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The Future of Digital Marketing, Brands, and Amazon

The Future of Digital Marketing, Brands, and Amazon

Ryan what are you gonna tell I have no idea let's see oh these are my notes so I I discovered I just covered about a year ago the most stressful thing about for me being on stage is preparing slides so I just don't prepare slides anymore and then I go on stage and say some things everyone's like well brilliant brilliant brilliant so these are these are my notes

that's what I'm gonna talk about on stage I'll talk about why marketers don't have exit plans and we're talking about how to have eight figure exits we're gonna talk about the state of Amazon and the marketplace for example two really big things happen in the last year or so one was the Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods and the other was or x-bars sale the Kellogg's for 600 million dollars if you if you were

not if you don't see those as signs of the times you're really really missing what is about to happen because we are we are hips up dude we're right around the corner from being able to launch something on Amazon and it just showing up in retail stores all over the country all over the world and then being acquired for millions or hundreds of millions of dollars it's like it's eminent it is only a

matter of time we'll cover that in 45 minutes and and yeah if I love doing this stuff this is like my jam I am always nervous when I'm when I'm about to go onstage like like I have to pee and I get all worked up inside and then as soon as I go on stage I'm like my people I live for this setup I'm more nervous than I would like to be

yeah yeah I feel like I need I don't know I need a rest yeah yeah that was on Canada oh I thought you meant up CBD and you got it this is just CBD right CVS control it's just CBD and essentially don't publish this it's just CBD thank you or is that enough it's just CBD it really is let's talk about food brands who likes food brands I have no sense of style

none and what did so I mean if I made a pants pivot and then and then I didn't like that and then I washed the shirt yeah the shirt was a little stinky and and then I threw this on no I am think it's not only when they hug me afterwards that I have to pee now mostly out of nerves we're just excitement right bull running onstage I'm like I just that's what

I'm told anyway what are you talking I don't know if I go pee will you hear every drop yes well about one wall move out to whatever that does for you I should have asked do you want us to look I'm here for your entertainment just like the Adam Lambert song I am covered in wires I'm basically hooked up to AI but he is he's the founder of capitalism calm is an online accelerator

for internet businesses now he has built and sold multiple ecommerce companies totaling more than 10 million in cash received he's best known for helping over 100 entrepreneurs build their businesses to seven figures how many of you don't have one yet would like a seven figure business okay and helping them to invest the profits after that for passive income and if you don't have passive income getting he's gonna share with you how to do that

we're very very excited to have him here please give a huge welcome to Ryan red [Applause] [Music] [Applause] hey thank you all for being here I think it was eight years ago I got this email from this internet scam artist the name of Ryan days--or dice or something you have never heard of this guy you dude don't don't open that email all of you who raised your hand should have a seven-figure income stream all of

you can have a seven-figure physical products brand that can be sold now there's there's a bit of a a bit of a problem specifically in this community that I have run into and it's this mindset of most of us got into this game because we wanted a better life most of us got into this game because we were moving away from some sort of life that we wanted to get away from we

had a vision for we want out of our lives to look like and we tend to play this game of comparing numbers to one another of saying who's crushing it and modeling everybody else which means that we end up like you sell something on Fiverr and then you do a thousand-dollar product launch and how to make money on Fiverr and and you they pitch the lifestyle and we miss the peace of building

a real business and to me a real business is measured on would there be a market for someone to buy this business can I step away from the business and somebody else acquire the business and give me a big check so ultimately if you don't have something that can be sold I would argue that you are now in a put maybe in a worse position because you you will not have the exit

and the lifestyle that you desire if you doesn't if you desire to stop doing that business you desire to step away from the business the good news is almost every market and almost every pool of eyeballs almost every audience has the ability to bolt on a physical products brand and that piece can be sold awesome presentation shanks so do you work with people here I will punt the immediate customer value so that I

get way more customers that come into my ecosystem yep [Music] to be a manufacturer to just update about the interaction between Amazon Shopify so if you're doing well on Amazon and you start doing direct response are you looking to break even on Shopify and drive up your Amazon which name bill I'm I'm Ryan stick around I'd like to I'd like to connect with you laughter we've been trying to get a partner out there's three

of us and so so how can I help so how would you scale that launch it to your audience rather than the circle give you our organic traffic okay would you do bender would you say oh no anyway stay away from Amazon vendor one run away in the other direction we did that with my other company yes if Amazon offers to do your marketing for you you are a better marketer than them

do not get you nothing no the smell is really good too what's that because it sucks don't go vendor steals in point so yeah you and everybody else is different than if you're sitting at Shopify or you're on the e-commerce site ever you like yeah I will give up the tracking data in order to get the organic boost that will get me three more buyers layer later so there's this there's like the

the conflict of do I take the hundred dollar customer value now because I have an upsell sequence versus sending them to Amazon why would I give up that yeah why would I give up and the answer is because that is going to be three more customers later and it's my job to take those buyers and to warm them up into my own funnel and get the vibe from me somewhere else does that

make sense I say that what's up dude sup guys it sound like a good idea is very heavy on he has no idea what that did so we had to neutral products that we're doing pretty well on Amazon yep these were our own brand it would happen competitors who would report them to amazon of animals and capriciously suspend sales yes were you thinking about taking people from your Amazon's excuse and bringing it to

your own space waiting on that dog product business higher end it's like portable luxurious and leather I must prescribe your podcast I was really happy to be here and so we launched a product I forgot to do the thing I got everybody to subscribe which drives up my ranking who has an iPhone we'll do it now who's an iPhone pull out your phone open up your eye your podcast app we're just right

pardon me is like standing but over pot gets up search freedom fast lane it's it on the screen to you actually I said and then hit and yeah hit that and then hit the purple button up click on it and hit the purple button that says subscribe Harry galaxy we've got a product that we just launched in the airport's about a month ago we saw about 3000 units but their margins obviously yeah

we're gonna move into the hallway oh I'm being kicked out basically what we're doing this is the digital acapulco refer asia so what we're doing is just doing like summaries of kind of what you see I'll pull out my notes yeah so I went all in on developing physical products and I was I was like we're buyers already hang out well there are ready on Amazon so I'll just get I just want

my physical products brands on Amazon's once you've actually like funneled your traffic from your audience to now Amazon what do you do with all the organic traffic that's coming in directly on Amazon just because your product is ranking better or whatever how are you then pulling them into the audience you created on the other skin inserts Facebook retargeting but how do you retarget those purchases that export the data from Amazon upload them to have let

you do that yep yep that's the thing they don't because last night trick they don't give you you know you don't get their email address but you can export the data I have Facebook match it and run retargeting arrival to interest yeah I think maybe it was your last comment something about money looking yeah there look they're looking to buy these brands only do it only do FBA do not sell true do

not sell directly to Amazon okay I will pee on your lawn but what about really don't don't go but what about just selling onesie twosie directly from your warehouse what's a onesie twosie individual products they so it goes and they bind individual products that we manufacture and just give them give me an example fifteen dollar product get what is the product team we manufacture him for okay great so bill do you have a brand around

that or a unit okay great so what's a onesie twosie about that that is a brand that you should be selling they should be sending straight over to Amazon and launch it or not yeah we need a lot of a lot of juice put into it okay how are you getting customers right now and our people buying okay so send them over to Amazon and give them a second place to give you money

okay and then but only through FBI even if yes only from FBA okay please please do nothing but FBA yes and I will eat so much asparagus ahead of time no one will want to come over he bets we're here at the attractant conversion 2018 conference yes I am 5 foot 4 so it is very good I just wanted to touch that so I saw a presentation yesterday with Ryan Deiss listen

right Levon castaway awesome house got it yes okay so you don't forget me the Chinese guy okay well done awesome house got it yes we're done okay I'm I'm tired I'm done I'm I'm out I'm out I'm out of here I'm done none everybody we're done in traffic and conversion killed it so I was just handed a present for speaking at digit marker will see how Brian dice rollin Frazier and pare adulterer did

with their gifts let's see if let's see how you guys did well we got of wall charger wall to wall charger all right okay and we got an empty case what is this a client they got a clamp on okay so I'm not gonna say two out of three gifts have been open did your market you might want to step up your speaker presence okay I appreciate the presents though all right look like this

ones if this one's good let's see hold on what we got what do we got okay well done well done on the buzzy speaker I'll take the bosey speaker okay I don't know it oh the charger is for the speaker oh okay you got me digital marketer see you had the trip wire I didn't really care for the trip wire I don't know I guess this will fit and this holds the

Bozize you got me me I should have opened this one first this should have been the trip wire well done thank you for having me did you the marker there's a pleasure to speak to your audience I hope they found it beneficial I saw like a huge crowd around you early on my holy they're just admiring me for my body it's terrible why you're doing then I'm exhausted now tires that's from a

long time yeah this is how I feels like it's a man he can be exhaust and he's like I need I need food and I know a quiet room yeah yeah for me after these events I just like well I just I just spoke and then it was like the whole crowd and like and then at the end where am I yeah put me inside to go 7 out of 10 I'll

get myself yeah I know when I'm 10 and I was I was its I think I was at 7 yeah it's still good yeah pretty like a seven out of ten for most is like still awesome well thanks appreciate it I think that for you been really good really good got my team here and oscillation overload right now but we're doing like a lot of like team bonding and everything to is we have

I've got some people on my team we've never met in person before so it's cool that that's we're really other we can do a lot of fun stuff on everything that's really yeah so are you coming to dinner tonight oh yeah all right great cool I'll hang out in a film in your beard looks perfect I've never seen it so perfect right here i won except if it's kindle then it's this yeah kindle denied three-straight

very cynic carrying this bag around is really going to be a hindrance to my pickup game here trafficking conversion if I talk to a cute girl I'm gonna be like hey hey baby do you like my bag has a terrible pick-up line the status and good I'm exhausted right now I just got off stage people and now I'm nauseous what are you doing tonight for anything else how's your event oh here it was good

it was good we almost died almost made out with Jason Harvard everybody we look great man you look great for 49 you 29 is that it yeah 29 forever yep forgive me I'm I came offstage and kissed a lot of babies and I I'm very exhausted go give them some bulletproof coffee downstairs you can get it downstairs in the booth yeah yeah Dave here status movies got some that really bad days being bulletproof coffee

but it's supposed to pile up bulletproof coffee no I'm away ammo apologize because I I'm just [Music] I like we're gonna get in the room hi Your Honor my favorite people all right go in the room all right let's go [Music] that's damn good good work Dave they love all the muffins you're the bz i am headquarters we are you know drinking he talking [Music] [Music] [Music] this is for Ezra he not even here Ezra WTF I come to New York

to see you and you don't even show up in my interview in your path with my video team WT what is this okay what success me too you know don't ask me how actually questions that you just were okay so what what does success mean to me this is this all right so what do you think is the number one business hack the quick win for e-commerce repec these photo these questions did you

update your questions since is it to your conference in Austin I don't think again I'm watching you guys are this is what you get for not being here it was the most sarcastic way I can take inspection what I love most about Ezra is is he is all natural he doesn't wear aluminum filled deodorant he eats a pretty clean healthy diet he doesn't cut his hair doesn't shave with a razor just trims here I just

like that he's all natural that's why you go to those conferences look at the people around you if the people around you are ten years ahead of you are not living a life that you want it's probably time to jump ship and if you don't like genuinely like the people that you're hanging out with and you're just hanging out with them for the result get some new friends you are in this game

for the life that you want to live you are in this to grow as a human being and if it takes you ten years to realize this to have the growth that you like if it takes you ten years to hit the point where you say you know I really didn't enjoy my life and I've got to make some changes that will be growth so you'll get there eventually but take it

from me don't take ten years orchestrate this to be a life that you want and not just going after the result and I'm out Thanks all right but good to see it Chris I dropped my mind he's controversial yeah Ezra said I would have interviewed you had you schedule a time that's bare well a so much happens at events like this it's hard to plan for anything but yes yes I had

lots and lots of secret meetings Illuminati Illuminati meetings Danny me is in the Illuminati I met with him I interviewed a couple people there in the illumina actually no but knowing they only get the Illuminati invite if we hire them who else is in the Illuminati is the good stuff conspiracy theorist ran into ty Lopez he's obviously me honey we are were in different sectors though of the Illuminati that's why he denies it all

the time he's in the super secret party that can't talk about why who else I'm with I have a I have a very secretive dinner tonight Oh lots of Illuminati's it's going down in the Noddy maybe what's up everybody everybody knows who you are but you don't know who they are yeah and they all want advice on something which I so enjoy and appreciate but it but it's it's very everyone takes a little

bit of energy so I almost kind of feel like I honest after I come off stage I get a little bit depressed because they're like this big energy surge and then you have all these micro energy sucks which I enjoy and appreciate love but it's some people have an idea they want to run by you some of them have something I want to pitch you on so it's almost like it I don't

know it's a defense mechanism to the star the sarcasm or what but you have to you have to make light of awkward situations in some way to keep your sanity and a question you ask a lot of question oh yeah well they like to touch once in their life story well yeah I mean question mark it well well it's when you have a line of people and you want someone's attention I how do

you how do you not recognize that there's a line of people I don't know yeah I really that's why when people just come up to you and express gratitude that's those this is them there's well those like the people that are like respect appreciate you back.

Online marketing future

The Future of Digital Marketing, Brands, and AmazonRyan what are you gonna tell I have no idea let's see oh these are my notes so I I discovered I just covered about a year ago the most stressful thing about for me being on stage is preparing slides so I just don't prepare slides anymore and then I go on stage and say some thi...