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Memester Review || Memester Video Edition Review Demo

Memester Review || Memester Video Edition Review Demo

hey guys this is saluteth your friend in internet marketing and in this short video I want to demonstrate meme store video edition minsters an only product from us and only software that will help you create video memes and also syndicate them to social media profiles now that will include your Facebook accounts your Facebook pages your Facebook groups if you've got the pro version and also Twitter and YouTube let me quickly

show you what memes so does now you can create a video meme using meme store using a YouTube URL you can just enter YouTube URL or you can even browse from your own computer and find a video file to create a meme with or you can go to search videos if you're gonna create a video meme just enter a keyword select the number of videos you want to return let's go with

100 for example and click search now meme stir is going to hit up YouTube and find good quality videos in your niche and show it to you so you can pick up any of these videos and just make a meme out of that it's as simple as that let's do it let's do it with this one so click on create meme over here and you will need to download the video so

click yes it's gonna download the video to your hard disk not gonna take too long depending on your internet connection so it's downloading as we speak the videos almost download it now and once it's downloaded so now we've got already into the section where we can create the memes you've got the title already filled in you can change it to whatever you want you've got a description already filled in from YouTube you can

change it according to you want or if you want you can just put in a call to action put in some fresh tags whatever you want and then you can select the meme style so we've got this red background on the video and so that's why we not pick up red we can just pick a black and this is the font color the color of the meme font we can select the

we can add some text here for example so I've written a topic there on the top we can add one more text and in the bottom put in another another little block let's do that so I've got my meme titles now and you can change anything you want you can change the color if you want I'm gonna go back to yellow because that was looking pretty good and you can change the font

size you can make it bigger or smaller and I've got my little title at the bottom too I'm gonna make this a little bigger too so what you do is basically you create a video with a little title and another title at the bottom so what this does for you is create a strong call-to-action now if someone was to scroll through your feet and they saw just a video that we had made

maybe the dog video or whatever you've got there they will typically scroll past it because there's no way or there's no reason for them to pause and look at the video but when you have a strong call to action like this when you've got this minification of the video done they're gonna stop now see there's five the funniest talks you ever see and number three will make you gasp now this is like

minification this is the way you actually make videos so compelling that people need to speak need to stop hit that play button and watch the video so you can you can just be satisfied with these titles or you can add as many text layers as you want you can make them bold or you can make them italic whatever you want you can do so you can even put in facebook emojis so if

you want to conduct a poll maybe you want to say you know like for like if you you know just hit like if you like the video or you can say hit like if you like dog hash one hit like if you want talk hash two so that way you can even run balls and you can have people engage purposefully on your video you can add as many layers as you

want you can also add graphics so if you've got a graphic from your computer that you want to put on the page you can just pick the graphic from your computer jpg file a PNG file it supports all the popular graphic format and you can just add it to the layer once you're done click on create meme and this meme do the save to your hard disk in a video format you can use

it anywhere if you want manually and I've just named it something and it's creating the meme it might take about some seconds or a minute or so depending on the length of your video and once the video has been generated of course it'll take some time a couple of minutes depending on how long your source video is but once it's generated you will see it in the video memes section right over here

here's our video and you will be able to change the description and you'll be able to post it to your social media account so either click on post now and you'll be able to select which accounts you want to post to so if you want to post to let's say both the accounts you can do so I've got two pages added over here I'm gonna post on it and if you want to

post a video at a later date you can do so too click on schedule then click the page you want to post it on select the date where you want it to go live and select a time and click on schedule that's it as simple as that let's try posting this video right now so let's select the with the page and click on and it's posting and it's already finished posting so you

can see here the video is being uploaded to your Facebook page and once it's done it will be gone from here and then you go into reports you can see that it's posted already and if we go to the page that we have selected we should be able to see it so here we are on Facebook and if he's crawled down we can see the main video alright so people will see

the mean video along with the titles on their Facebook streams on the Facebook when they go to Facebook and of course it's gonna get you more views and more results and more engagement now let's go and make some Jif memes to do that we need to go to the / again click on search gifs and then on it's quite similar to the way we made the videos put in the keyword click search you

get a lot of meme videos that you can name gifs that you can transform let's pick this one this looks good click on create memes it'll ask you to give it a name give it a name let's call it my doggie and it's gonna save it to the hard disk and then show you the meme creation box so now we need to put in some text let me put in some

text save your time by positive so I've added the text here I've put in a headline put in the bottom line and now I've also added something that's gonna increase the engagement so I've added some emojis Facebook emojis and asked people to react to the post by telling us how they feel about the jiff so you can put in a funny message like I got a job for you or you can put

in another emoji or you can put as many movies as you want you can even put in your own custom graphics load it up from the hard-disk put it there and put in anything you want here but whatever you want you can connect it to the person get them to react get them to engage and get your jiff to spread even wider so this is a great technique which you can employ

to make your Jeff fun and you can add as many Muji's as you want spice it up a little abilify it so that people actually notice it can't escape it and once you're done click on create meme of course we need to put in a title put in a title put in the description it can be a description containing a lot of text you can even put in your links your call to

actions here put in a couple of tags because if you're gonna blow to youtube the tags are gonna help you get your video discovered once you're done click on create memes and give it a name I've done it my dog too and save now inside memes you will find your gifs right over here it's listed over here you can see the preview that it's your Jeff you've got the description over here

and you can change it put in whatever you want then again just like last time you want to post it right now you can post it to the page you want to post and it's already it's going to be posted right now and you can see on the bottom taskbar how much time it's taking it's already posted and if we go to the page we'll check and see if it's work so here

we are on our page and this is our jf it's working and here's the video that we posted both of them are already here let's go back to the software and we've got the video mean we've got the cert the the jiff means and you can see a collection of the jiff streams all of them that you create they'll be listed over here so that whenever you want to come back and post

the meme to someplace you can do that from here you can just select the page you want to post to the date if you are scheduling it and it's gonna post you can add or remove your social media profiles using the profiles area so if you want to add a new profile click on add and you can select what type of profile is that it is a YouTube page YouTube channel is it

a Facebook profile is it a Facebook group if you've got the pro version you can pose to groups but in the elite version you cannot Facebook groups is available in Pro agency then you can also post to Facebook pages so if you got a Facebook page which you want to minify you can use it you can also post to your Twitter profile so whatever you want to add it's simple for example let

me add a page click on the FB page then put in the application ID and the application secret ID of the app that you create we've got training inside our training area which is going to show you how to create a Facebook app for your own account for your own marketing purpose it's very easy and this occurs the application perfectly because you will not be affected by someone else am using the software

and spamming so this is the perfect way to make sure that your business is secure and not affected by anyone else in settings you can put in a proxy so if you are if you're doing something that requires a multiple number of accounts you can put in a proxy and then publish the page and in reports you can see details of all the texts all the content that you've published and you can

see what the results were so if something is broken for example if something wasn't really you know didn't go through with an error or something you will see that is you will see the details in the report section so this is it it's quite a simple software it's quite effective because it works with a very simple concept that's very very viral and once you use Minster you can create highly highly viral video memes

and Jeff memes the get started with video memes today put them on your Facebook page and other profiles Facebook groups Facebook profiles and Twitter profiles and YouTube channels and see how much faster you can engage and grow the reach of your social profiles and get more customers online through social media

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Memester Review || Memester Video Edition Review Demohey guys this is saluteth your friend in internet marketing and in this short video I want to demonstrate meme store video edition minsters an only product from us and only software that will help you create video memes and also syndicate them to social media profiles now that will include your Facebook accounts your Facebook pa...