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Watch This Now - The Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products

Watch This Now - The Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products.

hey hey how's it going Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably on YouTube doing a bit of research on the best way to promote Clickbank products okay so you obviously know what Clickbank is maybe you've even tried to market Clickbank products online but you have no idea what you're doing you're probably you know not generating any sales well over the next few minutes I'm gonna teach you the best way to promote Clickbank products okay how to do it properly how to maximize your conversions and how to make sure that you get a positive return on investment which is the most important thing when it comes to affiliate marketing or doing any sort of promotion online hey there my name is Aaron Chen if this is the first time that you're watching my videos I've actually

been online for nine years but eight of those nine years I failed really miserably okay made a lot of mistakes invested a lot of money in my business lost a lot of money you know worked on my skill set you know closed my business open my business marketed many different types of business models online and then I finally figured it out about a year and a half ago started making a lot of

sales generated over a thousand sales in my business and very profitable right now and the reason why I'm sharing that with you is because I know what I'm talking about okay so I want to actually share what I did with you over the next few minutes I'm gonna show you exactly how I did this okay so after this video I promise you that you will have you will know exactly how to profit

and how to promote Clickbank products and actually any type of digital product online the right way and be profitable with it okay so if you don't have a pen and a piece of paper I recommend that you grab a pen and a piece of paper right now because I'm gonna go into this deep ok so I hope what you hope you're comfortable grab a glass of water whatever you need okay and I'm

gonna I'm gonna really literally just rock it out for you alright so I'm gonna kind of speed through this because you already know Clickbank you really know what a hoplink is probably right so I'm on Clickbank right now if you look on the screen all you have to do is go to the affiliate marketplace and you probably already know this because you you know you know what Clickbank is but they've got a

lot of different categories here right so I'm gonna jump into one of the categories like health and fitness I like to use this as an example I'm just gonna kind of you know open this up right and I'm just gonna pick any random one okay but let's say the two week diet plan by who's this guy I don't know who's promoting it doesn't matter right okay so I'm gonna I'm gonna put in

my account name right here I'm gonna create this you probably already know how to do this right and then I'm gonna grab my hop link yeah now this is the hop link that you need to promote your Clickbank products so if I was to send someone so if I paste this in my browser right now press Enter this is actually the exact product that you would be marketing okay so I'm gonna you're gonna

see this sort of a sales page come up right okay now I'm gonna pause this now when you send people to your hop link if someone buys from this page you will generate a commission that's exactly how Clickbank works right you probably already know that yeah now I'm gonna be scrolling down here and this is basically the sales page of this particular product now you don't have to market this product because again

if Clickbank you can market anything you want you could market you know we go back to their marketplace again you know you can market products on weight loss on you know languages on self-help on software on cooking on you know a business and emarketing this is you know what the space that I like to market in okay again you know there's like lots of these make money kind of you know businesses right the

Clickbank passive income business whatever it is okay but basically if I come back here to the two-week diet if you scroll all the way down you can see this is how much it costs okay now if someone clicks on this there on your hop link you know you can see my username up there Aaron Chan one right if they click on this it will basically go to the sales page of this particular

product right now if they check out and they fill in all this information they put the credit card information here or their paypal details and they buy you make a commission that's exactly how it was very very simple okay now the problem is it's not that people don't understand how to do this because it's very easy to lead people to your hoplink the problem is is how do you actually get them to

buy right because this is what everyone's doing let me just kind of pull this up here right now this is what everyone is doing now I call this I call this the the newbie way up sorry about that I call this the newbie way okay this is what everyone's doing they drive traffic and listen traffic is basically when you promote your hoplink or you promote you know you're driving traffic from all the different sources online

so there are a lot of different sources right this SEO you can drive traffic from Facebook you can drive traffic from YouTube you can write articles maybe you have a blog right maybe you are on Google AdWords for example so that's pay-per-click marketing yeah maybe you're doing banner advertising right so there's a lots and lots of different ways to drive traffic now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna teach you how to drive traffic

cuz this is not a traffic course okay but if you want to learn to drive traffic literally I would recommend that you go on YouTube and you google how do I drive traffic to my website okay Google is very powerful you can do this on YouTube as well and there are lots of different courses where you can learn this stuff now if you want to learn how to drive traffic on YouTube which

is how I do a lot of my traffic you can just go to my channel okay and you can check out the video that's called how to rank your videos on YouTube okay how to rank videos on YouTube and I've got two videos that will teach you exactly how I actually rank my videos on YouTube all right but I'm not gonna talk about that in this video because this is not what

this video is about right so now once you understand how to drive a lot of eyeballs to your website because that's what internet marketing is about right it's about understanding how to promote your stuff okay so this is what everyone is doing they're driving their traffic directly to their hoplink okay now this is a problem right because first of all you're not capturing anybody's information and if this was ten years ago this would be very

very easy and you could probably be pretty successful with this but the problem is is today everyone's getting bombarded with stuff right they're seen promotions left right and center so if you send people directly to your hoplink so traffic from YouTube for example directly to this page right here to this right - this to the top leg which is basically the five week diet for example right you're not gonna make any conversions okay basically if

you even get one percent conversion I would say that you're very very lucky okay in fact today it's probably closer to maybe 0.5 of us of a percent or maybe 0.25 of a percent very very little because people don't want to buy your stuff okay don't people don't want to be promoted - okay so what a lot of people are doing now I would say that this is a mature this is the amateur

method people are doing the same thing that driving traffic - instead of a hop link they're driving it to something called the capture page alright now you want to be doing this anyway because you want to be capturing your leads right so what is a capture page a capture page is basically a website that you own where you ask someone for their email address in exchange for giving them something okay so for example

in this example if it's you know weight loss maybe you have a website where maybe you create a report okay and you tell them exactly how you're going to basically you give them a free report in exchange for the email so maybe your report says something like hey if you want to learn how to lose weight over the next 60 days I want to give you a free report that would teach you

the 10 best foods that you can eat that will get you to lose weight automatically over the next 60 days enter your email address below and I'm gonna give it to you in exchange for your email address and that's it it's as simple as that okay so you're basically you know ethically bribing them to give you the email in exchange for something else and then when they enter the email you send them

that report via an autoresponder okay so you link your capture page to something called an autoresponder okay and there are a few very good autoresponders in the market one is called Aweber and the one that I like to use is called get response okay now what happens then is that your autoresponder will follow up with your prospects automatically on an automated basis okay so you can set up automated emails and it will it

will send your prospects email every day or every other day or every week or every month however you want to set it up and it will do it automatically now this is how you build a relationship with your leads with your it's called a list right because you're building a list now here's the problem though this is what a lot of people do they will link they would they would drive traffic to

that capture page they will get an email okay and then after that they will send people directly to their hop link so people will see this page again now here's the problem with this okay everyone is doing this literally everyone online is actually doing this and because everyone's doing this you look like everyone else okay so you're not unique at all right and because you look like everyone else your conversions are gonna suffer no

one wants to buy from you right because you look like you look like Ted you look like Bill you look like Janet you look like Sally you look like you know Lynn you look like me you look like everyone else online so everyone knows that you're trying to sell them something and they are not interested in buying from you because they don't want to buy from a greasy salesperson right conversions here about one

percent okay this is why everyone is going broke literally everyone is going broke online because they cannot get their business into profit okay this is what I was doing for the last eight years so well the last year a year and a half I've been doing really well but eight years prior to that this is what I was doing okay because this is what everyone was teaching online this is the wrong way

to build your business I cannot stress that enough do not do this okay do not drive traffic to a capture page straight to your offer now right here I'm actually showing you that this is Clickbank right but literally this could be anything this could be your affiliate product this could be your own product it doesn't matter okay but do not do this this is what everyone's doing if you drive traffic to a capture

page that leads someone to your sales page of your philip product or your own product or your Clickbank product it doesn't matter what it is people are not gonna buy your stuff okay because you look like everyone else and people don't wanna people don't want to buy because you're all you're doing is just you're just promoting your crap right now this is what a lot of people do as well in their capture page

what usually happens is they set up and they usually set up a seven-day seven-day email series okay now what usually happens is their autoresponder will send an email to their prospects every day for the next seven days and in that email usually this is what happens they promote the same hoplink again and again and again so usually this is what the email sounds like hey Bob thanks for visiting my website I'm gonna show

you how to lose weight over the next 60 days now to get access to that product all you have to do is click here now when somebody clicks there it leads them back to this exact hop link or Phillip product and then day number two the same thing happens hey Bob I hope you saw my email yesterday just in case you did and I want to show you how to lose weight over

the next 60 days all you have to do is click here to get access to that product and then it you think it's a sin against sent back to the exact same hop link or the exact same affiliate product what's the problem here guys the problem is is all you're doing is you're selling the same crap over and over and over again and what happens is the people that are getting your email

address sorry that the people that are getting your emails they get sick and tired of your emails because all you're doing is you're just trying to sell your stuff to them you're trying to shove your stuff down their throat and they're not interested okay maybe they're interested in losing weight but this is not how people want to buy from you okay again 10 years ago this man work in 2017 2018 2019 2020 this

stuff doesn't work okay so if anyone has shown you how to do this you need to stop doing it right so how do you actually what's the best way to sell products to sell Clickbank products or any affiliate product or any digital product is not doing this okay so I'm gonna show you how to do it so I call this the pro method okay or the pro strategy the one-percent strategy I would

say okay 1% of people do this okay now this is how it works the first part looks exactly the same you drive traffic because it always starts to traffic it doesn't matter you know what you're promoting you have to send people you have to find people to send to your stuff right if people can't find your stuff you're not gonna make any sales okay so you drive traffic to your capture page same thing

here because you must collect emails you must add value you must give them something so offer them some sort of free report okay in exchange for the email make sure you link it to Aweber or get response same thing right now hey guys if you want to get any of these resources like Aweber GetResponse you know clickfunnels any of that stuff you can check it out in the description below okay so traffic to

the capture page now you build your capture page using something called click funnels now click funnels is a very powerful funnel building software you can build capture pages you can build websites you can build a value series you can build static websites you can build you know webinar machines everything that you need to be successful online you can build with click funnels so I highly recommend that you invest in it ok it look it's

not that cheap it's about $97 per month but man if you don't even have ninety seven bucks per month to invest in your business you should not be in business okay go back to your day job save up some money make sure you get you know enough money like seed money and then once you've got enough money a few hundred bucks at least you know maybe a thousand bucks 2,000 bucks then come

back and build your business if you think that you can build your business for free you you're you're not gonna be successful let me be the first person to tell you that right if people have been telling you that you can be you know make money online be rich without you know investing in your business they are flat-out lying to you okay that is one thing that I'll never do I'm just gonna

tell you the truth I'm gonna lay it out the way it is because that's the way I roll okay and and it's very important that you understand that because if you don't you're setting yourself up for failure you're not gonna be successful in business okay this is a real business you gotta treat it like a real business so I'm gonna show you how to build it like a real business okay so coming back

to this use something like clickfunnels invest in a good platform okay if you if you don't invest in a good platform your stuff is gonna look like crap and if it looks like crap it's not gonna convert okay your stuff has to look good okay if you go into a store and it looks like are you gonna buy their stuff absolutely not right it's got to look good okay so investing clickfunnels get

your capture page and then this is this is basically what you do get capture the email and then instead of leaving them directly to your affiliate or sales page you want to lead them to something else called a value series okay I call this a value series nobody else is really doing this okay but but you're gonna do this because I'm teaching you how to do this now okay so this is really

the magic dust okay now what are the value series is is it's a series of websites that you own okay and it's usually probably about 4 videos so it's one two three four videos okay where you're basically in each video it's about five to ten to fifteen minutes long and in each video you're teaching your prospects on video on video camera okay something very valuable about what they opted in for so for example

if we're if you're building a weight loss business okay or you're selling a weight loss product your value series must be about weight loss it has to be congruent okay if you're in the make money online industry like I am and you're teaching people how to make money online how to build businesses online how to do affiliate marketing then your value series must be about affiliate marketing or make money online or internet marketing

or traffic generation whatever your niche market is okay it has to be congruent if it's not congruent it's not gonna convert right so video one for example let's come back to the weight loss example I like to use this example because it's easy in the first video you might teach them something very specific about weight loss so you might say something like hey over the next five minutes I'm gonna teach you the best

foods that you can eat today that will get you to lose weight automatically okay and then you talk to them about it Bubba okay and then the end of the first video you say something like well I hope you enjoyed that video today what I'm gonna do right now is if you want to learn where I learned all this information from and you want it you know you want to take this to the

next step you want to learn all the exercises you want to you know really do this properly I want to show you where I learned that all you have to do is click on the link below and it's gonna it's gonna lead you to the the program where I learn all of this from that's it now when they click on that link it's gonna lead them directly to your hoplink okay that's how

you do it or your affiliate program or your or your affiliate program or your own product whatever it is it doesn't matter okay as long as it leads back to your sales page where they can buy something from you that's it now in video number two it gets delivered the second day automatically by your autoresponder so whether it's get response or Aweber or Infusionsoft or whatever you're using right or drip whatever it is

video number two you're gonna talk about weight loss again when it's gonna cover something slightly different that you can educate your prospect on so maybe in video number two you say hey welcome to day number two today I'm gonna talk a little bit about the three bodyweight exercises that you can do from your home you don't even have to go to the gym if you do it and you can do it in

15 minutes and it's gonna help you burn a lot of calories every single day okay and then you literally teach them those three bodyweight exercises for example in this example okay at the end of the video you say alright great so now that you've learned that if you want to learn where I learned this information from all you have to do is click on the video right below so I click on the

link right below this video to get access to that product and then you link them back to your sales page or your hoplink your your Clickbank offer or your own program or your own affiliate program whatever it is that's it okay does that make sense right so Kim you know I I hope you've got like some aha moments going off in your head because basically what is going on here and I'm gonna kind

of highlight this in blue just so that you can see this right I'm gonna make this red actually by doing that what you're doing is you're standing out from the competition okay because first of all you're not being a slimy you know greasy car salesperson okay because what you're doing is you're leading people from who wants to lose weight so you're targeting very specific people by targeting the right traffic okay first of all

you lead them to your traffic your capture page you're offering them something for free it's called a lead magnet okay the free report is called a a league magnet okay they enter the email address they get into your autoresponder and then the first thing they see instead of a sales page is they get a value-added video okay now this video you can create using a video camera you can use it you you know

you can use do it with your iPhone you can you know use your Samsung camera to do it very very simple it doesn't even have to be professional okay you can do it very very simply and then you give them a five to fifteen minute value-added video where they get to know like and trust you you're not even asking for the sale and then when you're done you say hey listen if you

want to buy or if you wanna you know you take this to the next step you can click on the link below to get access to my product but hey you don't have to buy if you don't want to and that's the thing right it's a very low low sales pressure environment if they don't want to buy they don't have to but if they want to buy and by the time they get

to video number two and number three believe me when I say some people are gonna buy okay because what's happening here is you're being super cool okay so there's a lot of you know there's a lot of sales tactic going on right here but they don't even realize it okay that's what's happening in the value series because what's going on is you're being super cool about it right you're not even asking for

the sale you're you're giving them lots of value you're teaching them stuff and what's happening in the process is people are getting to know like and trust you and you're becoming an authority okay you don't realize it but you're teaching them something that they don't know about that particular topic that they opted in for right so whether it's affiliate marketing or you know learning how to generate traffic on YouTube or about weight loss or

internet marketing in general your being an authority figure you're teaching them something that they don't know and by doing so the they you automatically magnetize them towards you okay now here's the thing that you need to understand about selling products on the Internet okay just because it's online doesn't mean that people don't like buying from people in fact this industry selling products on the internet digital marketing right you need to connect with your audience even

more because you're you're you know you're trying to sell programs from behind a computer right people don't want to buy from you man okay people people are skeptical they think everything is a scam online so why would they want to buy from you if you keep sending them random emails about you know just buy buy from me buy for me buy for me right people aren't gonna buy from you okay until they know who

you are they like you and they trust you okay now the the and how you do that is by doing what you see on the screen right now creating a value series where you're adding lots of value to your prospects life okay now when they're ready they will buy okay but if they're not ready they're not gonna buy all right now if you do this right okay if you do this right you

can convert by 20% or more okay if you don't do it so well maybe you'll get slightly lower conversions but I promise you that if you do this properly and you build out a nice value series and you follow up with your leads and you add lots of value and you don't ask for the sales straight away you will convert at 20% or more think about that so the the strategy that I

showed you previously right you would be converting at 1% okay this is multiplying your business by 20 times easily okay I know that this works because this is what I do every single day okay and again this doesn't only you don't have to only do this for Clickbank you can do this for any affiliate program you can do it for any online product it can be a physical good it can be a

digital good it can be an information product it doesn't matter this works for all of that okay now what happens after the first four videos right so after the first four days what will happen is you need to basically do something called broadcasting to your email list because now they finish getting all your emails right because but not everyone's gonna buy okay so if you send a hundred people into your capture page or

let's just say a hundred people see your value series not all a hundred people of them are not all a hundred of them are going to buy you know if you do a good job maybe you know 15 of them will buy that's fifteen percent conversion right or maybe twenty of them will buy that's twenty percent conversion but there's still 80 people on your list sorry about that eighty people on your list

that are not they're not gonna buy from you okay so what do you do because they're not ready yet right remember that people have to see your stuff multiple times before they feel comfortable enough to buy right so what you need to do is play something that I call the long game okay the long game is about continuing to build a relationship with your list over the long term so eventually when they're ready

they will buy from you okay now how do you how do you play the long game well first of all you add lots of value lots of value okay over time and you not only add lots of value but you email your list email your list regularly but when I say regularly do not email your list every day okay because a lot again you know over the last like nine years I've

learned so much about understanding how to convert people from leads into sales because that's that's the that's the biggest problem that I had if I understood how to generate traffic that was very very easy but understanding how to convert someone from a lead into a customer is one of the most difficult things if you don't understand the process okay so everyone teaches you to email your list every single day you know sell to

them every single day slam them slam them slam them right what do you think is gonna happen you're gonna burn through your list okay remember that behind every single email is a living breathing human being they're real people okay and if you don't treat them like a real person they're not gonna they're not gonna buy from you okay they're not gonna trust you that they're not gonna like you you have to treat your

list like real people right and how do you treat them like real people well you have to you have to treat them with respect yeah and if you treat them respect you know I mean honestly if you were on someone's list and you were getting emails from them every single day or you were getting three emails from them a date would you wouldn't you get annoyed absolutely I'd get annoyed right that's why I've unsubscribe

from so many marketers lists I'm only on like a couple like maybe two three people that's it because the rest is just junk okay so it's the same thing here right if you email them regularly I would say once every two to three days email them one time okay so it's just enough it's it's regular enough that they're gonna remember you okay but but not you know not but not too much

that they that you're gonna piss them off basically right it's regular enough that they're gonna remember you but you're not gonna piss them off that's that's what you want to do and every time you you email them or you do a point what's called a broadcast okay you want to give them lots of value so instead of building out a value series you literally just send them one little video where you're adding some

value again and again same thing you know you say hey listen if you wanna if you want to learn how to do this properly then you can check out where I learned this here and you leave them back to your hoplink your clickbank link or your own program your own product that's that's essentially it okay that's it ii-i've been I've been on this video for a long time but I just wanted to show you

how to do this okay this is the best way to promote this is how you promote products this is the best way to promote Clickbank products okay and after nine years of being online I can tell you that this is hands-down the best way and I promise if you try this yourself you're gonna get tremendous results okay so this is I call this a pro strategy please don't do you know all the

the the newbie strategy the amateur way if you if you do that you're gonna go broke okay now here's the thing let me know first of all what you thought in the comments below have you tried this have you ever seen this before right can you see how this would work for you and your business can you see how this would convert people from leads into sales yeah it makes a lot

of sense doesn't it yeah so listen I want to show you how to do this you know in in super detail so right now I don't have that much time I don't want to keep you here for the next hour or two but I do want to give you a chance to spend a little bit more time with me so if you want to do that if you want to learn

how to do this stuff I want to show you how I built my four marketing business properly okay so all you have to do is click on the link right below this video it's gonna lead you to my capture page okay where you can put in your email address if you want to do that and the first thing that you're gonna see is you're gonna see the business that I'm involved with okay

so that's the business that I use to train all my students that's how I generate a lot of my income but if you check your email you're gonna see this training program where I'm gonna show you how I built out my affiliate marketing business okay you're gonna learn exactly how to build a value see result so I go into a lot of detail you know and I you know I'll do this in like a classroom style you'll see a whiteboard I'm gonna show you all this stuff you know in super detail and I think you're gonna get a lot of value from it okay so if you want to learn how to do this if you want to spend a little bit more time with me you know please feel free to click on the link right below if not I hope you enjoyed this video.

about traffic a little bit about conversions a little bit about webinars all that good stuff okay so if it comes down to building your business online I want to teach you how to do that okay because I struggled for a long time and I don't want you to have to go through all those struggles because it can be a real pain but if you figure this stuff out then honestly building a business being profitable is one of the most fun things in the whole wide world okay so I hope you enjoyed this video today and I wish you all the best in your business and I hope to catch you on another video very very soon take care.

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Watch This Now - The Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products.hey hey how's it going Aaron Chen here hope you're doing well if you're watching this video right now then you're probably on YouTube doing a bit of research on the best way to promote Clickbank products okay so you obviously know what Clickbank is maybe you've even tried to market Clickbank product...