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Digital Marketing Made Simple (Future Trends)

Digital Marketing Made Simple (Future Trends)


The new year's here guys and everybody's asking what are the digital marketing trends for this year stick around I'm gonna help you out welcome back everybody I'm dan from Millennial motivator dot CA here to help you learn how to create engage and inspire to grow your sales this channel is for entrepreneurs and small business guys have putted videos Monday through Saturday to help you learn how to grow your business and

engage your customers more effectively if you're new to the channel go ahead and click that subscribe button down there in the little bell and you'll get notified when my next video goes up but today we are talking about what are the digital marketing trends for this year now there's a lot of people that ask this question I see a lot of it on Facebook I see it on Twitter I see it in

Quora a lot of people want to know what are we supposed to be using what are we supposed to be doing is it do we run over here and use this behind to is coming out is it snapchatted you know LinkedIn has video now is that where we're supposed to be the reality is this guys there are certain things you've got to do and certain things that you should avoid and I'm gonna

lay it out for you coming up right now okay guys first and foremost we've got to put this out there cuz it's gonna be the bulk of what you're gonna focus on this year and I swear by that if you don't get in on this this is the largest disclaimer I could possibly give you if you don't do this you are gonna miss out huge when it comes to digital marketing this

year are you ready for it here's the secret don't tell anyone video it's video that's the secret I know you're shocked here on YouTube that video is in some way gonna revolutionize digital marketing but here's the reality guys vine - it's coming back it's gonna be huge you know major YouTube stars that transitions from vine originally over to YouTube they're gonna go back to vine - they're gonna do both so vine - is gonna

take off BAM Facebook watch Facebook is getting into the video game they want to compete they want a head in they want to get up against Netflix and they want to go against Amazon and they want to play the game they want to get in and when they get in Zuckerberg is gonna throw money at it and it's gonna be worth your time to get in on Facebook watch so be prepared

for that LinkedIn is getting it on the game you can now go live on LinkedIn with video if you didn't know that now you do if you're a professional out there using LinkedIn frequently and you want to share your authority on that network build that authority and let people know what you know it's so crucial that you do it through video you can share so much more personality and your knowledge clearly and concisely

in a video instead of the the common blog post and nobody really has time to read through anyway right so you've got Facebook watch you got vine - coming back LinkedIn is using video Twitter's already on the video chain YouTube it's gonna be huge it's gonna be a big deal they do big things every year right Amazon already has twitch but they're already looking at getting even further they've expanded their prime video to

compete with Netflix you've got the options of them optioning some URLs that looks like they may be creating a platform similar to what YouTube does already so you've got all these different video options available to you and it's such a high quality SEO backlink for you to have this video content out there on the web so what does it take how to get it on Instagram YouTube Facebook Amazon when it comes out twitch

you know where do you go what do you do this bad boy right here you can do pretty much everything you need to do from this bad boy right here maybe not twitch necessarily it's a little more gaming intensive you'll probably need a computer well you'll definitely you could probably do it for mobile too but if it's more inclined to the computer but as for those other networks guys this is all you need

if you have a business and a smartphone you have no excuse this year not to be doing video have to be on have to be there alright guys digital marketing trend in the future it's gonna be video that's just a reality of it live pre-prepared ten minutes fifteen minutes five minutes two minutes Instagram stories 60 seconds or less it doesn't matter what kind of video you create but you're gonna have to create it

it's just a reality great so you got your video stuff out there what else is changing out there in the digital marketing world well that's content marketing that's you creating content putting it out there and letting people know this is what we're about this is what we do here's some tips and tricks some thoughts and vlogs here you go next what you really got to keep your mind on here is it's not always

about content marketing right you're gonna have you tried and true old old school blog you're gonna have your your podcast you're gonna have your the reality is though guys podcast is gonna take off audio is gonna be huge more and more people are consuming that audio content on the go on the fly most professionals that I know whether they're small business big business CEOs or janitors they're listening to podcast so if your company doesn't

currently have a podcast you may want to consider it if you're not down for podcasts you don't feel that you've got time to devote to that not a problem get out there and find podcasts that are in your niche and volunteer to show up on them interview with those people talk with those people share what your business is doing it's gonna be super powerful powerful for your brand to be on podcast and

sharing that information in that that beautiful beautiful audio people on the go consuming your brand it's it's valued and it's free right now compared to where you know traditionally on radio you'd have to do a sponsored promo ad and pay them podcast right now there's so many of them it's free it's fun get in on it optimize it make sure that you're there ideally you want your own but if you can't do it find

other ones that are relevant get it on it plug in on last but not least guy is the major trend change and we're gonna talk paid ads I always leave it for last I'm not a huge advocate for paid ads I know they work I know there's gurus out there that blow it away I'm always about content and community first but now that you've got those out of the way and you're

looking to give it that extra little boost no problem what you want to do is check out influencer marketing now I'm not going to touch on all the other ones that already exist Facebook Instagram YouTube Google Ads you guys got those you know those those have been around forever people are out there teaching them go check them out influencer marketing this year has to happen if you are a company if you are

a brand you need to be out there finding the influencers in your niche reaching out directly and saying I want to advertise on your XYZ podcast YouTube channel blog whatever influencer marketing is so grossly underpriced for the exposure it gives you the engagement you get and the conversions that come from it subsequently you have to be using influencers to your benefit now they're all two channels out there that are starting to create agencies around influencers

so if you search in google influencer agency you're gonna have a bunch pop-up tons to choose from lots in different niches the only suggestion that I give you when you go into influencer marketing is don't just look at sheer numbers look at engagement look at what people are talking about how people are engaging with it are people loving the content that goes out or is it just it goes up and it comes down

make sure that you do your background make sure you check out the channel make sure you see people are engaging and it's not just random filler and robots okay make sure that it's key quality engagement and community all right it's key it's crucial you've got to hit it it's absolutely mandatory okay guys last but not least and then give you a little bonus 2018 tip for digital marketing stuff coming okay guys last but

not least I'm gonna call this the one-to-one this is the real world this is you reaching out directly to people in having conversations now like never before DMS on Instagram Dean's on Twitter direct communications from YouTube channels YouTube looks like it's going to make some community changes so you can have more conversation style on the mobile you have to have to have to have to be ready to get on those conversations one-on-one reaching out and talking

to people if you see people engaging with your content don't leave a dead reach out to them direct if you throw something out on Twitter and certain people like and retweet it send them a DM thanks for shooting that out what are you about what do you do how can I help you how can I reach out simple ways to engage to turn it to make it profitable for you and your

business it's so simple don't forget the one to one even though it's a digital space you still have that ability to create real conversations with real people and that will always always always be an optimum way to create conversions now the reality is a lot of people get I don't really want to talk to people I kind of want to be you know anonymous and what I do tough if you want to be

a successful entrepreneur in 2018 this is what the competition's gonna be doing this is what you have to do you have to get in on this guy's be on your mobile phone talk people through Instagram dams twitter dams reach out to people on YouTube and before you go skin our spamming scamming spamming people out there I'm not advocating spamming what I am advocating is this you put out quality content you create that video

we talked about you put it out there on the networks and when people engage then you reach up okay so it's as simple as picture you've got a booth at a conference right you put up a booth BAM somebody walks up to the booth and says hey that looks pretty cool what do you guys do that's essentially what somebody does when they engage with your content online so as soon as you see

that engagement if you were at a conference you wouldn't ignore that person that's engage with you you take the opportunity seize it and have that conversation do the same thing with your digital this year guys you will see monumental results if you dedicate the time and the focus to having these conversations, so let's go.


Digital marketing future trends

Digital Marketing Made Simple (Future Trends) The new year's here guys and everybody's asking what are the digital marketing trends for this year stick around I'm gonna help you out welcome back everybody I'm dan from Millennial motivator dot CA here to help you learn how to create engage and inspire to grow your sales this channel is for entrepreneurs and small business guy...