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The 3 SEO Tools I Use Rank #1 on Google | Neil Patel

The 3 SEO Tools I Use Rank number1 on Google | Neil Patel


Everyone says you need to use a lot of marketing tools to do well on Google you're probably using 5 10 20 tools but you know what you don't need all those tools to do well hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna share with you the only three tools you need to rank number one on Google before I get started in showcase these three tools for you make sure you subscribe and follow me on whatever social platform you're watching this video subscribe because each week I'm gonna be bringing you new marketing knowledge the first tool that you need to use is uber suggests how many you guys have heard of uber suggests if you have just leave a comment saying yes it's a free marketing tool that I release for you yes that's right you don't have to pay for it the way it

over suggests works is you can take all the keywords that you're already ranking number one for or number two for or even on page one four and put those keywords into eibar suggests ubersuggest will show you all the longtail variations of that keyword because check this out already ranking on google for a specific term it's really easy for you to rank for also the longtail variations of that term for example if you typed

in the keyword digital marketing into Ebor suggests you'll see tons of other variations that could be about digital marketing companies digital marketing jobs digital marketing consultant whatever the list may be if you already rank for that head term using uber suggests will give you a laundry list of hundreds and hundreds of other longtail phrases that you can mix into your content and just instantly grow your traffic when you do this and you update your content

all it takes is roughly 30 days before you start ranking for a lot of those long tail key phrases as well but the key isn't not to just add those keywords into your content you have to adjust your text in which you can't just add digital marketing jobs onto a page that's talking about digital marketing you may have to add a few paragraphs around digital marketing jobs and you need to blend it

and if it's not natural don't just add the keywords because you're looking for that extra trap but using ubersuggest it'll tell you how to get extra traffic by just adding those extra long tail phrases onto webpages that already rank for those head terms the second tool I have for you is Google search console yes you've heard of this tool before but very few people are using it the reason I say Google search console

is you don't want to just use it or log in every once in a while and have it tell you airs or notify you hey something's wrong with your site or hey we notice way too many 404 error pages instead you want to use it to a/b test your title tags what you'll find is you already rank for certain terms but if you perform a search on Google and if a thousand

other people perform that same search and everyone naturally clicks on the second listing instead of the first listing what do you think that tells Google that tells Google that hey this second listing is way more relevant so let's move it from spot number two to spot number one you wanna a be test your title tags look at Google search console look at the terms that are ranking on page one and see if those

terms are in your title tag if they are great if they're not make sure you add them it'll help you get more clicks the next thing you need to do is make your title tags more appealing by using action verbs and verbs this will all help you get more clicks also look at magazine articles magazines or even the cover of a magazine they typically have catchy titles how to lose weight in 30

days how to shed 5 pounds in 30 days 101 ways to do yoga you know as advanced person I don't know I'm making them up here but you get the point look at magazines for inspiration by making your headline more appealing you'll get more clicks and over time you'll start moving up in the rankings the third tool I have for you is a tres out of all the paid marketing tools out there

href is the number one tool I love using why is that it tells you everyone who is linking to your competition Atrix has this cool feature called Ling intercept what it allows you to do is put in your three top competitors and see who's linking to them and who's not linking to you because with Atrix you can put it in the top three competitors plus your own domain name this allows you to see

someone who's linking to all three of your competitors but not you the reason this is cool is if someone is linking to multiple of your competitors it tells you that that person's is receptive to link building and linking out to other sites you have a much better chance of getting that site to link back to you then a site that only links to one out of all your competitors because you know if

they're linking to one they're probably not into linking out to other sites within your space so use Atrus once you see a laundry list of all the sites that are linking to your competitors but not you you can see in what context are linking to your competitors it could just be that they're linking to them because they have amazing blogs well if you don't have a blog that's what means that you should be

creating one and then you can reach out to those sites feel like hey I notice that you linked out to three of my competitors X Y & Z I actually also have a blog and this is what we cover that they don't doing simple things like sending those kind of emails is a great way to generate more links now I know I said this video just has three tools but I thought

it would be fun to include a fourth tool as a bonus so as a bonus for you check out subscribers this isn't an SEO tool but here's how to help you increase your rankings Google is all about brand mentions these days the bigger the brand the higher the site usually ranks in Google you want to build a brand and you can figure out where your brand is by using Google Trends typing in

your name compared to the competition it'll show you if you're climbing or decreasing it's really hard to build a brand but one thing that helps is having people see your site and your content multiple times have you heard of the rule of seven I've talked about this in past videos but when someone sees your brand seven times they're much more likely to convert and build that connection with your brand and your website whether

it's personal or corporate so by using subscribers when people visit your website in their browser they can instantly subscribe just through one click they don't have to put in their email or anything and then whenever you have a new product or service or block content you can send out a blast keep getting people back to your site building that brand so in the long run your rankings are gonna climb thank you for watching. And make sure you subscribe, leave a comment. If you have any questions share the video tell other people about it I really appreciate it thank you very much.

Neil patel

The 3 SEO Tools I Use Rank number1 on Google | Neil Patel Everyone says you need to use a lot of marketing tools to do well on Google you're probably using 5 10 20 tools but you know what you don't need all those tools to do well hey everyone I'm Neil Patel and today I'm gonna share with you the only three tools you need ...