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300 IQ MEMES | Brawl Stars Meme Review #25

300 IQ MEMES | Brawl Stars Meme Review #25

what's up epic brawlers time for the 25th freakin meme review I can't believe we've gotten this far how many of you are crazy enough to have actually seen them up no prints in the intro but don't worry we'll have it later on paper shake wears the same outfit girls versus boys well I didn't expect this meme to make it to brawl stars but sure eight-point-five saw supercell be like super

so Tuesday Wednesday Thursday is this the weekend it's the weekend doubler VIN right it goes on all week that's wait a minute maybe someone pressed the button a little bit too early I don't think anyone's complaining though free tokens only our employers are the same way about weekends or schools or whatever you do hey dad 10 do all showdown be like take the power cube when your teammate is dead waiting for to into response

you can share or sacrificing yourself to give your teammates more power keeps it's a big brain move right there for some teammates I do kind of wish that's all they did as opposed to just suicide and give everyone else their power cubes which is what usually happens seven attend brawl Stars gem grab fan art I think I like showing like one fan art a video look at this whole Lee cap that's actually

a super dope even the gems that is some of the most epic fan art I mean there's some really good fan art but that ones this is really epic as a nine out of ten art was a magical meter meme for mortis rank one killing tick is a mortis rank five typer rank 10 killing barley 15 colt 20 bow 25 daryl 30 bull killing Shelley wither super as a creature of the night

yeah that's a definite ranked 35 my god we're like a Rosa with super how many hits would that take I mean I don't know which is worse Rosa was super shy was super I guess Shelley but they're both that are ranked 35 7 at 10 spike making moves while he touching my this is gonna be even more fun because I blanked out that word so you can just make it be whatever you want

now by the way it's from this tweet by Braille Stars where they tells you to caption it if you didn't know but wait they changed where the bubble is why though I mean I guess it's kind of better this way that's interesting difference though a TED attack every stupid thumbnail that I can found I'm just hoping one of mine isn't in here you know what's flawed is literally you need these sort of thumbnails in

order to get the most amount of views well maybe not need that's not true but you'll find that the gameplay videos and bra stars that get the most of an abuse consistently have fake thumbnails I don't do those but it's very tempting thank you do not disturb my friend at 12 K my party me at 13 K plank do over them I'm in a random guy for K spammy requests the joke it's

like no why can't they like super cell ok look I'm in a duo show to match or Lobby yes I have two people there's a spot on my team technically but not for duo showdown so don't freaking allow people to request to join like does that make too much sense hey does it 8-bit stats and battle be like EPS range HPE but the speed he's a little bit slow just just a

little 9 at time confirm that you are not a robot by completing this CAPTCHA before scrolling down select the hull squares with the bull I need to report a problem here he's in every single one 6s I'm Brock 11 Pro we've basically reverted back to the old Brock is this an upgrade yeah better Rockets maybe three cameras just seems a little weird I don't know that is me but why it seems so unnecessary hey

that's it this is what your teammates and bus fight are fighting about [Music] [Music] tickets were hurt in the making of that was great I hope that was not like setup and it was real but who really cares that's the nine out of ten deer compilation maker surviving with 300 HP is not a 300 IQ play it's just luck that's what I struggle with in my top player view sometimes people just survive because the other

team does kinda suck or was lucky but hey it doesn't make it not a cool play I guess but yeah it's also not a 300 IQ play either 7.5 I'm in trouble 8-bit with extra life be like he comes back but a lot of these me lately where they like reverse on themselves but hey it's appropriate so hey point 5 just your everyday mean 8 bits new star power responds when you die a

solo shut up now this is a band-aid level threat it's a little bit broken just maybe 7 that 7 8 bit in showdown with angry Robo be like we got a little fight oh it's a slow guy yeah if you're gonna play 8-bit in this mode I think you should just do it in duo he's great and do a for it but so nice comic 9s n-not now super so please double token this

literally happened to me as soon as it came out I was 0 out of 200 I was like wait what and it was all a surprise to I was like come on man of all the times I'd literally had just played like 30 minutes prior to a coming out got all my tokens nope then not for me 9 9 10 took longer than I expected but here's every brawler in Minecraft Oh okay I'm

sure that was a lot of effort so beta-2 when I play Cameron sure me my teammate the other four teams I hate when you get like a piper or a penny it's like what why the small situations where those brower's can work Oh God it's bad hey that's an impossible when you escape from boom as an AP parkour hey dad son every single time when you get fifth place in show - huh

I don't need trophies I need a star token how do you remember what do you need third is it fourth but honestly I kind of play showdown the most I just don't trust randoms and I usually play with randoms it's too frustrating a theory through please show Don it's mostly on myself although I really do do us 6 at 10 we all screw it up sometimes the bad random is yourself that's true

we all make bad place that's the thing about phangan random right you're judging them on one game you never really know how good they really are it's the same with them for yourself too sometimes you bad games it happens 8.5 it hurts always update people with OCD it actually really annoys me too what are you gonna do nine and ten let the update come out faster update today update tomorrow desert tomorrow this is true

once again as the Burrell talk is supposed to be coming out sometime soon if you guys haven't heard or checked my community tab so I'm guessing we can just repost this meme in a couple days or something hmm five at ten oh yeah it's big bringing time using a wall to block penny shots using a cactus dodging running away using a jump pad to escape using meat is bear using your teammate I

can't take how many times I get upset when you facing a pending order Jesse and your teammates start clumping up around you why what are you doing what's wrong with your life hey doctor this took longer than it should have well coming out of a bush for people spinning dynamite Shelley was super another Bowl and a mortise no proprietary actions so hey I thought this scares me this is like out of a scary movie

I mean it is a plant so to be fair I guess plants pets don't really move six out of ten I'm still big sad quarter review at his meme and success sorry but hey someone's gonna get row lower ratings 6.5 insert violence spinning absolutely no one not a soul but the guy you killed in solo chef there's always so much spinning like alright although to be fair I've sort of started spinning after like really

good kills but you gotta celebrate some maybe I get a little toxic again happens to us all hey that's it give this a 10 out of 10 coach Corey pleased for the sake of humanity number 10 exist coach glory no I give a 10 out of 10 sometime recently you got to reserve it for special occasions okay seven Madison Correa's throwers what am I looking at good effort but I'm kind of scared by

my own face so seven out of ten not a mean but I hope coach Corey will like it be the board let's watch some coach Corey videos but first I need to solve this cube like I'm gonna get role well this is an impressive skill roll okay I was past so let's watch some meme reviews guys I kidding you're getting a more friendly update when all I got was bad bounce into the skin

with some emotes lost his content getting updates actually this is really so amazing I like the effort and it's new and original so eight-point-five you made it this far you should definitely check out some of the other meme reviews so you could be part of the legendary club that's actually seeing all 25 that is gonna be it for today's video though thank you so much for watching I do hope you enjoyed and I'll

catch you later

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300 IQ MEMES | Brawl Stars Meme Review #25what's up epic brawlers time for the 25th freakin meme review I can't believe we've gotten this far how many of you are crazy enough to have actually seen them up no prints in the intro but don't worry we'll have it later on paper shake wears the same outfit girls versus boys well I didn't expect thi...