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Launching Your Product: Here's What To Do Before Anything Else

Launching Your Product: Here's What To Do Before Anything Else

so the first stage of a product launch is what is called the pre pre launch okay the pre pre launch so this is well in advance of the actual launch of your product now the purpose of the pre pre launch is really to prepare for the actual launch of the product as much as possible so what I usually do you know during this phase is immediately once I know

the name of my product and maybe I've gotten a logo done for this product then what I do is I set up what is called a coming soon page okay coming soon page this is basically a one-page website a landing page or a lead page fairly simple to do using leadpages but I set up a coming soon page it basically just says this product you know whatever the title is is coming soon

to get notified of when it's going to be available putting your name and email address so that I can email you okay so this coming soon page what it allows you to do is a few things number one is it plants a seed in people's minds that there's something coming okay plants the seed so people all of a sudden they're like wow this is exciting there's a new product that's coming it's gonna

be available and you're basically building you're building your launch list through this because people that put in their name and email are people that are very interested in the release of this product and so what this is going to do is is it's gonna help you plant the seed but also when you launch your product you're then going to have a list of people that are highly interested in buying that product when it's

available or learning more about it okay so this is very valuable I this is the first thing that I always do like I said as soon as I know the name of the product if I have a product image I put that up there as well but I want to start building my launch list as early as possible because when you have an audience when you have a list then that's what's

gonna allow you to drive a ton of sales you know to that product and the great thing is you can do this before you even created the product okay you don't need to have the product created in order if you do be able to do this what I often do is once I set this up that I'm creating my product there on after and sometimes what I do is once I have

this launch list is I'll email people that are interested and I'll ask them you know I'm creating this product right now what ideas do you have or is there something you want this product to include or what are your biggest challenges or problem is that I can help you solve in this product and I try to get their their feedback along the way you know one thing that I did that was really powerful

when I first created my affiliate marketing mastery course is I announced it to my followers subscribers everyone that I knew that I was creating this new course what that did during the pre pre-launch phase is it again planted the seed people got excited builds up anticipation and I put together this coming soon page and then from that I was able to get a lot of people's feedback and ideas and learn more about them

so I could tailor the product to them so that way it was a much easier sell because I'm basically giving them what they want okay versus me trying to guess or try to figure that out so this is a fantastic way to be able to do that and another thing that I did when I created affiliate marketing mastery was I was very transparent sharing the process that I was going through so I shared

in videos and you know emailing the list giving them updates along the way and I also when I actually I when I was creating the logo for the product I decided to do a 99designs contest and have them vote and pick on which logo that they liked the best that would then become the logo for the program so now people are being invested in the the creation of my product and when they're

invested in it they're gonna be more likely to want to support it and want to buy because I feel they've had a part of it so this is very powerful again these are things you do early and you might not have you know anyone to announce your product to you but that's okay still set this up because even if you get a few emails even if you get 10 emails 50 a

hundred emails which isn't that hard to do but you get that list these are highly targeted people that are gonna be highly interested in your product and it's gonna help you significantly for the marketing of it you're not gonna have to wait to the last minute a lot of people only do their marketing once their products out there I like to do my marketing several weeks or even months in advance before my product

is even available okay this is also very powerful if you have an Amazon product you're publishing a book for example because are really an T product because that creation of the product is gonna take time you know an Amazon product that you want to sell a physical one can take several months to launch on Amazon because maybe you've got to go back and forth with suppliers or maybe you know it takes there's delay

is often times you know that with the manufacturer and shipping the product let's say from China to the United States so there's a lot of time in between that you can then spend on working on the pre pre launch and really marketing your product and getting it ready for successful sales also very valuable to have a list like this if you're selling on Amazon because it gives you a way to boost your products

rankings on Amazon right off the gate so when you launch our product you can boost it to the top for your keywords because you can get a lot of sales in the short period of time also it's a great way to get a lot of reviews for your product because then you'll have a lot of people that you can be in communication with and you can follow up with them to leave

reviews on the product and that will give you a huge boost and it can really you know give your Amazon product or your Kindle book lasting momentum from the moment after that launch okay so that's the first thing what I like to do next thing that I do that I highly recommend is to build the branding okay the branding of it so the branding consists of everything from your website your blog your social

media presence okay so if you're for example launching a brand new company you know it's gonna sell this product you set up you're coming soon page but while you're waiting for your product to be developed and you know the launch of it you set the branding in the sense you're gonna set up your Facebook or Instagram your Twitter you're gonna set up your YouTube channel you're gonna set up your blog you're gonna have

all that stuff set up so you have some form of presence as well as having the branding that you can then use to help promote and sell that product once it's available it makes you also look a lot more professional as a more legitimate bigger company so people gonna trust you a lot more as well when they do decide to you know research you or you know learn more about the product so

building up your branding is something I like to do and just kind of set all that up right you know during this phase and then the next thing I often do is create content to start attracting people as early as possible okay so content and you know content in the forum let's say of videos or it can be content and form a blog posts social media content I want to build up

a following of people I want to attract people to me so that I could funnel this into my my launch list to my coming soon page and and build a relationship with people because the more people that you have on your list and the more of a relationship you have with them the much easier it's gonna be when you tell them about the product and it's when it's available the more gonna bought

more people are gonna buy it so a lot of people they create the product they put it out there then they start doing all this stuff by that point it's too late you know like of course you want to keep doing that stuff thereafter but do this stuff as early as possible set up all this stuff and you know you have time on your side and then like I said a lot

of times when you're building your business or creating a product you're you're there's a lot of delays sometimes where you might not know what to do you know even if you're creating a book let's say you're have a writer that's writing a book for you it could take weeks or months oftentimes people sit around not knowing what to do during that time while they're waiting for their book to get ready you know or

in the same way again with an Amazon product you might be waiting months you know for the supplier you know the manufacturer to manufacture the product well during that time it's a great opportunity to start building your launch list and working on the pre pre launch okay so that's what I highly recommend that you do is often what I always do okay next is press releases okay press releases press releases are statements of

news that are very valuable for marketing and it's a great opportunity to start doing that during the pre pre launch basically every big company they submit press releases anytime they launch a new product well in advance so Apple they submit press releases oftentimes actually these big companies they're really smart what they do is they actually leak information intentionally you know on purpose they will leak that maybe there's a new iPhone coming or there's this new

movie or whatever it is and it got leaked but they did that on purpose because they want to create rumors they want to get the market and people talking about it get a lot of excitement and anticipation so they often sometimes leak things too but press releases are great so you would create a press release and in that press release and now said there's a new product that's coming to the market this is

what the product is here's the benefits here's the features of it and you know here's the date that that's gonna be available when it's gonna be available to purchase here's how they can buy it and even create press releases very inexpensively by going to websites like Fiverr calm okay and get people there to create the press releases for you there's other you know you go to you can find people that can do

that for you and then once we have the press release you want to submit it to press release directories you can find people on Fiverr comm they can do that for you or there's some higher level directories and websites you can submit your press Elisa's to PRWeb calm is one of the biggest ones does cost a bit of money but that will ensure that your press release will get the most amount of tension

and the benefit of the press release is you'll get traffic from that okay so you'll get traffic to that - like you're coming soon page and build or your launch list but also primarily you can get media attention it can get picked up by media lets and they can start like other bloggers and and whatnot they can start announcing this you know on their blog or you can also get interviews or get

on TV radio podcast things of that nature which is also very valuable as well so creating press release I always always do that very valuable again creates a lot of lot more buzz a lot more excitement another thing often do during this phase as well as I think about how can I differentiate my product or how can I just how can I make it even more attractive or you know pile on the value with

it so that I can sell a lot more and what I like to do during this phase is think about creating bonuses bonuses for my product so I'll think what are some other things I can include that when someone buys this product I'm also gonna give them as a bonus to further add more value to them and incentivize them to buy so if it's less let's say an Amazon product using that as

an example let's say it's a supplement you know I've got a weight-loss supplement well to go along with that supplement I created an e-book right so when you buy the supplement you're also getting a free ebook as well so you're getting this bonus that then increases the overall value that is basically giving someone more bang for their buck they're getting more value in return for the amount of money that they're spending so it

could be a bonus such as an e-book it could be a video a video series it could be an audio it could be a checklist the resource list it could be you know it could be a lot of different things but think about what you could provide even more more value to that person that's buying your product and I especially like to use bonus is maybe during the first week of the product product

launch because then I can really drive a lot more sales during that period of time by telling people that I'm only making this a bonus available for this limited time or it could also be you know maybe it's giving your time you could offer uh you know webinars and Q&A is and live streams for people that sign up you know during the launch week of your product so I always like to think

about that what are bonuses that I could create that will complement the product and thinking about the bonuses I base it off of you know people that are buying this product what are the biggest problems challenges or goals and what else could I create or provide for them that can further help them achieve that you know helping them achieve their goals so think about that I like to do that during the pre pre-launch

and I spend time creating those bonuses during this period so that I'm prepared well in advance for that I would say you know also start planning your just your overall your marketing strategy so you should be planning if this phase you know what's the strategy that you're gonna utilize once you launch the product and afterwards you know how are you gonna market it how are you gonna sell you might for example be planning

during the launch week you might be running Facebook ads or Google Ads or YouTube ads or Instagram ads or Pinterest ads start planning that early plant plan nap prepare that if you're gonna do social media marketing in this phase start creating the social media images that you're gonna then use to promote and sell the product so again the more prep in terms of the marketing the strategy you have is the more it's gonna

be better for you you know even I might even create videos that I can then release thereafter at least start planning it you know start planning and thinking about this stuff as early as possible okay the next one this is a great one is try to start getting testimonials in advance okay that when you can get testimonials for your product as early as possible it will help you during the launch of your product so

to get testimonials one of my favorite ways of doing that is that as I'm creating the product I might find certain people that could benefit from the product they maybe like the initial version of the product or even just the draft or whatever it is and I try to find people that I can you know either give the product to you for free or at a discounted price and an in exchange

for a testimonial so I'll kind of have like a beta group of people that can go through the product and what's great about that too is that you can actually get a lot of feedback on the product you have people test it you know let's say it's a supplement or let's say it's a physical product again you could you know find some people and say hey I'll give you my product for free

to test out looking for ten people that you know can test out my product and in exchange for that would you be kind enough to give me a testimonial that I could then maybe use on my website in my marketing maybe it's a video testimonial whatever that might be but I try to get those testimonials in advance because then you can use it makes so much easier when you launch your product and

thereafter so I try to get those in advance as well as any feedback that you can get from people same thing if it's a book you can get people that can go through the draft of the book before it's publicly available they do this in movies all the time too you know often with movies they allow certain groups of people to be able to watch the movie first so that they can leave

their reviews of the movie before the public is able to watch the movie so this is a very smart strategy that I would really try to make sure that you do and you know a lot of authors do this you know if a certain author releases a new book they'll try to get endorsements beforehand they can they can use on the cover the back of the book from other people and they

can then provide to help sell that book even further can the other thing I would do during this plays the space is plan what is called your oto which is a one-time offer okay a one-time offer so during the launch of your product it's a great opportunity to make an incredible offer to really incentivize a lot of people to buy initially and one of my favorite ways of doing that is I often try

to make an offer around some sort of sale or discount that I can provide especially they're people that are on my launch list I really want to reward them for their patience or even their contribution to help make the product possible so oftentimes I'll start planning in advance so when I launch the product I might say well for the first week there's an early bird discount or there's a limited time sale that you

can you know save 25% during the first week but then after that the price goes up so what that is doing is it's creating more urgent urgency for people to buy the product during that launch week or you can create an offer around the bonuses you can say the bonuses will only be available for the first week you know or you know maybe you can provide a coupon code to people if they

can then use to get a discount on the product maybe it's buy one get one free you know really think about what is an irresistible enticing offer that you can make available when you first launched the product and when you first launched the product you know obviously you're not gonna profit as much by doing that but what I like to use that as an opportunity for again is to get that boost and that

traction with the product because I know if I do that the right way if it's an Amazon product you might not make as much but the boost you get from that and the reviews that you can get will really help you make money long-term so I'm always thinking about the long term of this product what I can do with it and and so that's why I like to create some sort of offer to further incentivize people.

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Launching Your Product: Here's What To Do Before Anything Elseso the first stage of a product launch is what is called the pre pre launch okay the pre pre launch so this is well in advance of the actual launch of your product now the purpose of the pre pre launch is really to prepare for the actual launch of the product as much as possible so...