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pigma review now I'm here inside of both the front and members area of enigma and the provision members area of enigma and in this video I'm going to give you a full demo of what each of these does I'm also going to show you the software as well how that works in a nutshell enigma takes advantage or exploits a loophole inside of the Facebook algorithm now I'd knew nothing

about this loophole until my friend Ryan McGinness came and told me about this a few weeks ago now this loophole and allows you to siphon a ton of free traffic from the Facebook algorithm okay I am NOT going to be able to explain to you in massive detail about how this works because obviously I'm going to give away the farm the method is very very simple you simply take advantage of this algorithm

hack and it will get you a ton of free viral traffic and I turn and I say a ton okay now we've also developed a software that makes this method so much more easier than it is if you were to do it manual because when Ryan came to me he told me about this method and how he did it manually and then I went away and I talked to my development team

and we came up with a software now the software takes away 80% of the research or the work okay and it's really really simple anyway if it sounds like something that you would be interested in then stick with me doing this through years we'll be going into more detail on the members area the pro version and the software I've also put together a ton of custom onassis for those of you like to

pick this up by my link which is down below in the description of this YouTube video if you watch it on youtube click on that link it will bring you through to my bonus page it looks like this if you come through from my email you'll already be on this bonus page and that's fine just simply scroll down if you want to buy enigma at any time during this video simply scroll down

on this bonus page and click on any of these red buttons that'll bring you through to the sales page which looks like this where you can go ahead you can purchase enigma you have to do that however before the countdown timer on my bonus page hit zero because when it does all my bonuses will expire and that's something to miss out on because I've spent a long time creating these bonuses so that

you can really get the best out of enigma as possible now enigma is my own product okay I've done most of the training inside of enigma so my bonuses are super congruent to the product itself okay now all of these bonuses have been created by myself they're not going to be available for anybody elses link apart from mine with that said feel free to shop around see what other affiliates offer in terms of bonuses

for enigma because remember you can always return to this bonus page via the link down below in the description of this YouTube video if you watching on YouTube or by my email once you realize that my bonus is a way better and more useful than anybody else gonna give to you for this so my first bonus because enigma takes an advantage of the other loophole inside of Facebook I'm going to show you

another little Facebook hack that I've been doing for a while and I'm gonna show you how you can grow your Facebook page super super fast okay your Facebook following okay this works hand-in-hand with enigma right so that's my first bonus this is a tutorial showing you how to do that second bonus I'm going to show you how to write killer headlines and posts that will enable you to make money from this traffic okay

because you you are gonna be monetizing this traffic I'm going to show you how to monetize this traffic inside the pro version but you are gonna have to know what to write and write in a good headline to grab that attention is gonna help you okay so I'm gonna show you how to do that inside of bonus number two bonus number three I'm gonna give you access to over 30 high quality products

that you can use you can either give them away or you can sell them and you can use the traffic from enigma to send to these products you can sell them or you can give them away to build a list to generate leads to do whatever you want okay so there's over 30 high quality products that you can use much of which I've actually made myself okay these are not crappy PLR

bonuses from 2014 no these are high quality products that most of which i've created myself okay bonus number four I'm going to give you access to HAC I'm gonna show you how you can make $100 a day directly from your mobile phone so you don't even need a computer to do this method I'm going to show you how that works inside a bonus number four and bonus number five I'm gonna give you access to

any other bonuses that are offered by the vendor now to claim these bonuses and it's a little bit different from from normal because this is my own product so you don't have to go to your your purchase receipt and click on a blue button you don't have to do that this time if you purchase via my link okay all you need to do once you're inside of enigma is you go down here

so you're gonna get access to a special member's area that that I'm going to be delivering to those people that buy via my link right now inside this special members area you're gonna get access to this link down here which is access your special bonuses here and that's going to give you access to all of these bonuses I just talked to you about now this link is going to be available inside of

the basic the basic version of it link bit and also inside of the pro version as well I'm gonna have my special link in there as well so if you buy via me you're going to go through to your own special members area where you can find that link and you can directly claim those bonuses down there okay so now we've got that out of the way we'll have a look at

the sales page so if you click on any of these red buttons on my bonus page as of 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time tomorrow which is the 11th of September these buttons will be live and you will go through to this sales page on this sales page excuse me this sales page won't be live before 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time on the 11th so these buttons won't go to this sales page then

but as of 9:00 a.m. they will go through to this sales page so no YouTube no AdWords no paid traffic no solo ads just easy free traffic and that's what this is all about okay when ryan told me about this method i went crazy because i knew how much it's gonna help newbies and even experienced affiliate marketers going to help them to be able to make to get a ton of free traffic

and traffic is the lifeblood of businesses right so when Ryan came to me with this method I went crazy and I thought about how can I make this method easier which is why I've created this software to do it anyway the headline here reads exposed brand new software manipulates Facebook algorithm to produce free traffic on-demand 24/7 targeted traffic without expenses without work now come and check out the sales video because as you probably

know if you're a subscriber of mine I was in the UK I was in the UK Portugal and Sweden about 10 days ago ok I only got back about four days ago back to Jakarta where I am right now so I shot this whole sales video whilst I was in Europe we had some amazing weather we actually had a heat wave in August and those of you that were from Europe and

the UK will probably remember this about ten days ago two weeks ago super hot weather when we left Europe when we left the UK it was raining it started getting cold again so my parents said to me that we bought the weather with us from Indonesia which I don't know could be true or not anyway come and check out the sales video because it's pretty epic we recorded all of this b-roll we

got some cool music going to it and obviously there's a bit of a sales pitch at the beginning which you should watch but this is actually a rarity in the UK to have Morris dances is something that hardly ever happens anymore only happens during the summer you have these traction engines you have these old vintage cars but this this sales video ended up being very very British okay there's Union Jack Flags British Flags Morris

Dancers seaside but yeah go and check it out in your own time it's even if you don't want to buy a nigma just go and watch the sales video because it's pretty cool like I said this took me about 12 solid hours to edit and put together so go and check it out anyway this is the sales page here you can also come and check this out in your own time this

is also taken us a long time to put together there's a demo video on here as well that Ryan himself has made you know the guy who who told me about this method in the first place my good friend Ryan he's actually giving you a bit of a demo video on here and showing you showing you what it's all about so go and check that out anyway there's some traffic stats on

here and Ryan is monetizing it with I guess you could call it CPA offers and he's making a lot of money you can see this week 910 pounds us about thirteen or fourteen hundred dollars which is pretty cool and it's all from this free traffic you just pulled that money out of the sky basically hasn't had to pay for any of that anyway go and check the sales page out in here on

time gonna go into the members area now and show you what this is all about so this is the front end members area this is the 12.95 members area right here so you've got the welcome video I've made an overview showing you how it works okay and next video I'm telling you what tools and equipment that you need where you don't really need any equipment but there's a couple of websites you need

obviously Facebook is one of them the other website is another free website that you can use I'm not going to tell you which one it is because it would be given away the whole methods but that's all explained this side of here and then we get onto the software so I give you a tutorial excuse me today so I'm giving you a tutorial about the software here and then you can access the

software down here now the software is is really easy to use if I've got it loaded up here somewhere okay let me load it up it's very easy to use all you need to do once you've once you've created your your own login credentials you come through to this page you simply click on here it's going to connect it with your Facebook but don't worry none of this stuff is gonna appear on

your Facebook okay so don't worry your friends are not gonna see it your family's not going to see it colleagues are not going to see it it's only using Facebook to find these okay it uses viral videos so what you do here is you come into the you come into the software and you're gonna put in your keyword okay so for example I just put in funny video and I'll search for this

or you can put your niche in here like make money online health and fitness doc training or even if you want to get really really specific like pugs are feeding boxes or something like that you know you can get really really specific type in your keyword into here wait for it to load up now what it's gonna do is gonna pull all of the most viral videos from the past 30 or 40

days okay and then it's gonna allow you to once it's finished loading you can see it's still spinning around once it's finished loading then you can you can sort this by the amount of views that this videos had the mouse shares the amount of likes you can sort it by you can filter it by that now you can see some of the videos in here getting millions of views you see two million views

two million nine hundred three million three hundred five million there's someone here with like 20 million views and those are the viral videos that you want to use for this method now after you've after you found CC you can sort here by views see 17 million 106 156 thousand once you've found a video with a good amount of views good amount of engagement you can then download the video and then you can run

it through the loophole which I'm not going to tell you about inside this review because it's going to be giving it away but it's very very simple it's like literally a two minute job run it through the loophole and then the traffic is going to start coming to you okay so that's the software in the pro members area which is this one here you get all the same training except you get this

whole section this whole module here on monetization so I show you how to make money using CPA offers I show you how to make money using e-commerce I show you how to make money using simple affiliate offers and they also show you how to make money using advanced affiliate strategies inside of here as well so each one of these monetization videos are pretty long actually this one's only seven minutes this one's 13 minutes this

one's seven minutes and this one is almost ten minutes so there's a ton of content in here it's very easy to monetize this traffic with these different monetization methods and also inside of the pro version you get a different version of the software you get an unlimited version of the software in the front end version okay you're limited to a maximum of 20 searches per month and you're also limited to 20 loophole attempts

okay odd 20 loophole conversions whatever you want to call it it's limited by 20 inside of the front end in the pro version the software is completely unlimited so you can do as many searches or one you can use the loophole as many times as you like as well which is pretty cool so okay as far as the prices and the upsells are concerned we're selling this really cheap actually on the front

end our I should have put this up to at least 17 dollars 95 but we've decided to sell it at a very reasonable price of 12.95 for the front end for that you get access to all everything that I just showed you just then include in the software which is limited to 20 searches and 20 usages of the loophole that's only gonna be $12 95 and for that you get all of

my bonuses I talked to you about the beginning as well inside of your own special members area oops uh number one is gonna be the pro version which I just showed you as well so you get a different members area here you get all of this monetization training and you get unlimited access to do and limited searches and unlimited Algar what's it got algorithm loophole thingies okay you get if you get to do

that as well this is gonna be $67 for the pro version but it is well worth it this is free traffic pretty much on demand right song number two is steal our back-end this is gonna be $197 now what this is is you might you may or may not know myself and Brennan we have what's called a high ticket offer we sell this for $2000 so with this upsell we're allowing you

to also use this in your business we're also giving you 50% Commission's instead of twenty twenty percent Commission's so if you sell this well you won't actually have to sell this at all because we're we're the ones that are going to be selling this all you need to do is get the traffic to the webinar that we do we sell this for $2,000 with 50% of that that's a thousand dollars or just

like 997 dollars per Commission per payment which is probably awesome and all you need to do is just get that traffic to our webinar so with this upsell that will allow you to stag in these one thousand dollar Commission's through absalom burr 3 is the ultimate collection now it's gonna be two hundred ninety seven dollars and this is a collection of every single product that we have ever launched in the past now myself and

Brennan we launched products pretty much every month you sometimes every three weeks we have a collection of over 35 products in there all of which have won awards from warrior plus if you have to buy them individually if each one is let's say 13 dollars because some of them are twelve dollars some of them are like twenty-two dollars so let's just say the 13 dollars if you were to buy each of these

ones individually so 35 times 13 I don't know the exact number but it's a lot of money okay so well over 400 dollars so there you go that is up so number three of samba4 is limitless traffic this is a hundred and ninety-seven dollars now we this is our most popular so we always offer this and with good reason having access to this allows you to put your tracking pixels on our sales

pages so whenever me and Brennan do a launch our sales pages get hit with tens of thousands of visitors each day of the launch right you having your tracking pixel on there will collect the data of all of those tens of thousands of visitors which means that you are building up effectively a virtual email list okay you can you can send our promotion to that virtual email list whenever you want and people who

have bought into this we have so many testimonials of people making two hundred dollars a day three hundred dollars a day just from this traffic alone okay so that's what that's all about oops on number five is the license rights okay which means that you if you buy the license rights you're going to keep a hundred percent Commission's on all of these upsells right and we've already made the product for you we've already made the

sales pages already made this sells videos we already made the members area we've already developed the software and we're doing support for uses like you are effectively stealing enigma and use you can sell it as as if it's your own products except you don't have to do all of the groundwork you don't have to deal with support either which is pretty cool so that's the funnel right there now don't forget to go and

check out the demo video of enigma on my bonus page which if you watch on YouTube is down below in the description if you are come through from my email and just keep on scrolling down and go and watch that demo video right now cuz this is one that this is Ryan he's but he's my friend in Jakari Scottish he actually came across this viral method of pulling in this traffic from this

this this hack inside of Facebook so he can tell you more about it there don't forget to check out my bonuses as well I know these are really gonna help you out and they are they're all gonna be delivered to you automatically and instantly inside your own special members area of either the front end or the pro version okay that the buttons down there there you go okay so that's it for me

I hope you enjoyed this enigma review and I'll speak to you on the next one all the best take care bye

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