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Clickbank University Review | Truth Revealed About CBU 2.0

Clickbank University Review | Nothin But The Truth Revealed About CBU 2.0!

On this video we're gonna be discussing Clickbank University giving you a review a full in-depth look and breakdown of Clickbank University what it's all about what are the upsells and what you can really expect from it what's up guys Nicolas here and yeah that's exactly what we're gonna be covering here on this video now I did make a previous video about Clickbank University on this specific channel so if you

have not seen that one I would implore you to go check that out first but I did want to make an update video because that was a little while ago when I did make that video and I just kind of want to give you more of an over-the-shoulder look at the membership area and everything that's included and kind of my thoughts and what you can really expect from it okay now before we

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into the coaching contest what I do on this channel is I have a coaching contest and I give away one coaching call a week I'd give that out on Mondays and I give it to the person that gives me the best comment on my videos throughout the week so it can be on this video or any one of my other videos where I give a lot of different trainings on this channel

okay so without with all that stuff out of the way let's get into Clickbank University and what it's all about what you can expect how much it's costing and what are the upsells and all that good jazz okay so it's created by Justin Atlin and Adam Horwitz and it's funny I actually have a buddy I wasn't gonna show you but I'll show you throughout the the course but Adam Horwitz I hope I'm saying

that right Horowitz worked with sort of it's he's actually one of my buddies is hanging out with him in Columbia right now I was just talking with him recently he said he's going to hang out with Adam so so that was quite interesting so yeah anyways so let's just talk about exactly what let's first talk about the cost and what the upsells are and what's included in the upsells and then we'll dive

into the content and what you can really expect from this particular course okay so first that first off just like any type of internet marketing product there are gonna be upsells okay so after you purchase that initial product you're gonna be hit with you know some upsells and if they do it correctly then it's gonna be stuff that's gonna help you get stuff done quicker and faster and easier so with Clickbank University the

main product is $47 now the other thing that they offer is Clickbank University live and that is a forty seven dollar a month program so you can see that right here is all the front so let me show you more what I mean basically this is the whole sales yeah or what's this is the sales page and if you you know want to purchase then you just come in yes I want to

click Clickbank University but here's the thing you want to know is that if you have this thing checked you're gonna be paying forty seven dollars a month for the live sessions this is one live training webinar per week you get your questions answered it's all the Q&A type of stuff so if you do want that keep that checked if you do not want that you don't pay the forty seven dollars click that

and then just click on here and it will take you to the order form okay and then you'll pay and then be all set okay so that is the rundown on the first front end product now the next and I went through this whole process I bought the course ID you guys I saw all this type of stuff so I saw you know exactly I know this is exactly what is happening

the next thing they're gonna offer you is the Clickbank Builder and basically what this is it's a web page builder whether that's opt-in pages sales pages pre self pages even membership pages which is cool because basically it's two hundred ninety seven dollars to payments and in fact not positive let me let me check this real quick actually because I think it might have I bookmark this so I could see it so this is the

page that you will see after you purchase and okay yes it is 297 one-time payment okay so it's two payments of 297 one-time now and then one time in the next 30 days so that was correct okay so either 297 two times or what they'll do is after you click on no thank you I don't want this then they will offer it to you at not seven payments of $97 so either

you know around 600 or if you want to do the the seven payment its 679 and then basically what they'll offer you after that is a $97 advanced training and basically this is just a case study teaching you exactly how they put together Clickbank University and what they did to know we retain customers build loyalty and all that kind of stuff so you can pay ninety seven dollars for that and then it

says here to get so you can get it with two payments of $49.99 going on anyways like I'm not sure if they brought it down to the forty two payments of 49 yeah so either 97 or possibly 40 90 payments yes so that's really the funnel within Clickbank University what exactly are you getting in Clickbank University so once you log in you'll get access to this guy right here it's quickly Clickbank University 2.0

done by adam horwitz and just nate'll in there so you can view product and then the reason i have to there is i want to show you is boy school what happens is at first you'll get access to only the first three weeks if you want to unlock all the trainings you just have to click on right there and then you have to put in your name and email that you actually purchased

with and then what that'll do you'll go back to your library and then i'll open up all access so if you want to you know digest everything you know start to finish then that's what you need to do but if you just want to go week by week and have them you know hold you to just doing a week at a time then you can just stick with the other one okay

so what what exactly are you getting in Clickbank University well show you all the things that you're getting and what you can really expect so first they obviously have a welcome video and then they have everything over here now this this all pertains to the upsells so if you did purchase the upsell you would click on here to register for the live training they do that once a week for the live Q&A sessions

you also get access to this the Clickbank forum and I believe that is with the upsell okay this next one is the Clickbank builder if you did purchase that for the 297 two times or the ninety seven seven times you have access to the Clickbank builder and then I I think the the case study the advanced training that's a separate section I did not purchase that so I'm not exactly sure where that

is but with all that said like that's where you get access to everything now honestly I would recommend the Clickbank builder if you have the money only think the only reason I say that is because you don't have to pay a monthly besides the the $97 seven times or the 297 two times what's kind of nice I just kind of like that because of the fact that you don't have to pay for

it monthly after you pay it off because a lot of the programs that I use such as Clickbank or not quickly why am i leadpages and not clickfunnels sorry so quick funnels and leadpages I have to pay for them on a monthly basis forever I don't I don't get to just pay it off so that's what's kind of nice and they have membership areas where you can build up membership sites so that

is kind of cool with the Clickbank builder so I do I think that's a pretty good value if you you consider yourself you're gonna you know be at this for the long haul okay now the first thing I want to talk about right away is the interviews so this is pretty cool because they basically just pluck out experts from different niches and you know different experts in different areas and they interview them

and one of the first guys right away is Gary Vaynerchuk then they have so there was a more of a list to go through this but anyways so they have Gary Vaynerchuk Mike Whitfield I don't know a lot of these people but it's always good to you know learn from all these different types of people and these are people that are always that they say that are very successful on Clickbank okay so obviously

we know Gary Vaynerchuk let me see if I know anybody else there was one guy oh yeah jared polin he's a real photo guy he has a bun he has a Clickbank product that has done really well John Kriss Donny he I know him he's actually did a review on his product on this channel so if you want to go check out that I can actually put together a pretty good course

so I know those guys but yeah just a lot of different expert interviews I'm gonna be going through those in the next few days so then the next thing is so basically there's two sides to Clickbank you can either be a vendor or you can be an affiliate so an affiliate is basically what we teach about all in this channel it's all about filling marketing and selling other people's products building your list

and then selling other people's products so you can do this and you know it has eight weeks eight weeks and then a bonus week of all affiliate marketing and that is done by adam horwitz okay and that's what i've been doing for a long time but then they also have the site up vendors and this is what Justin Atlas teaches and it's talking all about how you are actually the product trader and

then therefore you can go get affiliates that will promote for you so it's a little bit more leveraged way and that's kind of the way I'm leaning towards now just because I've done been doing affiliate marketing for so long now I'm starting to put together my own courses my own coaching my own all that kind of stuff so this stuff is really going to help me and then I've already gone through a decent

amount of it so there's a lot of information it's actually really good information the stuff that I've already watch is really really good information and I'm really excited to dive in to more of it okay and then they also have the traffic section now I was a little disappointed with this just because it basically only talks about two different traffic strategies and not to say that you can't have success with these but these

are only paid advertising sections paid advertising on Facebook and then paid Instagram shoutouts so if you're looking for free traffic strategies it's not necessarily in here in terms of you driving your own traffic if you want to go out there and get affiliates to drive traffic for you then obviously that doesn't cost upfront but they just don't really share how to generate free organic traffic which is something that I'm very passionate about and and

I really like and that's a lot of stuff I teach and that's you know what our Instagram growth agency is about that's what our YouTube training is about so so I just I don't know I I just think they could have put a little bit more information about traffic and here's especially since traffic is starting important and then they also have the toolkit and this is just everything that you know all the tools

that you're gonna need to know and that's all over here you know setting up a GoDaddy domain creating sales presentations Camtasia like all the tools that you'll need to get stuff done okay so that's really the gist of it so what what is my opinions on this course well I kind of talked about a little bit in terms of like I wasn't real pleased with the traffic section not to say it wasn't

really good training I'm just saying like it's only paid traffic and only two methods so I don't think that's the greatest route but I think there is a lot of value in this course obviously like I said I think there's a immense amount of value that I'm gonna get out of the vendor section because it's stuff that I'm just starting to get into much more the affiliate section I think it's really good but

I also do think it's a little bit more basic I'm not saying I think it's not good or anything but it's just a little bit more kind of elementary and or like probably like intermediate okay but a lot of good information and and you don't need like super advanced information to have success with affiliate marketing because if you just don't take the stuff that we teach on this or take the stuff that they

teach in a Clickbank university and you just stay consistent with it you're eventually gonna get results you don't need super advanced type of training it's all about just staying consistent with doing your tasks okay the one other thing that I was not 100% crazy is they didn't do a lot of over-the-shoulder type of training that I do on like I do on this channel where I'm showing like hey here's where you need to

setup this here's where you need this here's maybe this it was mostly them just sitting there talking to the camera which again I found a lot of value in but I just feel like the person that is brand new I don't think that like they're gonna understand it as much as I do just because I have a lot more experience when they're explaining I'm like okay that that makes sense I can see

how that works okay I know how to do that okay like all this stuff is making sense but I'm just thinking if it's a brand new person they don't know anything about this and they're just explaining it pointing and talking to the camera it's just like I just don't feel like everything's gonna click like it would if you're a little bit more advanced but nonetheless I think it is great information only thing that's

kind of lacking is the organic traffic stuff it's all only about the you know paid traffic with Facebook ads and Instagram shoutouts so here's what I would recommend is that I actually do recommend this and only for for only forty seven dollars you're getting a lot of value in here so I would recommend it always always good to be an investing in yourself so if you do choose to purchase this course and you

do want to purchase it through my link there for giving me an affiliate Commission I wouldn't be mad about that of course never mad if more money's in my pocket but I want to give you a little bit of value just because like like I said I think the the traffic section is a little limited especially on organic traffic so if you do decide to purchase through my link which is down in

the video description I will give you access to my Instagram training as well as my youtube training so that you can add that and just get the information in here and apply organic traffic methods in addition to the paid traffic methods because know it's obvious like not everyone has paid traffic I still don't do a ton of paid traffic I do a little bit I don't do a ton I'd rather just I

like organic traffic cuz it's consistent and obviously you know it takes a little work to get started but once you have it started it really can pump out a lot of stuff I mean I've dealt out a six-figure business just from organic traffic free traffic method so I always recommend people get into free traffic methods and then when you have the money scale up to pay traffic okay so that is the rundown on

Clickbank University again if you want to click if you want to buy through my link there will be a link down in the video description after you purchase hit me up send me an email or send me a Facebook message or Instagram DM let me know that you purchase through my link send me the the receipt that you got and then I will send you the bonuses of the free traffic methods okay so

thanks for watching this video guys I do appreciate your time hopefully that gave you some value and help you understand if Clickbank University is right for you or if it's not and now you can make a more informed decision okay so yeah again thanks for watching this video guys if you do want to go check out my free video training that goes into depth on affiliate marketing and how to really leverage it to create a full time income and live that laptop lifestyle.

Head on over to mentor with Nick comm and if you want coaching or mentoring anything like that, hit me up one of my social media platforms. all the links are in the video description and then again if you do want to get entered in the contest to win a free 20 minute coaching call from me just leave a comment down below.  okay so thanks for watching the video guys I do appreciate your time and we will see you on the next video. 

clickbank university review 2019

Clickbank University Review | Nothin But The Truth Revealed About CBU 2.0!On this video we're gonna be discussing Clickbank University giving you a review a full in-depth look and breakdown of Clickbank University what it's all about what are the upsells and what you can really expect from it what's up guys Nicolas here and yeah that's exactly what we're gonna be covering here on this...