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Clickbank University 2.0 Review - Is It Worth Your Investment?

Clickbank University 2.0 Review - Is It Worth Your Investment?

alright so I'm gonna go ahead and cut straight to the chase here with my Clickbank University review however before I do that you guys may be wondering why should you watch this review and why should you take my advice on whether you should invest in this or not well just a quick information about myself I have my own blog I'm with Netcom I've been marketing for over 5 years I'm going

to show you guys and prove that right now long story short I know I have someone to experience as to what works and what now so I'm gonna show you guys everything that's inside the course the things that you will be learning the cons of the pros and cons of the course etc etc everything that you mean sodon't will be here in this review video so that you guys will be able

to make your own decision as to whether you would like to join the course or not but for starters I want to get started by saying this is a very very good course so first of all I wanted to show you guys some of the results that I've gotten from using some of the taxes that I learned in the Clickbank University of course so as you can see here I have a

Clickbank account here set it up for about two weeks now I do want to put a fair warning out there I did not you know put a lot of work into it I just try a little bit of the some of the advertising methods that I learned in the course and I was able to generate two sales now again if I were to put some more work ethic into this I probably

would have been able to get more than that 2535 as you can see here in the weekly sales snapshot this is the first week twenty-five bucks second week fifteen bucks and I probably could have doubled or tripled that amount if I would have put more work into it again courses like these that show you you know step-by-step how to make money online your results directly depend on your work ethics which means if you're

someone who's going to purchase the course and go through all the content write it all down and learn all this information but you don't implement what you learn then you obviously aren't gonna learn anything and you can blame the course in say phasis say that it's a scam if you're not out here implementing any of the content that you learned or any of the information that you learn or skills or whatnot so this

is just kind of a kind of like a fair warning to you and this is just as an example of recent earnings that I used from some of the few Kotak of the Clickbank University isn't everything that I earned online I have other sources of income and whatnot but just to to kind of date back a little bit I went ahead and went all the way back to 2013 as I said

I told you earlier I've been marketing online for over five years so instead of showing current earnings like I showed you now let me just go ahead and go back to let's say for example December 19th 2013 this is an email that I receive for a different affiliate marketing website that's called click sure calm it works just like Clickbank calm sorry as you can see I clicked on the email here this is you

know dear Nathaniel Berkshire column has transferred a payment to your bank accounts payment amount 1952 dollars and then let's go back and see this is about a week later maybe two weeks later January 2nd 2014 let's see how much I earned back then that was one thousand six hundred and seventy seven dollars now I'm not showing you guys these earnings to brag or over the case maybe I can go on and on

for a day showing you guys more earnings and more proof I can log in to my bank account right now but I feel like that this is going to be a waste of time this should be as this should work as a motivator to show you guys what's possible with the internet marketing industry now that I got that out of the way in terms of why you should take my advice and

why you should listen to me in terms of you know whether you should invest in this product or not let's get into the actual course itself Clickbank University so when you first purchase Clickbank University this is what you're going to see when you first log in you have the Clickbank University 2.0 course the 2.0 I'll access the 2.0 live Q&A the Clickbank University forum and these tools out down right here these are just bonuses

that you get with the course it's not even mentioned in the sales video so right off the top thing you're giving you value so let's go ahead and show you what the Clickbank University 2.0 course looks like when you first click on it when you click on this right here view product so this is what the members area looks like when you first come into the member members area you guys are going

to be welcomed by an introduction video now in this introduction video you're basically going to get a you know nice warm welcome from Adam wits and Justin Adeline themselves if you guys don't know who those 200 marketers are I'm gonna have on my black post on the link in the description down down below where you guys gonna be able to find out more information as to who are the creators or you know two

of the main lines behind me Clickbank University of course you're going to be learning from these two men gentlemen right here and one of the things that I like about the click make University course is that every video kind of have this has this kind of comment section below it so you can kind of get a feel and see what other people are saying about it you know for example here you see this

person says I'll be a hundred percent I will put a hundred percent if this program ends up being the real deal etc etc this person says I'm so excited in grateful for this opportunity etc etc as you can see it's just tons of people who recognize the value of this course and I just completely being wowed by the content that it had that is offered in this course now again don't base your

opinion based off of what I'm saying I want you to base your opinion based off of the content that you will receive in here I will explain to you right now what that content is so up here is the vendors section now in the vendor section if you guys don't know what a vendor is especially those of you who are new to trying to make money online vendor basically means someone who is

trying to make money online by selling their own product before I go into that let me tell you guys what it affiliate is an affiliate is someone who makes Commission's you make money by referring someone to someone else's product and you get a commission every single time that person purchases that product a vendor is the person selling the product so not only are you selling your own product but as a vendor you

can have tons of other affiliates promote your own product which kind of in a way it relieves you from the responsibility of having to advertise but that's later down the line once you have a run on product but as you guys can see or cut you guys can start to begin to picture the potential of becoming a vendor but then again becoming a vendor has its own workload that comes behind that you

kind of may have to work a little bit more than an affiliate being a vendor is not really geared towards a beginner internet marketer so this course has another thing about this course this course has information for both beginners and in advanced marketers beginners intermediate and advanced it has information for everyone as you can see here this section here vendors I really wouldn't recommend it to beginners because it goes into things like how everything works at

a process finding your perfect product creating your avatar course content creation and outsourcing if you guys don't know what outsourcing is basically means when you pay someone to do certain tasks for you maybe you're not good enough at doing these certain tasks or maybe you don't have enough time for doing it you want to pay someone else to do here they'll show you exactly how to do that you're perfect upsell to maximize your

sales that basically goes into let's say for example you have a product and it calls let's say $100 an upsell as an offer that comes right after that which is something that can complement the the customers and those initial purchase but it isn't that's something that the customer necessarily needs in order to use your product it's just something that make compliments and you charge them extra money for it it's another way for you to

make tons of profits just off of every single customer so as opposed to making $50 per sale you can pretend you to make 150 dollars per sale with upsells I mean an example of an episode would be like for example I'd say you you offer a $100 weight loss course and one of the upsells is let's say $50 a month but you include you know live webinars showing them exactly how to lose

weight or maybe coaching calls whatever the case may be you guys have you guys can start to picture the idea of the potential the potential behind upsells and this is just one of the videos and you may be wondering why do you see this here like we've 1 B 2 B 3 4 5 one of the things that I mentioned in my written review is that one of the cons of this

course is that they drip via the content now I wouldn't say it's a con because this really comes down to my personal preference I personally like to learn very fast and implement things very fast but very few people are like me one of the things that happens with most people when they when they purchase of course like this it has tons of valuable information and lots of it I mean I mean like

you just take a look at the VAT the value here and all the videos here this can easily give you something called information overload you won't know what it is until you experience its like you so much learn so much to do you don't know where to start you don't know what to do and that can easily cause a problem so one thing that they've done Clickbank University in order to prevent that from

happening to you and to make sure that you do things step by step you take your time is they read the content so one two three these first three videos are available immediately then after one week this comes a business becomes available than this than this and so on and so forth now if you're one of those people who doesn't like that you don't want to have to wait you can always contact

support and just ask them if they can just unlock everything for you so moving forward that was the upsells and here you can see high converting high converting sales copy here you were learning like for example how to create your sales page or your sales video like what can you tell the customer to convince them to purchase the product that you're selling and then so on and so forth we continue to go down

the list I'm just gonna read off here easyvsl finalizing your product building your product getting your product up on Clickbank JV managing which you know for example whether you have a partner with you that's gonna help you out and getting affiliates to promote your product split testing maybe you have two different sales videos that you made and you want to split to split test both of them or you have two different sales pages

whatever the case may be and then finally how to scare your product and selling high ticket products on webinars and that is just vendors that's just a vendor section we haven't even gone over the affiliate section here's an example of what it would look like when you click on one of the videos I see this is the you know for example I clicked on finding your perfect product which was the video number two

what you would do is obviously you would click on the video and these videos usually have materials you could download along with them whether it's notes that you can take from the video and you can study them or whatever the case may be each of these videos have their sections where you can download the materials that can help you implement what you just learned another thing that I mentioned as well if you look

below every video it has comment sections when you're better see other people maybe they're confused and have a question and they put a comment and you can see other while answering which would help you kind of you know get any unanswered questions out of the way but I'll get a little bit more into unanswered questions in a minute let's actually go over the affiliate section so the affiliate section like I mention has an affiliate

what you're gonna be doing is instead of if you if you're that type of person let's say you in a beginner you don't wanna you don't want to create your own product you want to have to go into the house of creating a sales page and content creation and paying to have the website hosted and etc so on and so forth it's just so much more complication behind being a vendor as opposed

to being an affiliate now obviously there is work behind being an affiliate but it's not that much work like being a vendor but there still is lots of potential to earn lots of money if you're a fitty this is a very lucrative thing for example those earnings that I showed you at the beginning of the video most of those earnings that I earned were from affiliate marketing tactics that I already knew of before

I purchased Clickbank University and lots of the things that I've been using for years I can tell you that they basically teach at all in this course a lot of the things that I've learned over the years are the things that they go over in this course he goes over affiliate marketing with Clickbank understanding what affiliate marketing is finding your passion and they basically go over and teach you how to create a fill your

funnels the ultimate video marketing funnel if you guys don't know what the funnel is I don't really want to get too much into it because that would essentially spoil the content of this course and that's not what I'm trying to do here this is more of a review I don't want to make this be like a spoiler so and as you can see here we're gonna keep looking down we have writing the

perfect content you know email marketing scaling running for the promotions etc so on and so forth so yeah there you're gonna learn everything you need to know about vendors I mean affiliates and here you can learn everything you need to know about vendors so you get your both packages there now before I continue showing you what this course has to offer this is one thing that you're gonna want to keep in mind now

I did mention that I've been marketing for over five years now and another thing that I wanted to let you know is I've reviewed tons of courses online I've purchased tons of courses learn so much because while reviewing one of the things that happens I actually learned as I am reviewing and in comparison I purchased I purchased incident marketing products where just vendor information itself can be priced at up to $500,000 this is at

advance information in there's also internet marketing courses where they only teach you a forget marketing from information and they were pricing at forty seven dollars there's also courses where they are only teach you stuff like driving traffic and they try and they charge you forty seven dollars just just to teach you how to drive traffic but it's almost like you're getting multiple courses you get the entire package on everything you need to succeed online and

possibly make you own your very first Commission and then begin to escalate it to the point where maybe you can quit your day job and make thousands of dollars online with an inner market you get everything that you need here it all depends on your patience and your work ethic and again this is all personal preference and and this is my personal opinion on this product if you don't agree with me and you

purchased a product and you don't like it they offer a 60 day money back back money-back guarantee so you can just refund it and you know call it a day but let's go ahead and keep going and then after that we have the interview section now the interview section is one of my favorite sections this is mainly because you're going to be able to get into the minds of the experts here they're

gonna act they're gonna interview for example all the top-performing Clickbank earners we're talking about people who earn millions of dollars with the Clickbank platform now why would you wanna would you rather learn from someone who makes nothing online or would you rather learn from people who are already making millions of dollars that's one of the most important things that you would want to do tons of entrepreneurs have always said that it's very important to

have a somewhat of a mentor and this is basically what you're getting from this course so not only will you have adam horwitz and and oh my god I almost forgot his name my point here not only will you have these two teaching you but you can also get more information from the people that they interview I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Gary Vee Gary Vaynerchuk is another very well known

entrepreneur and he's happens one of the people that they are interviewing you can get access to all of these interviews for him I'm gonna go ahead and do a quick overview of some of these people we got Gary Vaynerchuk going over branding and work ethic we got a mic Woodfield going over getting and staying connected then Pam understanding your audience Toni l media on pre-selling Jessica letumosis on personal growth Jim yang on testing and perseverance Demetrius

on launching and optimizing Tim Rodriguez on paid advertising boneration on sticking with it Jarrett Pollan on with the cold hard truth John Chris Dani from internet jet-set and the list goes on on the amount of interviews and I'm pretty sure they I'm not sure I won't guarantee this but I'm pretty sure they probably will be adding more interviews down the line and then finally we have the traffic section now what is the traffic

section for you beginners out there let's say you're an affiliate and you want to promote you just learn you went through all this entire section you want to promote something in exchange for a commission that you you know you went through this section here you just learned how to find your very first product that you want to promote but you have your affiliate link and now every one times every time someone clicks on

your affiliate link you would get exhale but the main struggle for most beginner marketers out there and even some intermediate marketers is driving traffic getting people to click on your affiliate link so you can get that commission or getting people to click on your link on your website to purchase your product that is one of the biggest struggles that marketers face online in today's day and age which is why they included a section called

traffic driving traffic to your links getting people to click on your link people who are interested who may actually end up purchasing your product which in exchange leads to you getting sales which is the main which is the main goal that Clickbank University has you trying to get you to earn money with Clickbank or any other product or service out there because the information that you're learning here is information that you'll be able to

use anywhere else not just Clickbank as I showed you earlier at the beginning of this video another example would be quick short calm which is another affiliate market place and it's also also a market place for vendors as well where you can miss your product the - there - so what you learn here can also be implemented on clicksure dot-com so let's go ahead and get into the actual next category which like I

said traffic when we first click on this module you're gonna see here they're gonna have an introduction video from Adam Horwitz and its partner they're gonna go over the importance of driving traffic and what it is so on and so forth but what are they're gonna teach you is something that you may be wondering now they're gonna teach you how to drive traffic with Facebook and Instagram now Facebook and Instagram are two of

the most popular social media networks out there if you haven't noticed when you're using Instagram there are lots of ads on Instagram and so these people making these advertisements are definitely making a profit because they're continuously running the ads over and over again and if they're running these ads over and over again it kind of tells you something kind of tells you that these ads have to be working because if these ads aren't working

you wouldn't see these ads over and over again like for example we got people like Gary Vaynerchuk I'm pretty sure you guys have seen ads from him or he saw and another thing he's someone who uses Instagram very frequently and some of his podcasts and audiobooks or books itself is where Gary Vaynerchuk was a very successful entrepreneur he personally talks about the power of Instagram and Facebook and one of the benefits that you're

gonna get here is it going to show you how to drive traffic with Facebook and Instagram now again I don't want to click on them and basically spoil everything for you and get this video taken down but that's basically what you're gonna get in the traffic session traffic section now next is the Clickbank University private forum now this is the private forum that you cannot get access to if you are not a member you

have to be a member to get access to this so if you guys don't know what a forum is a forum is basically somewhere where you can go and let's say you post a question and once you post that question every single member of the Clickbank University has access to view that question and possibly post an answer to your question not only them but the staff at Clickbank University also has the opportunity

to answer your questions as well not only will there be questions being posted there but there may also be tutorials being posted on the forum and they go ahead and show you what the form itself looks like you can see people posting here like for example what is the lead or offering a bonus for example you see Thursday's live Q&A this person is posting about Instagram means this person has a question how can

I use my already existing Instagram followers or how to how to do a Philly marketing to them the list goes on and on on the amount of active people here and and the fact that you see so many active people here kind of goes to show that what they're teaching works it had so many people with so many questions and all these questions getting answered and if the forum isn't enough for you then

that's when the live Q&A comes in to comes into play because they also have to offer I'm not sure if I went over that already I think it's somewhere in the getting started section here it is register for live Q&A is here every single week weekly they have live Q&A webinars that's kind of like a live video where you in that live video you're gonna be able to comment and ask questions and

if you have any hurdles throughout the entire learning process that you don't see an answer for the live Q&A and the forum section is where you can get your questions answered so like I said before you give up and maybe you don't think this course is for you you could possibly get your questions answered there as well not only will that be somewhere where you can get questions answers but there that will also

be somewhere where you can learn so much more because like I said when you post your questions there you won't be the only one person posting questions on these Q&A or on these forums you can also learn from the questions that other people are posting it's just so much information that you can learn which is kind of it's it's it's good and bad like I said you one of the one of the

good parts is that I'm you're getting you're getting what you paid for it's an incredible value but one of the cons like I said is that you may get an information overall but they kind of solve that with the whole drip feed of the content where you won't get access to everything immediately you would ask you get access to a portion of it like for example the affiliates you get week one week two

and week three immediately but then you want unlike unlike week four or five six seven eight nine ten and so on and so forth until those weeks come so now let's get into the actual bonuses the product now one of the first bonuses that you get is YouTube advertising now I can't continue to stress you guys how important it is to use YouTube as a marketing platform let's say for example you are an

affiliate and you're selling and you're trying to promote a weight loss product that costs $100 and this weight lock weight loss product has a 50% Commission which means you can get $50 per sale per person who clicks on your link and purchases that weight loss product now you may be wondering oh man where can I put this link or how can I get this affiliate how can I get these commissions so on

and so forth now YouTube is one of the world's largest search engines it's one of the world's largest search engines I repeat largest search engines I'm pretty sure you're one of the people who probably are watching my video right now on YouTube itself you probably looked up for a review and maybe found my video this way or maybe you found that with video somewhere else my point here is that you're watching this video

on YouTube whether it's an embed or whatever the case may be it's still the content from YouTube which goes to show the power of YouTube maybe someone is searching for how to lose weight or there's a hundred thousand people per month searching for the term how to lose weight on YouTube you're going to want to position yourself let's say you make a video talking about the product that you're promoting and then you advertise

that video on youtube and every time someone searches how to lose weight your video may pop up they're going to click on your video they're obviously interested in losing weight because they search for it and then boom you may get the Commission and then from the so on and so forth you can you can begin to see a picture as to where you can go and and this course here these courses that

they add these bonuses these crash courses they're not just trash put together products that they add in at the very last moment just to kind of get you to think that you're getting more value these courses actually are valuable so here we have the introduction setting up optimizing running ads and scaling now the next bonus content that they offer is the official copywriting guide now if you guys don't know what copywriting is this is

very very important and everything you do with online marketing so you may be asking yourself what is copyrighting let's say for example you're running an ad and you create a youtube ad for example and the ad is getting lots of impressions impressions means displays but nobody happens to be clicking on that for example you know when you search something on YouTube and maybe the first two or three results or ads just the fact

that those ads appeared on the search results that counts as an impression but if you don't click on it then that doesn't mean if you get a lots of if you get lots of impressions it doesn't necessarily mean that people are watching your video it just means that your video popped up in the search results so there's also times where someone may may just search for something and they won't even click on your

video now something that can solve that is by having an attractive title or maybe you're making a Google ad or Facebook ad or running an ad on being a text ad you're going to want something that's going to be able to catch the users attention whether you're advertising or you have a website and you create a blog post you want the title of that blog post to be engaging you want the first

section the mid section the last section you want to be able to write words in a way that I will that'll make the customer viewing your content so so connected to it to the point where they're gonna want to finish going through every single piece of your content you don't want the person viewing your content to get bored which because all that leads to is the customer leaving your page which means you won't

make your Commission or you won't make your sale so with this copywriting guide they're going to show you like for example what you can do to make a great title what you can do to make a great converting text ad so that's so catchy and so poppy that whoever views it is going to want to click on it that's great but it's pretty much a nice summary of what you're gonna learn with

the whole official copywriting course so with that being said that is my full review of the Clickbank University course I basically showed you everything that they have to offer here so Michael you may be wondering do I recommend it what I recommend this for someone who is getting started or for an intermediate or for an advanced marketer and this is coming from someone who has been marketing online for over five years basically know the

ins and outs I know what to do to drive traffic I know what to do to earn Commission I've created a product for so I kind of get have an idea of what are the things that you need to learn and based off of my personal experience I can tell you that everything that you need to learn and every tool that you every piece of information that you need to make your first Commission

is here inside of Clickbank University they also show you how to scale that so I wouldn't definitely recommend this if you also want to go ahead and take a look at my written review with my written review as well it's going to be in the second link in the description below and the first link in the description below is where you going to be able to register for Clickbank University so with that being

said I really hope you liked my review and if you're interested go ahead and click that link below and register for tech bank University right now

See more here:

clickbank university scam

Clickbank University 2.0 Review - Is It Worth Your Investment?alright so I'm gonna go ahead and cut straight to the chase here with my Clickbank University review however before I do that you guys may be wondering why should you watch this review and why should you take my advice on whether you should invest in this or not well just a quick information about myself I have...