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How I Made $2,511.66 In 1 DAY With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing By Copying Emails

How I Made two thousand eleven dollars In 1 DAY With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing By Copying Emails

hey guys what's happening Joshua elder here welcome back to the channel and in this video I'm going to show you how I made two thousand five hundred eleven dollars and sixty six cents with Clickbank affiliate marketing I'm gonna walk you through the assets that I use the traffic method the product and everything in between so if you here for the first time make sure that you subscribe to the channel

make sure that you like this video because I'm always delivering value to you on a consistent basis teaching you how to build a life and business full of freedom passion and fulfillment thank you once again for your continued support for you returning loyal subscribers and let's go ahead and let's dive into the content of this video as you can see I'm logged in to my Clickbank account my username is guts and glory I

made this like I don't know seven years ago when I first got started in Clickbank and you guys can see if you scroll down a little bit here you can see Tuesday May 29th 2005 hundred and eleven dollars and 66 cents that's been my biggest day I believe to date for this whole entire year on Clickbank and what I want to do is walk you through sort of how my income spiked

you can see you know before the 29th I was doing right around you know one hundred and five dollars here actually on the 16th one hundred and seventy-six here went a bit lower than it went back up to 287 337 366 320 you know I would say my average is probably right around you know to 250 dollars a day to be conservative and then all the sudden boom 2500 eleven dollars 66 cents

and then today so far 480 3.20 cents so how did this happen how did I do this well let me first walk you through the sales process that I put people through sort of indirectly and we'll talk a little bit about the offer we'll talk a little bit about the follow up and just everything of course in between so the first thing that I did is I created a video within a specific

niche that served a specific market now for those of you that have been watching my channel for a while you obviously know that I serve the make money online market which is a sub niche of the affiliate marketing market right I've been doing affiliate marketing for the past decade now been really successful for the past about four and a half five years and I've been in other markets I've done weight loss products I've

sold war products believe it or not I've sold just odd weird products in multiple niches and so I got to a point where it's like man I know some things about affiliate marketing I can pass that information down now you want to ensure of course when you're starting in this business that you're going into something that you're incredibly passionate about because it's gonna require you putting out consistent content I talked about that in my

last video and if you quit after a few days or a couple weeks because you're not passionate you feel like your heart isn't aligned with what you do you feel like you're forcing content out there then you probably shouldn't be in that niche and you're probably gonna end up quitting anyway so you really got to be passionate about what it is that you're doing if you want to make money on the internet now

I'm passionate I'm so passionate passionate about helping people break through and make money on the internet enjoy the freedom that I've been able to enjoy you know for the past you know four years five years right and my goal is to pass that information down to people so they can take it and deploy it and you know quit their jobs create an extra side income side hustle for you know their family so

they can go on an extra vacation whatever it is that you want to do I want to help you create more you know freedom passion fulfillment so here's a video that serves that specific market aka make money online market and you can see that this video is about how to make $100 to $1,000 a day in ten minutes right so I I give people incredible value at 17 minutes long people ask me Josh

how long do my videos need to be they should be as long as they need to be to get your point across don't just don't ramble too much don't go off track try and stick you to the script stick to the point give people the meat and potatoes and you know move on and so I do my best to do that each and every one of my videos okay see I'll do

that and then at the end I say hey if you want more detailed information right because we know that we can't cover you know everything in one video that's you know 17 minutes long if we wanted to cover everything in one specific niche it would be a frickin 5-day seminar at least right we don't have that kind of time so what we want to do is we want to lead people to

a product that will help them get the rest of that solution that's simply all I do in my videos I will sort of give them an overview you know and then I will lead them hey if you want access to the details and you know because success is in the details click the link below and you'll learn a little bit more and so when people click the link below my videos they come

to of course a capture page and a lot of you guys have seen this part of the process but but bear with me here so they go to what's called a capture page I give away something for free here which is you know how to start earning five hundred dollars two or three thousand dollars per day starting today when people click this they'll enter their email address and then they'll they're sent straight

to an offer okay this is the offer that I've been promoting for the past few months it's called the four percent challenge and it teaches people how to become independent entrepreneurs right so they end up getting the trial to this challenge right for I believe it's a dollar right and they get a free 7-day trial and then it's $49 a month after that what will happen is when they go through the challenge there's

a whole ecosystem on the back end where people will learn the fundamentals of you know building an online business from mindset to you know traffic generation to conversions to cell psychology everything in between so there are exposed to different products on the back end that they can choose if they want to to purchase and all make money within the ecosystem well in conjunction with that there are some other moving parts on the back end

that get people to by other certain products and services okay let me show you exactly what I mean by this so what will happen is you know people will come to this capture page they'll fill out their name and email address they'll come to this page they'll get the trial right and what's what's happening between here and here is they are put on an autoresponder okay and an autoresponder is simply a service that logs

names and email addresses on your behalf so it will like hold thousands and even hundreds of thousands of email addresses that you can mass email in an instant if you want to so if I've got twenty five thousand people on my email list boom guess what I can email them all at once instantly so what happens is people will be added to the autoresponder for example I'm using an autoresponder in this service called

cartridge and you can see right here I've brought in 134 leads today yesterday 114 and the past seven days right around two thousand nine hundred and twenty-four leads what I can now do is I can send them follow-up emails if they didn't buy this on the first time I can send them follow-up emails to entice them to purchase this specific program right also what I can do is I can send them to different

other different landing pages so to speak to sell other products within the four percent ecosystem for example here's one email that I sent out within the last week and it just lets people know hey there's a mini training going on that my mentor Vic is put together click here and check it out and what will happen is they'll click this and they'll go straight to this page right here or he'll give incredible loads

of value and then what'll happen is he'll tell people from time to time hey get on this VIP waiting list because I'm releasing a product called mass traffic blueprint okay and to get access to that get on the waiting list for that all you have to do is click this button enter your first name and email address so he'll hold a series of these calls where he'll give value and then people have

the chance to opt in to the VIP waiting list to get this mass traffic blueprint right and then what will happen is he will actually email those leads that I'm bringing in to this page and he'll let them know about a webinar and on that webinar he gives value and at the end of it he actually gives away this mass traffic blueprint in conjunction with that he makes an offer okay which will help

people take their traffic game to the next level so what he's doing is he's he's selling on my behalf really there's only one thing that I'm focused on in this whole entire process and that is getting traffic to this capture page okay after these two things happen it's pretty much hands-off I don't have to do any selling other than send out a couple emails to let them know about this training or these

series of trainings to give them the chance to get on the VIP waiting list then Vick will email them let them know there's a webinar going on where they can get access to this mass traffic blueprint that he promised they'll go through the free training webinar he'll give people access to mass traffic blueprint and also make an offer when he makes that offer and people buy boom that's how I have this big

twenty five hundred dollar day okay what you want to do in your online business is you want traffic right number one to your business but you want to build off of that traffic what people tend to do is they're doing Instagram one day and they're starting to build these layers of traffic and leverage inside of their business right so they'll start doing Instagram they'll put one layer down right they'll make another Instagram post another

layer and then another Instagram post another layer then they've see that it's not working for them so what do they do they quit and they kill their skyscraper and they go try YouTube and they built upon you know video upon video they start getting a little results but they're not getting the results they want they're just about to break through to getting their first consistent you know 10 20 leads a day and they

quit they erase everything and then they go when they try Facebook marketing and they go when they try solo ads so they never really break through so the key the takeaway in this video is to drive highly qualified traffic to a high converting offer right and get involved with an affiliate marketing system where the company owners know what the heck that they're doing to sell they know how to sell they know how to

influence they know how to give value and because Vic is so great at what he does I was able to have a 2500 dollar day all I did was I followed exactly what he told me to do he would have send out an email to his list right I would take that email and send that same email out to my list and that's a lot of what I did with these emails

here if I scroll down here let's see I'm going to see if I can see like live call tonight here's another example okay and people go to here once again they click this link they go straight to this landing page once again and this may be a different training right so it's a series of trainings but he understands that his goal is to get people on this VIP waiting list once he does

that now what he's done is he's pre framed people they know like and trust him so they're hot they're really hot leads because the preframe so strong because you gives so much value here and by the time they you know see the webinar it's like the cherry on top they already know about Vic they know about me they trust in each one of us by the time they're done with that webinar

man they're ready to buy we've talked about how important it is to qualify our leads right on the front end to pre frame them and if you do that correct the correct way and let the system work boom you're gonna see days like this and this is something that anybody can do so if you want to learn a little bit more about you know Vic system and the challenge you can check the links

below in the resources section it's my top recommended system right now and also to add to that I've actually been kind of working in the background on something super special for you guys for those of you that really want high level coaching sort of one-on-one mentorship or the closest that you can get to that without the hefty price because I know a lot of you guys you run into technical barriers you run into

you know you know problems here and there and a lot of these systems out there don't teach you in complete detail and even if they do sometimes you misinterpret it wrong and you want somebody there in your corner that can truly help you along the way so I'm going to be talking about this a little bit more in my videos but I'm going to just give you a quick sneak peek of this

this is gonna be my inner circle program it's going to be limited for a certain amount of people but if I scroll down here you could kind of see what's going to be involved with this so you'll get access to two live video conferences with me right we're gonna be live we're gonna be you know on video raw and real to where we're gonna go through your business I'm gonna give you strategies

tactics everything that's working in my business right now you're actually gonna get a physical monthly newsletter delivered to your door as well and you guys can you know obviously go to this page and read a little bit more about it blown swipe and deploy ready to use affiliate marketing campaign that's gonna be handed to you on a silver platter every single month so you're gonna be able to take my marketing assets everything that

I'm using right and you're gonna be able to deploy it inside of your own business it's also going to be implementation videos by techie stuff show you guys how to connect everything together but again you guys can go through this you can read it you can check it out I will post it below and with that said I hope you guys got value from this video if you did give me a thumbs

up like this video subscribe if you haven't already and I can't wait to continue to give you guys value thank you so much and we'll see in the next video take care

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How I Made two thousand eleven dollars In 1 DAY With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing By Copying Emailshey guys what's happening Joshua elder here welcome back to the channel and in this video I'm going to show you how I made two thousand five hundred eleven dollars and sixty six cents with Clickbank affiliate marketing I'm gonna walk you through the assets that I use t...