's you know video courses audio courses whatever it is they start selling that and then they earn commissions for selling their products and then they can also have

affiliates selling their products to which those people are in a commission when they sell the people's products and you know it's just a big platform to start you know generating money online whether it doesn't matter what niche and it could be you know the make money online it could be gardening could be cooking fat loss you know muscle building it doesn't matter there's all kinda niches it's a great place to start making money

online so what Clickbank did is they created a course that teaches you how to do this type of stuff so that's what Clickbank University is so I'm going to kind of go over the price points the upsells down sells stuff like that but first I want to kind of get let you know what the information is all about so first and foremost like I just explained you know Clickbank is a spot to

host your digital products and start selling them so that's that's what the main the main core content is is it showing you how to create your product like what what kind of products to create how to you know drive traffic to your products how to create sales pages opt-in pages upsells all it like a lot of different stuff and then they also have a little bit of course that goes into affiliate marketing as

well selling other people's products driving traffic to other peoples pages and then when people purchase that then they then both sides are in a commission the person that sent them that affiliate and then also the product owner so they kind of work cohesively so that's what a filling market in affiliate marketing is and they have a section on that course to you as well so basically that's why it comes down to I think

this is a this is a good course is a lot of it it's all video modules so if you learn well from video it's gonna be a good place if you have to ask me in my opinion on how great the content is I think it's good I think it is good but I think it is more so beginner to intermediate if you're a little bit more advanced in internet marketing it's

probably going to be you know little lackluster there's a lot of great courses and stuff out there that are probably a little bit better if you are a little bit more advanced but if you're just starting out if you're a little bit more intermediate I think this is a great spot so what's the price point what's the upsells down sells all that kind of stuff well the course now and I you know

obviously they can always change it always you know are optimizing it but right now you can purchase it for forty seven dollars flat fee and that that nots not what it used to be it used to be you know a monthly fee now obviously there excuse me not not obviously but there is there can be a monthly fee if you want to get the Quick Pick University live which is a webinar each

week that answers your questions you can pay forty seven dollars a month for that so there's a little click there's a little check box on on the sales page if you do want to have the live version you have to click that or it's not a click if you don't want it you unclick so you're just paying the 47 dollars after that they offer you it's called a one-time opera's but it's not

really one time because they offer it more down the road especially within the product and and this is a website builder it's a spot to host your your spot to put on your your opt-in pages to collect leads it's spot to put on your sales pages your upsells pages so everything that you're going to need one of these from somewhere and then Clickbank offers theirs so this is a two hundred and ninety seven dollar

a year software where you can start building these pages and then if you if you decline that offer they have what's called a down sell and they offer you to pay for that on a quarterly basis instead of a one-time payment for the year the next part portion is we're done it's a it's an advanced section it's an advanced training the advanced stuff so if you are a little bit more advanced as probably

as a route that you want to take this is a $97 course and if you want and if you decline on that they'll also offer you to do it for a to pay option instead of a one-time of 97 so that's what you're looking at you know forty seven dollars and then if you want to live it's a monthly cost two hundred ninety seven a year for the website builder and they're

ninety seven for the Advanced Course so that's what you're looking at with Clickbank University hopefully that helps you out guys I try to give you the best information I possibly could and give you a little bit more insight to everything that goes within the product and the upsells and everything like that so hopefully it gave you a little bit of perspective helped you understand it a little bit more so that's my review hopefully

it helps you out like I said but again if you'd like to check out our free video training series you can head on over mentor with Nick calm in mentor with Nick comm where we'll show you really how to you know where we show you how we've been doing it for the past five six years so head on over there if you'd like to check that link is in the video description if

you need mentoring or coaching or anything like that all my social media stuff will be down below get in contact me let me know what your situation is and then we'll go for me alright guys thanks for watching this video look forward talk to you real soon

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Clickbank University Review | Truth Exposedhey what's up my friend my name is Nicolas and if you're on this video prime means that you're looking for some more information on Clickbank University and that's exactly well be getting into here in a moment before do I just want to let you know that I do have a free video training series that really goes into depth on how to uti...